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Chapter 3268 - 3268 The Ending

3268 The Ending

As Xuanyuan Mo Ze slashed with his sword, the Green Dragon swung its tail and quickly leapt out of the way.

It was unknown what technique Xuanyuan Mo Ze used because the sword that cut down on the vortex also struck the flaming clouds. It was as if the clouds in the sky were split at the moment the clouds were hit. That illusory figure in the vortex hidden behind the clouds was finally hit.

A scream rang out. The man’s unwilling voice echoed through the air after the vortex hole vanished.

“I will settle this account with you slowly!

When the vortex hole vanished, the fiery clouds in the sky dispersed and silence returned.


Fire Phoenix looked at the sky, then at Green Dragon and Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was facing the wind, and asked, “I tried attacking those above, too, but why couldn’t I attack that man and that beast?”

Fire Phoenix was perplexed by this matter. If it had been able to successfully attack them, the beast might not have been able to capture it.

Green Dragon glanced at Fire Phoenix and said in a deep voice, “It’s because they have no substance. Your fire attack naturally won’t hurt them.” It looked at its master and saw him staring at the sky, not knowing what he was thinking. The dragon swung its tail and came towards him.

Fire Phoenix came down. When it saw that the gatekeeper beasts who had hidden earlier had pulled Elder Mei, who was badly injured, out of the pit, it rushed forward and spit out a pill for Elder Mei to take.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze descended from the sky and approached Elder Mei. His handsome and resolute face was tense and his deep eyes were deep and cold as he looked at Elder Mei.

“You’d better tell us about Hao’er’s origin, or you won’t be so lucky the next time.”

Elder Mei gave a bitter smile, opened his mouth, and then pa.s.sed out.

That night, after watching the great battle, all of the city’s prominent families finally caught their breath when they saw that the sky was calm again. They were afraid that Cardinal Point City would be razed to the ground, but fortunately, the battle eventually stopped.

What they didn’t expect was such a loud commotion in Feng Manor. Feng Jiu did not appear, but Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Green Dragon, the ancient sacred beast, did!

How deep is Feng Manor’s background? It was unimaginable that two of the ancient sacred beasts were present…

In Cardinal Point City, after the battle was over, Patriarch Shao and his men rushed to Feng Manor. In the previous battle, they did not dare to approach because they were inferior in terms of strength. So, naturally, they couldn’t just charge in and risk their lives.

He couldn’t help them while they were fighting, but they could help take care of things in Feng Manor after the battle. At the very least, they would be able to answer when their Predecessor posed questions in the future.

When they arrived, the Feng Manor was in shambles. Except for the Xuanyuan Mo Ze, the two ancient sacred beasts and two gatekeeper beasts, it seemed that everyone else in this Feng Manor had already fallen down.

Leng Shuang, who was inside the secret room, noticed that the noise outside had subsided. After regaining her calm, she came out, holding the child whose sleeping acupoint had been tapped. As soon as she stepped outside, she ran into Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was standing in the courtyard.

“h.e.l.l’s Lord.”

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