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Chapter 3662 Meet Again

"Everyone go back! Root out the disloyal people!"

Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned and their hearts shaken. Their Patriarch…


A scream came out from the Serpentine Maze Array that made everyone's heart twitch violently. After a while, the sound drifted further and further away from them, even the fierce beasts chased after the sound and left.

On the other side, after Feng Jiu had eaten her fill, she lay on the daybed and ate the wild berries that Luo Yu had picked. The sweet and sour taste mixed with the freshness of the berries was very delicious. So, she said to Qin Xin: "Pa.s.s these out for everyone to try."

"Master, you eat them! We won't eat it." Du Fan smiled at her and said: "We often eat these wild berries while we are out, we have long since grown tired of eating them."

"Master, I haven't grown tired of eating them, please leave some for me!" Wei Feng grinned and glanced at Du Fan, then he looked back at Luo Yu and said with a smile: "Since Luo Yu picked them, I have to try them."

"Well, everyone should just try some. They're quite sweet." Feng Jiu smiled and asked Qin Xin to share some with them. When she heard the roar of fierce beasts not far away, she couldn't help but be surprised.

"Strange, why are there still roars of fierce beasts? Could it be that those people have provoked the fierce beasts again?"

"Those fierce beasts probably targeted those people after they left here."

"Hmmm, even though there are a few dozen people in their group, if they are targeted by those fierce beasts, I doubt that they will be able to survive."

Everyone talked while they drank wine. The surroundings were dark and they didn't see anything. However, they could faintly hear the sounds of fighting and the roars of the fierce beasts.

They didn't pay any attention to it. However, they didn't expect that after a while, two bloodied figures would rush into their territory that was filled with their pressure. It was also because they had entered this area that those fierce beasts that were chasing after them surrounded them and stared at them, their mouths wide open as they growled, but unwilling to just leave. But when they saw those people on the airs.h.i.+p, they didn't have a choice but stepped back and left.

"Huh? There are only two of them? And they actually know to run back to us?" Wei Feng looked at the two people slumped on the ground in surprise. They were both covered in blood and the original colour of their robes could no longer be seen. However, the face of the middle-aged man caught everyone's eyes.

"Master, it's the Patriarch of that Mu family." Leng Hua said warmly.

Before Feng Jiu could speak, Du Fan sneered at the side: "What did I say earlier? Just look, it's come true so quickly."

"Their injuries look serious, we can't stand by and do nothing this time." Leng Hua said as his eyes fell onto the two shaky figures. As soon as he had spoken, one of them fainted.

"Fan Lin, go and take a look." Feng Jiu ordered as she ate a raspberry.


Fan Lin responded, then he got up and walked over and came to the side of those two people. He saw that Patriarch Mu was stuffing medicinal pills into the mouth of the unconscious man and trying to bandage his wounds, without a care for his own injuries as he continued bleeding from his wounds.

"Patriarch Mu, we meet again." Fan Lin smiled elegantly.

Patriarch Mu looked at the elegant man in front of him and then at the people on the airs.h.i.+p and nodded to him: "Sorry to disturb you again."

Fan Lin smiled and said: "My Master asked me to come over and take a look. Do you need any help?"

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