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Chapter 3661 Ambushed

When everyone heard what their Patriarch had said, they calmed down and did as they were told. Then, they saw their Patriarch setting up three more arrays around them quickly. As the arrays were laid, a burst of dense fog spread out and concealed their figures within the arrays. They only felt their backs against each other as the fog was so thick that they couldn't even see who their backs were leaning against. However, no one moved. They all gathered their breath and didn't even dare to breathe.

The air seemed to be scattered with some sort of medicine by their Patriarch. It was so pungent that even the scent of blood was covered up. The fierce beasts gathered around but only saw that the flames from the fire had been extinguished, with only fog spreading out. The smell in the air was extremely pungent and caused them to wrinkle up their noses and growl after smelling it. There was no human figure around, and there was no breath at all. They rushed around inside but didn't into a single person at all. Upon seeing this, the fierce beasts felt bored and thought that those people must have left when they were breaking into the array. Little did they know that Patriarch Mu had set up a Serpentine Maze Array. No matter how many fierce beasts had broken in, they only circled around the outer circle and never reached the middle where they stood. In addition, the dense fog had spread out and blocked their line of sight. Everyone's breath had also been gathered, so how could those fierce beasts find their existence?

Although they could hear the roars of the fierce beasts, as they didn't come close to them, everyone gradually began to relax and worried less. They felt that they would probably be able to survive this disaster.

Not only everyone felt this way, even Patriarch Mu also felt that it wouldn't be too difficult for them to avoid this disaster. However, he hadn't expected that a pair of eyes had been staring at him ever since he set up the array. Even through the dense fog, that pair of eyes that had been staring at him knew exactly where he stood before the dense fog had completely enveloped him. So, the owner of that pair of eyes stretched out his hand and used the dense fog to push the person out in front of him.


A cry of surprise could be heard, but no one knew what had happened. Only the person who had been pushed out knew that a pair of hands had pushed him from behind causing him to fall into the Serpentine Maze Array. "Bang'er!" Even though he hadn't seen who had fallen out, Patriarch Mu recognised the voice as his son's and at that moment in time, he didn't care about anything else. He was about to go out and rescue him when a pair of hands pushed him out unexpectedly. "Who is it?"

The angry Patriarch grabbed the person's hand with his backhand. Due to his great strength, his hand had scratched that person's hand and drew blood. At this moment, that person raised his foot and kicked him out. "Sss!"

The sound of clothes tearing was heard by everyone as Patriarch Mu fell into the Serpentine Maze Array. Because they heard the noise, the fierce beasts that were about to leave opened their mouths and roared, then rushed towards the place where the noises came from. "Patriarch!"


Everyone exclaimed. Although they couldn't see anything, they knew that their Patriarch and his eldest son had been ambushed and had fallen into danger. Just as they were about to step forward to rescue them, they heard the sharp and majestic voice of their Patriarch shout out suddenly.

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