Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 3789: Refining Medicinal Pills

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Chapter 3789: Refining Medicinal Pills

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When it saw the patterns on the medicinal pill in front of it, it swallowed its saliva in shock. It stretched out its front paws immediately to hold the medicinal pill, then it looked at Feng Jiu: “This, is this really for me?”

“Mmm Hmm.” Feng Jiu responded and after glancing at it, she turned her gaze to the Snowdrop Flower at the side. Her figure leaped across and landed next to where it was growing out of the cliff.

Leng Hua, Du Fan and the others stepped forward and stood around her calmly.

Feng Jiu stayed there guarding the flower all night until the first ray of suns.h.i.+ne of the next morning fell. Then, she took out her tools from s.p.a.ce and carefully dug out the Snowdrop Flower.

She looked at the Snowdrop Flower that she had dug out and smiled widely, then she said to the people around her: “Let’s go! Go down to refine the medicine.”

The fierce beast who hadn’t dared to move the whole time and just lay at the entrance of the cave dwelling looking at them watched the group of people leave, then it stuffed the medicinal pill into its mouth and pressed it under its tongue. Having done that, it left quickly and went somewhere else.

The Snowdrop Flower was gone and the snow water was also gone, it had also met such a powerful human being who had given it such a heaven-defying medicinal pill. Who was to say that they wouldn’t go back on their word and take the medicinal pill back? It had better hurry to another place to hide and swallow the medicinal pill first.

Because of the mist, the mercenaries were unable to see what Feng Jiu and the others were doing at the cliff. All they knew was that after one night, they came down with smiles on their faces.

“Captain, they’re back!”

“They have been guarding there all night. Could it be that they have already picked the Snowdrop Flower?” Another mercenary said, looking towards Feng Jiu and the others.

“I didn’t hear any sounds of fighting! ”

In comparison to the mercenaries’ surprise, Jin Yifeng only glanced at Feng Jiu and the others and said to everyone: “Have the arrays in the surrounding area been set up? Have you checked carefully?”

“Rest a.s.sured Captain, everything has been set up and there is not a single beast within one hundred metres.” The mercenaries responded immediately.

“Everyone go and stand guard in their respective positions. You are not allowed to leave your position without my order!” Jin Yifeng instructed in a calm voice.

“Yes!” Everyone responded. They stopped gathering to talk and quickly went to guard the surrounding arrays.

Feng Jiu and the others landed from a high place, and as soon as they had landed, Feng Jiu instructed Leng Hua and the others: “Stand guard, I need to refine the medicine. Don’t let anyone or anything disturb me.”

“Yes.” They responded and left Qin Xin behind to help her and dispersed to guard the surroundings.

When Jin Yifeng saw this, he asked: “Did Madam Xuanyuan collect the medicine?”

She was going to refine medicine? Here? He couldn’t help but be secretly shocked when he thought of thi. The type of medicine that the Snowdrop Flower was used for was not any ordinary medicinal pill. She could actually refine it? Could it be that she was an even more powerful alchemist than Fan Lin from the Medicine Pavilion?

When Feng Jiu was refining the medicinal pill, Jin Yifeng couldn’t stay by her side. Therefore, he also retreated and stood about one hundred metres away. Generally speaking, only Leng Hua and the others were qualified to stand guard within fifty metres of her.

As Qin Xin had spent some time learning medical skills and identifying medicines, Feng Jiu had arranged for her to help her. As the place was cleaned up and the items required were placed out, Feng Jiu flicked her sleeves and a pill furnace appeared in front of her.

Various precious spirit herbs were placed in front of the pill furnace on the long table. Feng Jiu glanced at Qin Xin and said: “Did Fan Lin teach you how to handle the medical ingredients? I will give you instructions and you will do it..”

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