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Chapter 3961: Hard Battle

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

However, the sword energy that struck the inn seemed to have hit some defensive barrier and bounced back. The cultivators who had rushed forward to attack were also kicked out of the inn one by one after they entered the inn.

“Boom boom boom!”

The sounds of the heavy kicks that landed on the cultivators resounded loudly. The force of those kicks broke their sternums and damaged their internal organs. Some people screamed uncontrollably in pain as their bodies lost balance and they flew back out of the inn and landed heavily on the ground outside the inn, in front of the sedan.


Blood spurted out of the mouths of the cultivators who fell to the ground and splattered all over the floor. The cultivators raised their hands and wiped the blood from the corners of their mouths and tried to stand up, but they found that they had no strength at all and fell back down.

They were frightened and anxious, they were frightened that they had fallen in front of the sedan and afraid that their Lord would blame them for not

carrying out their tasks well and punish them. The more anxious they felt, the more blood overflowed from their mouths.

Inside the sedan, the man looked at the cultivators lying on the ground in front of him and a sinister look flashed across his eyes. After he glanced at the cultivators on the ground, he raised his hand and the cultivators on either side of the sedan stepped forward and dragged those cultivators aside.

At this time, the door of the inn opened with a creak and Du Fan, who was fanning himself gently with the fan in his hand, walked out with a smile. Beside him were Qi Kang and Gray Wolf, while the others guarded other places inside the inn to prevent those people from attacking the inn from other places.

“It’s late at night. Why aren’t you sleeping? What are you doing here?” Du Fan asked with a smile. Although there was a friendly smile on his face, his eyes were cold.

The masked man in the sedan looked at them, his eyes flashed and he sneered: “I feel relieved to see you here.”

Since those people were here, that meant that the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu was also here!

Qi Kang had been sizing up the person in the sedan discreetly since he came out of the inn, but he found that he was unable to see through his opponent’s strength and cultivation. Therefore, he lowered his voice and said to Du Fan and Gray Wolf: “This person’s strength is very strong, we need to be extra careful.’

Upon hearing Qi Kang’s words, Gray Wolf looked at the person inside the sedan with surprise. As the person was wearing a mask, he was unable to see his face, but he could feel that his breath was indeed very powerful. So, he said: “No matter how strong they are, can they be stronger than Master and Madam?”

He thought about it, his Master and Madam were already the rarest strongest people in the world. Even the strongest person in a region was unable to compete with them no matter how strong they were.

“You can never be too careful.

As Qi Kang spoke, he moved his hand and a long sword appeared in his hand with a hiss, pointing diagonally at the ground. The long sword glowed with a cold light and reflected cold light in the night.

“Go and meet them.” The man in the sedan didn’t make a move but motioned for the cultivators beside the sedan to fight.


Three cultivators stood out in unison and their figures flashed out in an instant. There were no weapons in their hands, but a powerful airflow condensed in their palms and struck out suddenly towards Du Fan and the others.


Three air currents struck out from the palms of the three cultivators and rushed towards them like tigers. The momentum was so fierce that Du Fan and the others felt a strong combat energy and murderous intent at that moment.


Qi Kang shouted in a deep voice and the three of them separated quickly. Their spirit energy also surged as their figures moved..

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