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Chapter 3962 The Power Of Divine King

As the man sitting in the sedan chair watched the six people fighting, his hands were on his legs, tapping them as if to some rhythm. When he saw that the three cultivators were at a disadvantage against Du Fan and the others, he didn't appear anxious and sat in the sedan as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It wasn't until after the six people had been fighting each other for the time of half an incense stick and one of the cultivators was struck down by Qi Kang that the man in the sedan flew out like lightning. No one even saw him coming, but in a blink of an eye, he was right in front of Qi Kang. Qi Kang felt a strong airflow carrying murderous intent and before he was able to react, he was. .h.i.t in the chest by the other party. With a loud bang, his whole body fell backwards. "Qi Kang!"

When Du Fan and Gray Wolf saw this, they couldn't help but be shocked. Their expressions changed instantly and at that instant, they were both struck by the wind blades of the other two cultivators. Blood oozed from their arms. "Courting death!"

Du Fan's face turned cold and he turned the fan in his hand. A sharp blade came out of his hand with a hiss and instantly slit the throat of the cultivator opposite him. "Ah!"

A short shrill cry sounded and the cultivator's body twitched, then he fell straight down. His body hit the ground with a loud bang and blood overflowed from his mouth. Blood from his slit throat seeped all over the floor. Not long after, he drew his last breath. After Gray Wolf was attacked, his body's instinctive reaction was to fight back. However, his opponent avoided his attack very quickly and avoided the fatal blow. However, one of his arms was cut off. "Sss ah!"

The cultivator gasped and roared loudly. Blood splattered everywhere after his arm was cut off and his figure retreated sharply, and staggered to the ground. "Qi Kang, how are you?"

After Du Fan killed the cultivator, he turned around and caught Qi Kang who was falling to the ground. He supported his weightless body and looked at his pale face. Blood spilled from the corners of his mouth and he was unable to speak. His heart sank when he saw this. "Fan Lin!"

Fan Lin, who was standing guard on the other side of the inn, had planned to surprise attack the cultivators who were planning to sneak into the inn when he heard Du Fan's anxious cry from the front of the inn. He shouted immediately: "Coming!"

As soon as he had spoken, his figure rushed forward quickly. When he came to the front, he saw a man wearing a mask standing in front of Du Fan and Qi Kang who was condensing a powerful airflow in the palm of his hand, preparing to attack them. "Be careful!"

He shouted. He didn't retreat to avoid the blow but ran forward quickly because he had seen that Qi Kang's face was pale and his body was unsteady on his feet. If he were to be struck by that blow, he was afraid…

"Don't come over!"

When Du Fan saw Fan Lin running over, the expression on his face changed drastically and he shouted in surprise. He was still some distance away from them and perhaps he hadn't felt the powerful and destructive energy. However, where they stood, they could clearly feel the energy of the Divine King! The masked man in front of them was a strong exponent at the level of the Divine King! With such strength, let alone them, even with their combined strength, they would be unable to withstand his attack!

The overwhelming energy of the Divine King was released at this moment, the energy of annihilation made them break out in cold sweat. As they stood there stiffly, they were unable to avoid it. Even though their strength differed by one level, the power of the Divine King was beyond the ability of ordinary strong exponents to withstand!

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