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Chapter 3963 Xuanyuan Mo Ze Takes Action

The breath of death enveloped them at this moment. As they hadn't experienced a situation like this for a long time, they felt a chill running through their bodies. This was the breath of the Divine King! This was how terrifying a Divine King strong exponent was!

Even though there was only one level in difference of their cultivation, the Divine King level could easily annihilate them!

However, didn't they say that this region wasn't dominated by strong exponents, that it wasn't ruled by the Lord of Heaven and Earth? How could there be a Divine King strong exponent here? Before now, they had never heard of him…

As they watched the powerful breath of the Divine King envelope them and the attacking airflow that rushed towards them with the breath of annihilation, they suddenly saw a black figure rush out from behind them and stood in front of them in an instant. Before they had time to react, they had already been swept back into the inn behind its door. "Boom!"

Two powerful air currents suddenly collided together and a terrifying sound and energy surged in the air creating ripples in the air, like a large stone had been thrown into a calm lake surface. The moment the air flow spread out, the wind swept the sand on the ground and everything around them was swept away. The cultivators who had been standing by the sedan couldn't help but hold down on the sedan to block the powerful airflow. When the airflow gradually dissipated, they looked up and saw a handsome man in black robes standing in front of their Lord.

His ink-black hair was tied up high, his cold and handsome face exuded the charm of a mature man with resoluteness. He looked forward, his eyebrows frowning slightly with a hint of displeasure as he did so. His deep gaze was like a deep, bottomless pool, mysterious and unpredictable. Under his high-bridged nose was a pair of thin, sensual lips that were slightly pursed. He had one hand behind his back while the other was on his abdomen. He was dressed in an understated black, luxurious robe that showed off his slender physique. Even though he hadn't spoken, his commanding aura was obvious and everyone lowered their heads in front of him, not daring to look directly at him. "It's Master!"

Gray Wolf looked at the sudden appearance of his Master in surprise, a big smile appeared on his face. His worries before had disappeared with the appearance of his Master. "h.e.l.l's Lord has come to save us…"

Du Fan exhaled softly and secretly breathed a sigh of relief through his shock. Under such circ.u.mstances, he thought that they would definitely die, he hadn't expected that it would be h.e.l.l's Lord who came to save them. Moreover, he knew that his Master had been treating h.e.l.l's Lord's legs during this period of time, and he also knew that h.e.l.l's Lord could also stand up and walk. However, this was the first time that he had seen h.e.l.l's Lord appear without his wheelchair, standing in front of them like this, blocking the danger for them. "Ahem!"

Qi Kang coughed and blood overflowed from his mouth again. When Fan Lin saw this, he regained his composure quickly and stepped forward to help him: "Quick! Come inside quickly!" He said as he helped him walk inside, not caring about the fight outside. "Gray Wolf, go inside. I will stay out here." Du Fan said, telling Gray Wolf to guard the inside of the inn. He hinted at him with his eyes and motioned, referring to the two Little Masters in the inn upstairs. Gray Wolf had wanted to say something, but when he saw Du Fan's eyes sweeping upstairs to the guest room on the second floor, his heart skipped a beat and he responded immediately: "Yes. I will go inside and keep guard. Be careful out here." Having said that, he walked inside quickly.

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