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Banished To Another World 《异世流放》 Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang   


Chapter 359: Yan Mo Recovery

Yan Mo's first reaction was to deny, "That's definitely not me."

Yuan Zhan nodded. "Well, that's definitely not you."

So in front of him, the man looked like the evil spirit when he smiles. He also likes the heavy prince who was in deep rain, but the bitter prince is the prophet.

Not like ah...

Yuan Zhan suddenly responded, "Aren't you from the Salt Mountain Tribesmen? How did it become The Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan?”

"Good words, good words, wrong words? Or did the ancestors of the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan change their clan names in order to preserve their bloodline?”

"Doesn't that mean that we Jiu Yuan have a bunch of guys who can talk to G.o.d at any time?”

"Ouch, that's a problem!"

In fact, both of them know that there are probably tens of millions of people with such abilities as Yan Mo and Lamo-Ling, who don't know whether they are the one or not, but it's so tragic to carry this reputation. No wonder Lamo-Ling, as one of the honorable Nine Great Cities, Yincheng-Sound City Prince, has to pretend to be a fool and live so indecisively that he wants to flee from his birth city at any time, even dare not dream of the throne.

His parents must be very entangled. A son who has such a strong ability, as a parent, especially as the head of a city, should have been infinitely happy and even celebrated, but that prediction, really want to spoil his son dare not spoil, but also desperately suppress his son's ability, afraid that even the Temple of the Priest on his side will want to kill his son in order to divide the aftermath.

Yincheng-Sound City Queen created opportunities for Lamo-Ling to be close to them, perhaps not just to relieve the curse, but to leave a way for his son?

If Yincheng-Sound City's King and Queen both think so, there are only two obstacles left for them to leave Yincheng-Sound City: Tucheng-Earth City Half-Beast man and the Third High Priest.

Yuan Zhan asked politely, "Is the Third High Priest of the Temple going to kill you?”

Lamo-Ling had hatred in his eyes. "They've been waiting for me to grow up and make a mistake, so they have a reason to get rid of me. If it hadn't been for my father the king to call the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu in time, I would have been killed by them."

"You told me to watch out for Lan-Yin. What is he going to do to me? "

Lamo-Ling probably spoke about the grievances and resentments hidden for so many years. He was in a good mood. He sat cross-legged, grabbed raspberries and ate them several times before slowly saying, "I know there is a man hidden in the temple, and this man is the secret of Lan-Yin's longevity..."

That night, The High Priest Lan-Yin brought Lan Yuan personally to Lamo-Ling to look for Yuan Zhan.

Lan-Yin saw Yuan Zhan, no matter whether Lamo-Ling was next to him, and opened the door to see the mountain man yelling: "what did your Majesty's Prince say to you, right? Although he lost his voice, his soul is not completely suppressed. He thought n.o.body else had discovered it, but he couldn't hide it from me.”

Lamo-Ling's face remained unchanged, and he seemed to know that he could not hide from the other party.

Yuan Zhan responds to all changes with stiff face, waiting for the follow-up of Lan-Yin.

Lan-Yin said, "Your Highness has misunderstood me a lot, but I have no time to explain to you and him too much. I just want to say that if I wanted your Highness to die, even if your Majesty spoils your Highness again, he will not live to this day."

Lamo-Ling is also a strong character. He is not surprised to hear that and can look at Lan-Yin calmly.

Lan-Yin continued: "The man has wavered. If he were to return to Tucheng-Earth City and regain control of Tucheng-Earth City, it would be no good for Yincheng-Sound City and the Jiu Yuan. Even if you don't believe me, I hope you can continue to cooperate with me for the sake of your Jiu Yuan. Maybe the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is very powerful, but if he wants to curse that man, the cost will be small, when our high-ranking warriors and priests launch war, the tragedy is that other civilians do not have much combat effectiveness."

Yan Mo acknowledges that Lan-Yin is right. The Jiu Yuan and Tucheng-Earth City have been enemies. If The Half-Beast man goes back to control the City, and still has an intention of trying to catch up with them, it will be like keeping an atomic bomb that will always launch itself at any time, and they will only try to eliminate the threat.

But when to eliminate it, we should pay attention to it.

Without Yincheng-Sound City High Priest's advice, they would wait until their bodies and abilities were fully restored. After leaving Yincheng-Sound City, they would try to improve their abilities and improve the overall combat effectiveness of the Jiu Yuan until they had the strength to fight The Half-Beast man.

Yuan Zhan, however, sneered at Lan-Yin and said, "That man told me personally that he and Tucheng-Earth City Temple and the owner of the city all had enemies. Our Curse-Witch Zhou Wu helped him solve his enemies. He thanked us that Jiu Yuan did it for him. How could he make enemies with us? Or do you hate The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu?”

"That also requires you to leave Yincheng-Sound City." Lan-Yin said lightly.

"This is a threat?”

"No, I'm telling the truth. Even if we Yincheng-Sound City can let you go, that one will not let you go. If his circ.u.mstances permit, he would have gone back to take over the Tucheng-Earth City forces. Why wait until now? On the contrary, he needs you more now because he is anxious to go back. As for what you need, I think you should understand. There must be something very special about you that prevents him from letting you go or even from accepting the offerings offered by Queen Cui Yu and leave you here."

Both sides spread out their words. The hidden conspiracy turned into an open conspiracy. Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo had no retreat.

Yuan Zhan also has his own ideas. Although he does not know how to seek this sentence in insurance, he has realized that he has to pay more to get more. If he wants to become strong quickly, he has to abandon the word "safety". The Half-Beast man wants to benefit from him. Why doesn't he want to bite off a piece of fat from The Half-Beast man?

Lamo-Ling slumped boneless on the stone couch with a sarcastic expression.

Lan-Yin looked at Lamo-Ling with a somewhat complicated eye and said sincerely to Yuan Zhan, "I admit I have the idea of using you. If you can succeed it will be for best, we Yincheng-Sound City will remove a big threat. If not, we really won't lose much."

Yuan Zhan suddenly felt that it was not shameless to find his priest after he came out and met the world.

Yan Mo, "... Hey, don't think because you didn't tell me, I won't know what you're thinking.”

"Oh? Do you know what I think?”  Someone was a little agitation.

As soon as Yan Mo felt what the other person thought of him, he immediately had the desire to feed the man a hundred kilograms of croton. The animal is the animal, so tense and serious moment, he can also come out of his head with yellow storms!

Yuan Zhan, on the other hand, seems to have opened a new door of thoughts. From today on, he decided to convey to his Priest DRen all his dissatisfaction in that respect for so many days and so many years in the future through imagination.

Before Yan Mo's spiritual violent is turned against him, Yuan Zhan faced Lan-Yin. "Finally, to answer my question, besides the soil-control warriors who had been seduced on their own initiative, did you also capture some of them to feed the Half-Beast man and exchange some benefits with The Half-Beast man?”

Yuan Zhan is not aiming at this problem. The Half-Beast man's seduction to soil-control warriors can only be extended to a range of three kilometers around Yincheng-Sound City, which is very weak at any distance. How many soil-control warriors have left their sphere of influence to Yincheng-Sound City since ancient times? And high-ranking warriors.

Even if The Half-Beast man has a favor from Yincheng-Sound City, but he is no gain to Lan-Yin, what is the Third High of Yincheng-Sound City shrine to hide him and keep him, and let him live in the ninth most sacred layer, or even allow him to create secret roads in the temple? What does he get out of it?

How can it be possible without exchange of interests?

Lan-Yin did not answer this question. He just repeated his proposal again: "You promised me that I would carry out the transaction. I've paid half of the money for yuan-crystal coins. I hope tomorrow evening at the latest..."

"No way! I don't believe you." Yuan Zhan categorically refused.

Lan-Yin frowned. "I've paid you yuan-crystal coins. Do you want to break the contract?”

"I've saved your princess's face, and you haven't paid me yet." Before Lan-Yin spoke, Yuan Zhan demanded, "I don't want to die yet. If I want to deal with the Half-Beast man, I must wait until I get back to the Jiu Yuan's Priest. If I have him, I will act."

"Without you, the man will leave with Queen Cui Yu."

"Didn't you say he wanted to get what I wanted? How could he leave without me?

"He may use his soul to control you, and then he will become pa.s.sive."

"Then try to hold him back!"

Lan-Yin took three steps in situ and seemed to have made a decision. He stopped and asked Yuan Zhan, "How can you make your priest recover quickly?”


"Want higher-order yuan-crystal coins, right?”  Lan-Yin smiled. "Okay, I'll give you ten attribute-free 9th rank yuan-crystal coins. Three days! Three days later, when the first bird crows at night, whether your priest is restored or not, you must appear on the ninth floor of the temple. Otherwise you and your priest will be the sacrifice of that one, and my Yincheng-Sound City will join Tucheng-Earth City in attacking your Jiu Yuan to recover the losses of this period, even if you have The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, Can the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu save all of you, the Jiu Yuan?”

Lan-Yin spoke and left with Lan Yuan.

Yuan Zhan rubbed his nose and laughed back.

Lamo-Ling, slumped on a stone couch, jumped up and down.

They hit each other on the shoulder with their fists.

They had talked about it before, and no matter what they thought, they could not avoid dealing with The Half-Beast man. In order to increase the odds and increase the chance of survival, it was very important to make Yan Mo recover quickly.

Three days, plus ten 9th rank yuan-crystal coins, this condition is much better than they had imagined.

Yan Mo's absorption of 9th rank yuan-crystal coins is also felt, probably seven or eight more, and he should be able to recover to use his wallet.

As long as he can use his wallet, he can handle many things.

Lan-Yin did not break his promise and asked Lan Yuan to send ten 9th ranks that night.

Lamo-Ling also contributed, but he was relatively poor. He searched all his castles and found only three yuan-crystal coins under 8th rank, 7th rank.

Yuan Zhan despised, "You are so poor"

Lamo-Ling was grumpy. "Do you think 9th rank yuan-crystal coins are all over the street? How about not even my father, queen? I'm afraid the total number of temples will not exceed 100. Even 8th rank yuan-crystal coins are not common! A 9th rank warrior usually uses 8th rank coins, and 9th rank coins are kept for life saving.”

Yan Mo recalled that when the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu saw the happy appearance of the big 9th rank crystal, and then Yincheng-Sound City's stinging power on 9th rank yuan-crystal coins, he could not help but renew his understanding of the preciousness of 9th rank yuan-crystal coins.

With a general understanding of yuan-crystal coins, and looking back at the yuan-crystal that the Old Mandrill traded with him for The Soul Return Pill, did he make a lot of money?

Yan Mo decided to visit The Old Mandrill whenever he had a chance.

With a large number of yuan-crystal coins, Yan Mo's recovery rate immediately became visible to the naked eye.

Yuan Zhan went nowhere and watched the recovery of the scorched corpse all day.

Lamo-Ling wanted to come and watch and was run out by Yuan Zhan.

In less than two days, Yan Mo consumed eight 9th rank yuan-crystal coins at one go, and his hand was finally able to lift.

Although it is still very painful, but the spirit of Yan Mo still returns to his body, and when he just came back, he couldn't just control his body for a long time.

Flowing tips poured down his brain.

Why didn't he know that he had done so much during this time?

Everything else is OK, but what happens when the number of faith points becomes negative?

Can faith turn negative?

What happened to the Jiu Yuan?

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