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Banished To Another World 《异世流放》 Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang   


Chapter 358: The Great Secret!

The independent castle on the east side was the residence of the big prince.

At the top of the castle stood a stone pillar with a gray circle hanging on it.

Yan Mo had an odd feeling when he looked at the stone circle. Without Wu Guo bothering to remind him again, he knew that that thing was what he had to get later.

Listen and hold back. Look at Yuan Zhan looking up at the roof, and then follow him.

Yuan Zhan: "That's the circle?”

Yan Mo: "Right."

Neither of them expected that it would be so easy to find, but because it was so easy and just there, they hung on the roof of a man or the roof of a great prince. How could they take it down without being questioned?

Yuan Zhan pointed to the stone circle. "That, I want it."

"You... Do you know what it is? "Lamo-Ling opened his mouth. His voice was dry and mute, and it was a little harsh. He didn't seem to speak very often.

"I don't know, but I want it, Mo DRen." Yuan Zhan has figured out the trick of talking to the great prince: direct communication is more effective. If you circle with him with words, he can pull you further away.

Lamo-Ling chuckled and said slowly, "Let's make a deal. If I give you this half-bone object, you'll have to take me with you when you leave Yincheng-Sound City in the future."

The half bone object, sure enough! Yan Mo saw the shape, the size and color of the stone ring, and remembered one of the four bone objects that he had put in his pocket for a long time, from The Ding Yue Tribe, the unknown disc.

What did Wu Guo say at that time? Say this is the door?

Yuan Zhan did not ask why Lamo-Ling wanted to leave Yincheng-Sound City with them, but asked curiously, "if I didn't ask for this stone ring, what price would you pay?”

"Yuan-crystal coins, it is said that you like yuan-crystal coins." Lamo-Ling is also straightforward.

"Then how can you be sure that we can leave Yincheng-Sound City? Can I take you away with me?”

Lamo-Ling looked up and looked up at the rain curtain and spoke fluently. "Do you know why I was cursed by the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu for ten years?”

Yuan Zhan suddenly clapped his hands when he heard the words.

Lamo-Ling looked down at him. Did the man guess? Or what did The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu say to them?

Yuan Zhan was very annoyed and said, "No, I just forgot to get yuan-crystal coins from you King!"

Yan Mo also followed "Ah" and said, "No, I forgot to perform mystery on the princess." He was so tired and painful that he forgot... Yuan Zhan even forgot to remind him!

The rain on Lamo-Ling's hair came to his face and everything was completely destroyed.

Since then, someone has left a deep image of a prince who loves yuan-crystal coins. This impression has not faded in his lifetime, but has a growing trend.

Meanwhile, the main hall of the city.

The Great Princess Lamo-Na handed Lan-Yin a small and medium-sized medicine can.

Lan-Yin opened and sniffed, and scratched the skin on the back of her hand with her fingernails. She felt a touch of ointment on her back and felt for a moment. After a moment, the wound healed completely. He just said, "Medicine is a good medicine. It doesn't hide any harm. But this ointment has been drug-stimulated. You need to use it at an early date. Since the Jiu Yuan Chief says you use it sooner or later, its great effect probably won't happen every other day."

"How could that be?”  Frowned Yincheng-Sound City King, who also expected the drug to remain for the future study of the temple drug refining priest.

Lan-Yin answered, "Maybe the secret technique Mo DRen just performed is the key to stimulation the drug and making it so effective."

Lamo-Na wondered, "But Mo DRen's secret art was not directed at me before. Will it work if I use it?”

"When he turned back, his fingers pointed in the direction of you and me in the hall. I think the person he pointed out was allowed. That's why my wound healed so quickly. And your scar is much slighter than that of the slave, so you don't need to perform any special mystery on it." Lan-Yin even thought that Mo DRen was a sensible person, because if he had asked the Great Princess to stand in front of him and perform secret arts on her, he is afraid the Great Princess would not have agreed even if he wanted to.

But he was surprised that the Chief Yuan Zhan that liked yuan-crystal coins didn't ask for the price to pay for him or was it inappropriate for the occasion? Or does he want to wait until the scar on the Great Princess's face has completely disappeared before asking for compensation?

Lamo-Na looked at the less than two nail caps left in the pot and worried, "Is that enough?”

"That's enough, but you've run out of it."

Yincheng-Sound City Queen's lazy, particularly pleasant voice rang out: "They're smart enough."

Lan-Yin shook his head. “This ointment needs their witchcraft's inspiration, maybe even his permission, so it's useless to make too much.”

"Didn't he sell trauma medicine in the city? I heard that medicine works well too?” Lamo-Na said.

Lan-Yin murmured, "Probably their refining abilities in the Jiu Yuan are different. The oldest of the cat people used their prescriptions to get better and get away. But I've seen that formula and let several refining drugs, the first, refine together. Although the refined medicine has some effect on the recovery and promotion of soul power, the effect is not particularly significant. "

"You suspect that the medicine was also secretly blessed by Mo DRen."

"Yes, and I suspect they're related to the cat man's escape. I asked Zhi Mu carefully. Although there was no dissimilarity at that time and the two men were not near the old cat man, it was the Jiu Yuan Chief who pointed out the old cat man himself to be used to test the medicine and Finally, Zhi Mu was asked to give all the medicine to the old cat man, so that Zhi Mu did not leave a pill on his hand.”

Yincheng-Sound City Queen pointed at the armrest and said, "Let's see if we can buy back part of the wound medicine sold by the Jiu Yuan Chief later. High Priest, please see priest again."

"Okay." Lan-Yin had already planned to do so, and had already begun to do so. "There's another thing to...”

Lan-Yin did not go on.

Yincheng-Sound City King agreed and said to the three children, "Go down first and come to me and your mother and queen alone if you have something to do later."

"Yes." The three Lamos had to retreat first.

When he came out of the hall, the young prince, who was not angry before, suddenly shouted, "Look! Even if Lamo-Ling became dumb, even if he had done so many wrong things, even if the priests did not like him, his parents would concentrate on treating him. When he can speak one day, let's stop arguing. I think he can become Yincheng-Sound City's Lord with that mouth!”

"Lamo-Xuan!" Another young prince whispered to stop his brother's lies.

Lamo-Na sighed that they had a good parents, but all five siblings except the youngest, LomEr, were on guard against other siblings. And she will become like this, but she is inseparable from the third High Priest of the temple.

On the other hand, The Great Prince Lamo-Ling asked Yuan Zhan to go up and take down the ring himself, and Yuan Zhan was not shy either to do that>

Warriors who guarded and patrolled the city saw Yuan Zhan climbing to the roof of the prince's residence and wanted to stop him. They could see the prince standing there. He also looked up at the man who climbed to the roof with interest. Because of an unspeakable care not to get too close to the prince, n.o.body was near the prince's castle.

As soon as Yuan Zhan touched the ring, Wu Guo conveyed an exciting message to Yan Mo.

"What is this?”  Yuan Zhan asked Yan Mo.

Yan Mo replied, "It should be part of one of the four pieces of bone objects. I don't know what it is for now. Unfortunately, I can't take out my pocket, otherwise..."

Yuan Zhan vaguely remembered four things about bone objects. The rings were bigger and heavier. He had nowhere to put them, and carried them directly on his shoulders.

"What is this?”  The great prince was very excited and asked the same question as Yuan Zhan.

"Didn't you say its half-bone objects?”

"All I know is whether it's a bone object or an incomplete bone object. When I was a child, I went to the temple to play and saw it coming from the High Priest. Later, I checked that this was one of the bone objects seemed to have been in the temple for a long time, and no one knew when it was taken into the temple. Generations of priests see this is ancient bone objects also pondered it, but they only found this is an incomplete bone objects, nothing else was seen. Otherwise, you think a child, even if he is a big prince, how can I come across it as an ornament with a precious ancient bone objects?” Lamo-Ling smiled sarcastically.

Yuan Zhan replied, "You don't know the details. I don't know what it is. I didn't even know it was half bone objects. If you want to know, you have to wait for my Mo DRen to recover.”

"When will he recover?”

"Do you have yuan-crystal coins? More, better 9th rank."

Lamo-Ling, "... So you promised me the deal?”

"Tell me first, if we take you away, will Yincheng-Sound City start a war with our Jiu Yuan?”

Lamo-Ling burst into a silent laugh, shaking his body back and forth. "How come? They wanted me to leave this city early, but they didn't know how to make me to leave! For this reason, each of them is looking forward to my early death so they can sleep better!” In the last few words, Lamo-Ling's voice is full of hatred and endless resentment.

The stone castle door opened and a small old man came out.

Lamo-Ling was the first to walk into the stone castle with Yan Mo on his back and a bone ring on his back.

Watching from a distance under the eaves to shelter from the rain, His Highness finally agreed to walk into the rooftop and rushed over together, but the thin old man who opened the door fell the door in front of them.

Those attendants were angry, but this treatment was probably not the first time. They stayed at the door for a while and then returned.

The castle of Yincheng-Sound City is covered with light lantern-trees and the interior is not dark, but the castle of the great prince is gloomy and there are few slaves in it.

The skinny old man commanded several slaves to quickly strip Lamo-Ling's wet clothes, wipe him off, change him into fresh, dry clothes, and quickly light several fire basins to get him warm.

Lamo-Ling seems to have been accustomed to this kind of attendant. He did not regard it as a slave thing.

The old man looked at Yuan Zhan again, as if hesitating to change his skirt.

Yuan Zhan shook his hand, indicating no need.

The skinny old man then brought fresh melons and fruits in person, knelt on the ground and kissed Lamo-Ling's toes, and silently withdrew.

Lamo-Ling laid on the stone couch and the whole person was boneless.

"Sit down. It's safe here." Lamo-Ling waved his hand, weakly.

Yuan Zhan put the rattan basket on the couch and sat down at the other end of the couch. He grabbed the red wild berries on the table and stuffed them into his mouth one by one.

Yan Mo felt a lot of drooling. The wild berry looked like a raspberry. It is harvested in April, and its fruit was sweet and sour, and its roots and leaves could be used as medicine. Root can treat enteritis, dysentery, rheumatic arthralgia and injury caused by falling, etc. Leaf mash fresh can detoxify swelling.

Lamo-Ling sat on the wall, staring blankly at the dark sky outside the open balcony. After a while, he m.u.f.fled, "If I don't speak, it's good for everyone."

Yuan Zhan spit out three words: "Why is that?”

Lamo-Ling finally waited for these three words, but he was still paralyzed there, a lifeless love, "because of my blood ability."

"What's your blood ability?”  Yuan Zhan saw that Mo was patient with raspberry's drooling.

"I can't make my voice a weapon, but what I say, especially bad things, is likely to come true."

Oh! Yan Mo is in a good mood. Isn't this the real version of the beak's mouth? [1] Making premonition?

Yuan Zhan was stunned. What is this ability? Prophesying?

Lamo-Ling did not look at him as if he understood what he was thinking. He shook his head and said, "It is not prophecy. Wucheng- City of Witches sent someone to see me, saying that I am not a prophecy, but another special bloodline."

"How special? What kind of ability? "Yuan Zhan had a little interest.

The Big Prince turned around and stared at Yuan Zhan and said earnestly, "You'll choke on a raspberry."

"Cough! Puff!” Yuan Zhan just thought how it was possible, but while he wondered if it was … then too surprising that the crushed raspberry residue slipped into his throat and accidentally blocked his trachea. Although he coughed out at once, it still made him feel uncomfortable for a while.

The big prince said expressionlessly, "Look, it came true."

"Isn't that like prophecy?”

"No. Prophecy refers to what may happen in the future, which may change after intervention. But my ability is to say bad things that have a high probability of becoming a reality, just like cursing.”

Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo thought at the same time: Is this not a weapon? This is the biggest weapon, okay?

Yan Mo now wants to know why The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu curses this crow's mouth boy. Such a good ability, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu should be taken him as his disciple.

Yuan Zhan asked the question instead of him.

“The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu didn't just run to Yincheng-Sound City. My parents invited him because the Grand Priest of Wucheng-City of Witches told them that maybe only the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu could solve my problem.”

"Problem? They should be glad you have the ability.” Yuan Zhan was puzzled.

The great prince smiled bitterly and misery. "I was a child and a spoiled child. If anyone annoys me, I will curse him, and it will be basically effective. At that time, the people I cursed from my parents to my siblings, from the shrine priests to the city n.o.bility, from warriors to slaves, including civilians and guests, who made me feel bad or did not like me. I will use my abilities freely. At that time, the High Priest wanted to kill me, or my father said they should poison me until I knew how to control my ability, but he was not confident that the temple drug refining priest can developed the medicine, so he asked for the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu.”

"And the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu cursed you? And in order to rea.s.sure your family and the temple, you didn't say you've been cursed for ten years, but you say you've been cursed forever?”

"Half true." Lamo-Ling dared not lie when he knew that Mo DRen was a disciple of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. Otherwise, he would leave Yincheng-Sound City with them in the future. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu caught him and he did not know how he will torture him.

"The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu didn't curse me for losing my voice just because my parents asked for it, but because I knew that he would curse him first for my disadvantage. Of course, my curse was of no use to him. In fact, my curse is not very useful as long as the strong soul beware beforehand.

"So your soul is suppressed?”

"Yes. But the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu cursed me to losing my voice not only because I cursed him, but also because I was too young to grasp such a powerful force, not only because I was ignorant, but also because my soul and body could not handle it. If I used it so boldly in the future, I would not be able to live for several years.”

"Does your parents know about this?”

"I don't know if they know, maybe they don't know. The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu doesn't like to explain to people, but I hate my parents for asking people to seal up my abilities so much that I haven't been able to pay attention to them for years."

Yuan Zhan is deep in thought. He still has some things he can't figure out.

Lamo-Ling muttered, "The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu said that my ability is not a curse, but a part of the power of language. He said that the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan were a group of people who can communicate with all things in the world, and some can use their spiritual power to do that, because the ability of this group is too powerful,  the people were wiped in huge battles very early. He said that Yincheng-Sound City's lord blood is probably a branch of the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan blood, but the bloodline has been weak so far Yincheng-Sound City only awakened the ability of sound and not language. Only I unfortunately awakened the oldest and purest Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan blood ability!”

When Yan Mo heard the words "The Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan" can communicate with all things in the world, he was already in a state of confusion in the wind. He never thought that Yincheng-Sound City had an ancient blood relations.h.i.+p with him!

"Bad luck? Why do you say this? "Yuan Zhan really cares about these two words.

Lamo-Ling sat up and looked at Yuan Zhan, as if tempted with a trace of endless pride: "Because the Nine Cities has always had an ancient prophecy that the inheritors of the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan blood will demonize their G.o.ds and set off a new fire of wars among all tribes and cities in the world!"

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