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Banished To Another World 《异世流放》 Yi s.h.i.+ Liu Fang   


Chapter 357: Professionals who play tricks and ghost spirits

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is terrible, but it's not particularly difficult to kill him with all his might, just who will sacrifice the whole city for one person?

If the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu really gets angry, no one can stand the curse of a great city extinction at the cost of his own life and the life of the Jiu Yuan people, regardless of the G.o.ds' punishment.

At present, the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's work on Tucheng-Earth City is still reasonable. It's only aimed at the temple, the royal family and the advanced level blood warrior who killed him. The damage he caused in Tucheng-Earth City is serious. At least serious enough that Queen Cui Yu can run to Yincheng-Sound City to seek help.

Tucheng-Earth City is now in danger. Everybody pushed up on the wall. Wucheng-City of Witches is looking for the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu everywhere on the surface to explain his actions, but they just don't interfere with the hatred between Tucheng-Earth City and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu. Shuicheng-Water City and Huocheng-Fire City, who have had generations of hatred with Tucheng-Earth City, are eager to see Tucheng-Earth City becomes a basket of ridicule. They will only make trouble and never lend a hand to help.

And the power of Tucheng-Earth City itself is also a bit unstable. Maybe because they haven't had another a 10th rank warrior for many years. Tucheng-Earth City's subordinate forces are all on the move. Who doesn't want to go up to the next level?

Tucheng-Earth City High Priest disappeared, and the advanced level warriors who accompanied him did not return. Faced with these overlapping situations, the Tucheng-Earth City royal family and shrine will panic, and will be eager to have a person who can preside over the overall situation back, at least this person will also be able to deter other forces.

The Half-Beast man can deter forces such as Yincheng-Sound City, and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu? So even knowing that Yuan Zhan was naked threats to them, they had to accept the threat.

Yan Mo laughed and thought that The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is like the nuclear weapon from every country in his previous life. Why do some small countries prefer to cook their national food and tighten their belts to develop nuclear weapons? It's not to deal with situations like this --- I won't hit you on my own initiative, but if you dare to attack me, I'll fight with you, barefoot and while wearing shoes [1] with everything I got. We will see who's worse off.

Yuan Zhan is already remarkable, reaching a 8th rank at the age of 20, and his age and achievements would probably shake off the chin of people in this hall. Nevertheless, he is not qualified to act as a deterrent, but he is only a threat to be eliminated in advance.

The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu can appear beside them and accept him as a disciple, and so protect his shortcomings, Yan Mo has a little faith in the Fruit of Witchcraft can really bring him good luck.

"Zhan, slow down, don't worry. I believe you will become a 10th rank or even more powerful player. Before that, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu will be up. The flag of his old man is nothing short of the best force." Yan Mo felt somebody's frustration subtly and comforted him.

Yuan Zhan laughed and refused to admit that he had listened to this sentence. He was really relieved. How can a proud man be willing to threaten others in the name of others, and this man is s.h.i.+fu of Mo, that is more subtle.

These individual psychological activities are long-standing, but in the blink of an eye, after Yuan Zhan said he had brought scar-removing drugs, Yincheng-Sound City King did not hesitate to let people take ready slaves.

The slave girl was about more than 20 years old, and there was nothing wrong with her salute.

When the slave raised her face, everyone saw a very serious old scar on her face. The scar ran from her right eye to the corner of her mouth. The long wound bulged from her face. The red flesh scar was a little knotted. It not only destroyed half of her face, but also made people not bear to look at her.

Yan Mo felt that the slave looked kindly, but the scar was rather obscure, and he could not remember where he had seen a similar face for a moment.

"Can such scars be removed?”  Yincheng-Sound City King asked. If such scars can be removed, his daughter's scratches should not be a problem.

Queen Cui Yu, who hadn't spoken for half a day, suddenly sneered. "This scar can only be treated by the priest. I've never heard of drugs that can remove it."

No one refuted Queen Cui Yu's remark, because everyone who knew it knew how many treatments the priest she had sought after being cursed, but no matter how severe the treatment was, just as she was cured here, she had begun to be cursed and attacked again.

A treatment by the priest is not cheap, and Tucheng-Earth City's subordinates do not have a very strong healing priest. She wants to invite people to be in favor of other forces, but Queen Cui Yu is not a subdued person. Plus, treatment priest can only relieve her for a while. The idea is to buy some drugs that can stop bleeding and remove sores and relieve her skin condition for a long time.

Yuan Zhan ignored Queen Cui Yu and raised his hand and waved to the slave, "Come here."

The slave looked up and, with permission, got up and walked carefully to Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan put down the rattan basket behind him and waved back the hard soil wrapped on the surface to reveal the white cloth inside.

"You can't just use medicine for such wounds. You need our priest to give you tribal blessing. It's a painful process. Can you stand it?”

The slave gritted her teeth and s.h.i.+vered slightly. "Yes."

"You sit down in front of the rattan basket."

The slave dared not sit down, but fell on her knees.

Yuan Zhan asked in his head, "Mo, are you ready?”

"All right." Yan Mo is reluctant to admit that since he came here, he has become professional in pretending to be a trickster or a ghost.

Yuan Zhan took out a 9th rank yuan-crystal coins paid by Lan-Yin and put it in a rattan basket.

Lan-Yin's eyes, saw a secret method to a 9th rank yuan-crystal coin, he was rest a.s.sured, but also a little frowning. He could almost antic.i.p.ate that the Chief Yuan Zhan would probably be very clear about the 9th rank yuan-crystal coins he wanted to use later.

Lan-Yin was so distressed that a 9th rank was meant to be used on the Great Princess. It was a great loss to use it on slaves. At this moment, he almost shouted to stop and change hands, but he could not! He was annoyed to death.

The great princess looked into the rattan basket and was pushed aside by Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan reached into the white cloth.

Yan Mo closes his eyes and slowly got out of Yuan Zhan's body and attached himself to his flesh.

Severe pain hit him in an instant!

Yan Mo wailed silently. He did the same thing for the show, but it was part of their plan. It was not enough to do it. Yuan Zhan wanted to change his plan, but did he feel that he could not bear this little pain? The result is really not!

Over the rattan basket floated a phantom, vague, unclear, can only barely see that it is a person.

This is the Bone Sculpting People spiritual manipulating written in the inheritance and it is mentioned as a small skill, it can let the spiritual body form an image, generally only advanced level spiritual manipulator will use.

Yan Mo is very reluctant to use this skill. Without the 9th rank yuan-crystal coins, the spirit he is still recovering will not work.

"Spiritual manifestation!" The High Priest Lan-Yin, who had already sat down, blurted out and stood up and took two steps towards the middle of the hall.

Yuan Zhan's eyes turned to him, and the whole man was in the best state of attack.

Queen Cui Yu was anxious for them to fight, but Lan-Yin stopped and his expression did not hide his shock at all.

Yincheng-Sound City King immediately asked in a low voice about Lan-Yin shock.

Lan-Yin shook his head. “It's a legend, and I haven't seen it myself. It's said that only in the period of confrontation among intelligent races there were some who could one use soul power. It's a kind of ability to materialize soul. It's something that can be achieved by a soul strength and power above 10th rank... “

A 10th rank Soul power! These seven words were like a thunderstorm, made the whole hall look dizzy. Is the Jiu Yuan really a very powerful hermit tribe? Look, not only did the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and the Human-face Kunpeng Clan support the tribe, but their Chief was also a two-line blood warrior, and at an early age he had reached 8th rank for soil control! Now they hide the High Priest of 10th rank in spirit manipulation?

The figure on the rattan basket became slightly clearer than before, but they still couldn't see his face clearly, but that was enough to make people in the hall stare. They have never seen soul power visible. Is that a G.o.d?

When the slave saw the ghost, her body began to tremble and she dared not even raise her head.

Yan Mo suffered terrible pain and raised his hands and feet very slowly. He wanted to make a five-poultry joke to frighten people, but the convulsions from his soul were very painful, not to mention the gestures. It was very difficult to simply raise his hands and kick his legs.

Yan Mo had no choice but to float slowly over the slave, her fingers reaching into her eyebrows.

What the female slave felt like, she raised her head, her eyes full of horror, and with some antic.i.p.ation.

Yan Mo lifted his fingers so slowly that everyone in the hall was dying, but no one dared to speak.

Finally, Yan Mo reached the center of his eyebrow. Seeing that the female slave was going to faint, he conveyed a kindness to her and said to her, "don't be afraid, daughter, and accept my blessing. Never forget to cherish good thoughts in the future. Even if you step on thorns, I will be with you and we will go back to Mother G.o.d together." 

[1] So going back to G.o.d is like a version of going to heaven... in this novel they have no concept of h.e.l.l or being punished to h.e.l.l... Gotta love Abrahamic religion... the way they describe h.e.l.l is as if they have been there... and that's why I'm a good boy... I don't want to go to the Abrahamic sort of h.e.l.l... who wants lake of fire...

The slave shed tears. She heard the voice of G.o.d, which was so gentle, so warm, that the anger and grievance that was brought about by her being chosen to test drug had all disappeared, and her heart became calm again. No, she had never been this calm. She felt that she had found a true G.o.d to serve.

Now even if the ghost in front of her told her that her face could not be restored, she would not be afraid, and henceforth she would not be afraid of any hards.h.i.+p, because the Son of G.o.d was with her.

Yan Mo retracted his hand and slowly made a circle to ease the pain of his soul. He stepped back into the rattan basket with his feet in vain. He had enough! He's going back to rest in Yuan Zhan's soul now!

But Yan Mo represented a painfully slow movement that is seen by others as endless mystery and grace.

"The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice..." Lan-Yin muttered and looked at the ghost eagerly and complex.

The Soul Manifestation and The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice have all disappeared. Now, although there are some cities priest and the witch will dance The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, no one can dance with the soul needed. Legend has it that it is the only sacrificial way to communicate directly with G.o.ds.

The Jiu Yuan...! Lan-Yin clasped his hands.

Yincheng-Sound City Queen on the steps straightened up after changing her lazy appearance. King next to her took her hand.

Queen Cui Yu bit her lip and was surprised, but had to make such an expression on her face.

The Great Prince Lamo-Na had a wonderful eye and a sudden decision was made in her heart.

The Great Prince Lamo-Ling seems to be the most sober person in the hall, but he has never stared off of Yan Mo's every move.

Lan-Yin looked at the Soul Manifestation from the beginning to the end. His face is never heavy. No wonder that Mo DRen dead corpse is still alive. No wonder Wucheng-City of Witches' Curse-Witch Zhou Wu will only accept him as a disciple. Once this person recovers, he is afraid their original plan will not be carried out.

But if they did, would their Yincheng-Sound City have a mysterious and powerful tribal enemy? And can their plan really work perfectly?

Yuan Zhan calmly began his last step. He took out the refined pot and handed it to Yan Mo's spiritual body.

Yan Mo shouted in his heart that this was the last step. He put his hand on the medicine jar and disappeared quickly.

Yan Mo, who returned to Yuan Zhan's soul, was tired like a dog and could not speak.

Yuan Zhan came to the slave with a solemn and solemn look and raised her head.

The slave raised her face very obediently.

"I'm going to cut your wound again."

"Yes, DRen." There was no fear or hesitation in the slave's eyes.

Yuan Zhan pulled out a small bone dagger he had traded from Zhi Mu and gave a gentle stroke to the slave's face.

The scar on the slave's face was cut off and blood dripped from her face. But the slave refused to cry out.

Yuan Zhan had a little appreciation in his eyes. He cut the slave's scar just to make the ointment work faster. Of course, he had tried it on himself before.

When the ointment was applied to the face, the blood stopped almost immediately.

"A little bit of pain, you should hold it back."

"Yes, DRen, I can stand it."

When the eldest prince saw the slave's expression, his face showed the evil smile again. Others didn't notice the change on a little slave at all. At best, they felt that the slave was more tolerant of pain.

Everyone quietly watched the change in the slave's face, and the clever attendant brought clean water so that the slave could wash her face.

Sweat beads appeared on the slave's forehead and her body trembled with pain. It was so painful that she felt as if her face had been torn apart.

The pain is followed by itching. Pain can be tolerated, but itching can be tolerated by few people.

Looking at the slave scratching her face, Yuan Zhan looked at her and said, "Come on, don't move around."

About five minutes later, the slave raised her hand and touched her face shrewdly. The attendant next to her immediately asked her to wash her face with clean water.

The slave washed the blood from her face and raised her head. All the people in the hall took a cool breath.

Of course, it's not that the slave is ugly or the wounds worsen. But the scar that occupied half of the slave face really disappeared!

Now there was only a trace of red on the slave's face. The place that grew over was redder and tenderer than other places, and the others were all right.

Queen Cui Yu's eyes were wide. She wanted the medicine, even if it hurt a little, if it could only restore her face, even if it lasted for a day. But Mo DRen, the refiner, is their Tucheng-Earth City enemy!

The angry Queen wants the Jiu Yuan people to die. But if they die, then she can't get it. What can she get?

Miracle! This is a miracle for the slave. G.o.d finally pitied her and blessed her. Tucheng-Earth City Temple had the powerful priest, but they and their G.o.ds had never blessed a slave. The slave wanted to kowtow to the rattan basket behind her, but she resisted.

Yan Mo saw a familiar face in his head. He turned to look at the slave again. Would it be so coincidental?

Yuan Zhan raised his hand and threw the small pot to The Great Princess. "There's not much left, but it should be enough for you to use. Your wound is shallow and newer. You don't need to re-cut it. Just wipe it once in the morning and evening, and it should grow well the next day. Then you will feel the pain or itching on your face. Don't scratch it if it itches.”

"Good medicine!" Yincheng-Sound City King wanted to ask Yuan Zhan for more of this medicine and was gently pulled by his Queen.

"Lamo-Ling, these two distinguished guests from afar will be handed over to you. Don't fool around." Queen pressed her forehead and looked a little tired.

Lan-Yin also did not intend to leave Yuan Zhan alone. He had to rearrange some things, and he needed to discuss things with his two majesty.

Lamo-Ling waved to Yuan Zhan and motioned Yuan Zhan to come with him.

Yuan Zhan carries a rattan basket.

Others, including the slave, all retreated, as did Queen Cui Yu, but Lamo-Na stayed on her own initiative.

The other two princes looked at each other and did not leave.

Yincheng-Sound City King sighed.

It was still raining outside, but Lamo-Ling did not hesitate to walk into the rain and forbid any attendants to follow them. The attendant couldn't do anything about it, but put it on far away.

Yuan Zhan re-enclosed the rattan basket with clay and slowly followed Lamo-Ling.

They are not safe yet, and the big prince is very strange, and they have to be careful every step after that.

"You can talk." Yuan Zhan is side by side with the great prince.

The great prince turned around and winked at Yuan Zhan.

Yuan Zhan shut up.

The eldest prince seemed to be waiting for them to follow-up. After waiting for a long time, he did not hear a word. He could not help turning his head to him again with constraints.

Yuan Zhan knows that the other party wants him to ask, but he just doesn't say.

The great prince's extremely handsome face was wrinkled, as painful as he could not pull it out of a squat pit.

Yuan Zhan turns to look around at the landscape. The terrain of the castle is rather complicated. If you don't pay attention to it, you don't know which floor you are on.

"Mo, how are you?”

"Headache!" Yan Mo hummed.

Yuan Zhan was helpless and angry. "I said you didn't have to do that..."

"We had too little chips to bet on and you said you didn't want to reveal my body's skin and flesh secrets. That's the idea I came up with."

Yuan Zhan tolerated it. Sooner or later, he would become fearful of everyone. Yan Mo just relied on him to play a role. "Did you notice that Lan-Yin looked very strange when he saw you?”

"He wouldn't have known that it's the Bone Sculpting People heritage, will he?”  Yan Mo was also a little worried.

"That's not the case. I can't say exactly, but he seems shocked."

"East..." A weak voice came in.

Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan asked at the same time: "What east?”

They both shut up at the same time, and Yan Mo lifted his spirits. "It's not me! It's Wu Guo!"

"He woke up?”

"Not like it." But Wu Guo still struggled to speak and point out the direction in his sleep. Yan Mo lost all his pain and fatigue, and immediately urges Yuan Zhan. "Quickly, go east and see what's there!"

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