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Chapter 60: Big Trouble

“Shameless!” Xu Kong Zi only had time to shout such a sentence, and Qi Huan's neck was strangled by Master Qi. He only needed to exert a little force, and her life would be over.

Master Qi sneered at the angry Xu Kong Zi, “I thought you should understand my style of doing things. I don't have so much time to waste with you. You'd better persuade your apprentice to hand over the fox now.”

In fact, Master Qi was also anxious. Usually, because of his ident.i.ty, he would never threaten a junior but he was not in the Nine Floors Monster Mountain now. He was at the Qing Yun Sect, and the news of his arrival would spread soon. If people from other sects came here, he wouldn't have a chance to leave even if he wanted to later.

“Amitabha, put down the knife and become a Buddha.” A loud Buddha's horn sounded, and a sun-like Buddha bead slammed into Master Qi's head without warning. At that time, not only Qi Huan's face was pale, even Xu Kong Zi almost cursed out loud.

Fortunately, Master Qi dodged quickly. Qi Huan was also just a little frightened. After the Buddha bead landed on the ground, it made a large hole with a depth of two meters and a radius of one meter in front of Qi Huan's feet. Qi Huan lowered her head, glancing at it. The Buddha bead was actually a skull of the size of a baby's fist.

“Are you stupid?! My apprentice was still in Master Qi's hands!” A bald monk wearing a blood-red robe stepped to Qi Huan's side from a hundred meters away. Xu Kong Zi directly yelled at the monk, who had a red scar on his head, while grabbing his collar.

“Xu Kong Zi, don't get too angry, I don't think Master Qi was going to kill your apprentice anyway, so I just tried my luck.” The weird monk, who was called Sha Fo, smiled. The fat layers on his body bounced as he spoke.

“Hmph, if anything happens to my apprentice, all of you don't even think of having peace.” Xu Kong Zi didn't give any face to Sha Fo, instead he continued to stare at Master Qi with a gloomy face. He had finally gotten to dacheng stage and accepted an apprentice. Although his apprentice was not too obedient, and she liked to cause a little trouble from time to time, she was his apprentice after all. Only he was allowed to punish his apprentice if she made any mistake. Other people were not allowed to even lay a finger on her.

“Sha Fo was just a bit reckless. You don't have to be that angry, brother Xu Kong Zi.” Another gust of wind swept through, and three people appeared out of thin air in front of Qi Huan, two old Taoist and one Taoist nun.

When the three of them saw Xu Kong Zi, they nodded and said h.e.l.lo. Qi Huan guessed that the six of them should be old elders in their dacheng stage. It seemed that Qi Huan's reputation was quite wide, the essence of the entire cultivation world actually came all the way to Qing Yun Mountain because of her.

“Ha, you Mount Shu and Kun Lun won't worry too much since it's not your apprentice who was caught.” His words were still unpleasant, but after these three people came forward, Xu Kong Zi's face became even more ugly.

The so-called righteous cultivators were indeed one mind during critical moments. But Qi Huan was the only one in trouble right now. They wouldn't be willing to take action against Master Qi for Qi Huan's sake. Even if the five of them worked together to fight against Master Qi, it wouldn't be easy, so the most likely result was to give up Qi Huan's life.

This was what usually Kun Lun and Mount Shu would do. As long as their interests were not involved, no one would be the first to take action.

“Brother Xu Kong Zi, you're too serious. This is just a trivial matter. Just ask your apprentice to hand over the nine-tailed celestial fox and everything will be okay. Why bother causing extra trouble with Master Qi?” The one who spoke was the Taoist nun in white clothes. Not sure how old she was but there was no trace of time on her face. Qi Huan compared her with herself, and found that she looked a little bit older than her, sadly.

Although after cultivating to the jiedan stage, one would no longer age, everyone had different qualifications, so the time taken for everyone to cultivate to the jiedan stage was also very different, and only after pa.s.sing the tianjie stage and going to the dacheng stage could they have the opportunity to rejuvenate. Qi Huan always wanted her old man to give it a try, who knows that he actually said that he would rather die in his current appearance. But Qi Huan guessed that he probably was just ashamed of his young looks.

“Senior, I want to ask, which one of you can guarantee my safety if Master Qi repents after I hand the fox over?” There were really a lot of people who only knew how to talk but take no action these days. They were not the one who would face death, so they could talk simply, and only follow their principle of solving matters faster. Who cares about the little cultivator in her jiedan stage?

All living beings were like ants in the eyes of these dacheng monks. Qi Huan was indeed similar to an ant, the only thing difference was that she had a powerful s.h.i.+fu, but it was a pity that two hands were hard to fight with four hands.

“Hmph, I have heard that Xu Kong Zi has a rude female apprentice, today you really made me insightful.” The Taoist nun's face darkened when she heard Qi Huan's satire.

“If I am lucky enough to survive, I will definitely let you see how rude I can be, senior.” Qi Huan also sneered. Nevermind if she didn't come to save her, now she even dared to make things worse. This kind of person could actually survive tianjie and cultivate to the dacheng stage, why didn't the thunder kill her at that time?

Qi Huan had always been able to distinguish good and bad clearly. She knew who were truly n.o.ble cultivators, she would remember in her heart about those who treated her well, and those who treated her harshly, she would also treat them with hostility. These few people were simply here to watch the excitement, or they just wanted her to die early, only Xu Kong Zi really cared about her.

“You, you, hmph!” Qi Huan stopped the Taoist nun with a single sentence. She then ignored her and turned to her s.h.i.+fu, who was still staring at Master Qi, as if he hadn't heard Qi Huan's disrespectful words just now.

“As long as you withdraw the lore order, I will let Huan Zi return the nine-tailed celestial fox to you.” This was the only solution. He would only accept his request if the lore order was withdrawn.

Master Qi's hand on Qi Huan's neck tightened slightly, with a sneer on his face, “It's too late. The lore order was laid by my second brother with his life. Do you think there is a chance to withdraw it? Didn't your dear disciple tell you what happened when my three brothers chased her that day?” As soon as the three elders of the sacrificial hall were mentioned, Master Qi suddenly burst out of a terrifying murderous aura.

Qi Huan sighed helplessly. She didn't kill them! The second elder of the sacrificial hall had accused her! Why didn't he issue the lore order to Mo Ye, why her!

“Huan Zi, did you hurt the rest of the elders in the sacrificial hall?” Xu Kong Zi paused, puzzled by Master Qi's words. Xu Kong Zi understood his apprentice's ability. Although her cultivation level had risen fast, honestly, her strength was not very high, and her best skill was Thunder Escape. It was indeed very fast, but her attacking moves were really impossible. It was absolutely impossible that she had injured the Monster elders. But Master Qi's grief expression didn't seem like he was joking. Several people stared at Qi Huan curiously.

“How could I have such ability, but still be strangled now?” Qi Huan was not so stupid to admit that she was with a devil cultivator at that time, and she had been with him the whole time she was outside. Because if she actually admitted the truth, she wouldn't need Master Qi to kill her, those n.o.ble cultivators would surely not let her go either.

“The death of my third brother is definitely your fault! The Young Master of the Heavenly Devil Sect killed my third brother for you and seriously injured my fourth brother. If I don't blame you, who should I blame!” Although Qi Huan didn't say anything, Master Qi surely didn't intend to keep it a secret.

Seeing the expressions of the monks in front of her, Qi Huan's heart skipped a beat. She must never let them know that she knew Mo Ye, otherwise the problem would be absolutely serious, “Which one of your eyes saw that he had killed your third brother for me? Obviously, you guys stole their swords, so in turn, your third brother was killed, and then he put the blame on me.”

Qi Huan deliberately pulled the topic away. Anyway, neither she nor Master Qi had witnesses so these people couldn't verify who was telling the truth. Even if they doubted it, they couldn't really do anything to her. If she really couldn't stay in the n.o.ble cultivation world after this, she could always go to Mo Ye, no big deal. Anyway, this matter was all his fault, Qi Huan didn't believe that he dared not take up the responsibility.

“No matter what, Hua Huan Zi is still a junior, so why would Master Qi trouble her?” This time the one who spoke was a gentle old Taoist, who had white beard and hair, with a gentle smile on his face. His smile seemed to be able to relax people's bodies and minds. This person was the Supreme Elder Jie Ren of Mount Shu Sect.

The fact that all of them were throwing sentences to each other but not coming to a conclusion made Qi Huan understand that there seemed to be no solution except for a fight, but her life was still in Master Qi's hands, who knew if he would just break her neck if the negotiation was cancelled.

When everyone was still in a stalemate, Qi Huan suddenly felt the little fox in her arms move. She panicked secretly, the little fox's soft head was stretching out!

Just like that, Master Qi immediately noticed the nine-tailed celestial fox that he was looking for was actually on Qi Huan's body! His face became happy and he stretched out his hand towards Qi Huan's chest.

The little fox was also very troublesome. Before Master Qi could catch it, he swished away from Qi Huan's arms. Qi Huan's eyes widened, watching it flashed twice on the ground and ran hundreds of meters away.

After seeing the nine-tailed celestial fox, the other people present were also wide-eyed. Everyone stared at the little fox with different purposes. Although the little fox was fast, it was obviously not fast enough to run away from Master Qi. Amidst her worry, Qi Huan had no idea how to save it.

However, in order to catch the little fox, Master Qi directly threw Qi Huan away. So, from the bright side, at least he didn't accidentally break her neck out of excitement?

Seeing that his apprentice was let go by Master Qi, Xu Kong Zi didn't care about looking at the nine-tailed celestial fox. He quickly caught Qi Huan on his back. Qi Huan poked her head out from behind her s.h.i.+fu. The little fox was about to be caught by Master Qi, but then it suddenly made strange squeaking noises, and Qi Huan only felt a silver light flas.h.i.+ng in front of her. Oh no, the trouble is big this time! Qi Huan couldn't help sigh loudly!

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