Real Cheat Online Chapter 36.2 - [Idiotx2]+Tsukkomi Master+Natural Airhead = Cliche Situation

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Chapter 36.2 : [Idiotx2]+Tsukkomi Master+Natural Airhead = Cliche Situation

Though it’s better if it’s just a misunderstanding of mine, I also understood the general personality of the management operation on this game after seeing the previous trap from yesterday. If it’s the work of that management operation, I won’t be surprised if they had prepared 1 or 2 of such devilish trap. When I explained my thoughts to them, the three curious face slowly receded.

「Wha~t, and here I almost mistook you as trying to woo me.」

「That’s too much for me right now.」

「Ho~h, does that mean you can do that if it wasn’t in this place?」

Midori-san showed an impish smile with the absolutely perfect angle as she looked at my face.

「Eh, no, that’s also…」

This nightmare level difficulty of the current situation is too much for me whose power level of communication is just Level 1. s.h.i.+nji’s grin and Aoi-san’s cold look is painful. Stop, please stop looking at me with those kind of eyes.

「Fufufu, sorry. Thank you for stopping me though.」

While saying so, Midori-san brushed my hair. s.h.i.+nji’s eyes then became even more sparkly upon seeing this while on the other hand, the light rapidly vanished from Aoi-san’s eyes. Please stop this!

「Well, shall we dig it up and see what’s buried within?」

Eh, dig it up?

Midori-san repeated her words seeing my puzzled face.

「To see if there’s something buried within… Don’t you want to see it too?」

Your reason is way too easy to understand. Though I think that it’s a bit dangerous… Well, this is a game after all. Also, it would be best if I was the one to dig it out just in case it’s a landmine. Well, I’d also received enough lectures on trap dismantling from my father, till I don’t even want to see them anymore.

I had everyone stand back, and dug the thing out instead of Midori-san. After digging it out, as expected, what came out was a switch-like mechanism.  Its appearance was very much like the switch often used in quiz shows. Also, accompanying it were the words「Push It」.

Who the h.e.l.l would press this!?

「What’s matter Sou-kun? You’re making a strange expression. Here, let me take a look.」

Midori-san presented her hands to me with an unblemished and sunny smile on her face. But, should I give this to her? An unpleasant memory suddenly replayed inside my head.

Can Midori-san withstand the temptation of this magical-「Push It」-switch? She might just press this switch like s.h.i.+nji. But, by not giving this cursed switch to her, won’t it make things seem strange. Won’t I feel guilty doing this?

In the end, I gave the switch to Midori-san. The finis.h.i.+ng blow was her carefree smile. No men can go against that smile.

「E~h, it’s just a switch right.」

After saying so, Midori-san returned the switch to me.

「Don’t make such a worried face, I won’t push that switch you know. I’m different from a certain Hive after all.」

Was I’m overly worried over such things. As expected of Midori-san. She really is different from s.h.i.+nji.

「Ah, yeah sorry for doubting you. Yeah, I really couldn’t place you in the same group as Hive」

「Guh……….. Even though I apologized so many times for the previous incident」

After hearing s.h.i.+nji saying that with an awkward face, me and Midori-san looked at each other and then laughed at him.

「But, since we met your so called trap, aren’t we almost reaching our goal? 」

I see, you definitely can say it that way. Since I didn’t see anything that resembled a trap in shallower layer of the labyrinth.

In hearing s.h.i.+nji words, not just me, Midori-san also agreed to him.

「I see[Click]! We could think it that way」

After saying so, with a “Click”, Midori-san is pressing her right fist on her left hand. It’s not a “Pon”. It’s “Click”.

「…… Eh?  」

「「「EH? 」」」

Following Midori-san voice, the three of us also making the same reaction. That’s natural. Because on top of her left palm, which was just making an “I see” gesture, is the switch that I gave her a while ago.

「Did I…………. Just pressed the b.u.t.ton? 」


Midori-san face paled in seeing our silent confirmation.

But, we already have no time for a review of our own action. Since a sound of something big rolling is coming right from behind us.

「Oi Sou, is this」

Please don’t say it, s.h.i.+nji. I know what you want to say. I know the thing that rolling out toward us.

Me and s.h.i.+nji screamed as we think about the same thing.


As if following our footprints who was running from that place with all of our power, the aforementioned guy finally showing its big frame, and came to grind us flat with the ground. I never say that I wanted to meet you.



Uhm, Midori-san. That’s a splendid liver blow. It’ll pierce you someday you know, s.h.i.+nji.

「S-Sou-kun, I――」

When the two behind us were doing their usual bakaple act, Aoi-san called out to me. Though she seemed to be fl.u.s.tered, I could see some kind of resignation on her expression. That’s the kind of face she made.

「I can’t run as fast as Leaf, so please don’t worry about m――E kyaaaa! ? 」

The beauty was looking at me while telling me to leave a baggage like her. No man in this world would abandon a woman who made that kind of face. [TL : A gay?] Even faster than my thought, when I noticed it, I’m already piggy backing Aoi-san and run with every inch of the power in my body.



Though I want to carry her with a princess carry, I’m lacking the confidence whether I can keep running in that situation.

Piggybacking Aoi-san while confirming that s.h.i.+nji and Midori-san were properly following behind me, I shouted at the top of my lungs.



Yeah, she’s the same kind as s.h.i.+nji.

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