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Chapter 1502: Yang Qiqi Meets an Enemy

Chapter 1501 – Yang Qiqi Meets an Enemy

“Hahahaha!” On the other hand, Naipao was laughing with joy as he pushed away the Mystic late phsae peak pract.i.tioner- who had lost all his strength. He was a normal man now, “Thank you so much, you made me hit the wall of Mystic late phase peak! I just broke through, and now I'm about to break through again! Hahahaha!”

Because the qi was taken from someone else, it had to go through conversion before it could be used by Naipao. This was because of the many different types of energy, and the conversion would inevitably lose some of it during the process. With the varying purity levels of qi, there were also varying levels of loss.

The qi he had received from Lin Yi was a very pure one, and so Naipao suddenly broke through from mid phase peak to late phase- facing this late phase peak Mystic, however, was different. He may be stronger than Lin Yi, but his qi wasn't as pure. As such, after absorbing it into his body, the effectiveness of this qi wasn't too high- it didn't benefit him too much!

As for why he'd make the claim of breaking through soon… It was just so that he'd shock everyone there!

The pract.i.tioner that got sucked dry was flung away after being pushed by Naipao, landing with a thud on the ground, a look of deep regret on his face. However, it was too late for that.

After taking the loot, Naipao left with Niaopao and Niaoqiang- the people had already lost their value, and it was time to look for other prey.

“Sorry, we weren't in a position to help you back then…”

The cripple's teammates and and the early phase Mystic from the other team went to him apologetically, “Back then, we saw how Zhang Naipao fought Ling Yi, we knew that we didn't stand a chance… And we wanted to stop you, but it was too late…”

“It's fine… It's all because I rushed into things, underestimating Zhang Naipao… I can't blame anyone for this!” The cripple smiled bitterly, not laying any blame on them. It was his own carelessness and recklessness.

“Let's go- we'll keep on looking for treasures. Don't worry, as long as we have it, we'll give you a share as well!” Everyone was feeling rather bad about what happened, and they had nothing left on them, so there was no reason to fight anymore. Might as well team up and search for new herbs…

Qiqi cut down the snow herb and put it into her pouch- the electronic card beeped twice, and the numbers speedily went up!

In an instant, it broke through one hundred, two hundred… Three hundred… It wasn't stopping!

Qiqi's eyes went wide- she really did hit the jackpot this time, she had gotten a big time treasure! This snow herb was way more than just a hundred points!

Five hundred… Six hundred… One thousand… One thousand and five… Finally, the numbers stopped at 1005, meaning that this herb gave Qiqi an entire one thousand points!

This was one thousand points! Just how many normal herbs and treasures did she need to gather to get this? That eight leaf gra.s.s from earlier was just five points!

Plus, the test had only been going for about half a day- this really did fill her with confidence! She believed that as long as her luck from now on didn't go down much, and allow her to find a couple of normal herbs here and there, pa.s.sing the test wouldn't be a problem!

“This is great!” Qiqi felt that the wounds on her leg and arm weren't that big of a deal anymore! She was bursting with determination!

“What's so great, girl?” A sudden mocking, cold voice came from behind Qiqi.

“Who is it!?” Qiqi subconsciously turned around to see three people- the people she didn't want to meet the most! Niaopao, Niaoqiang, and Naipao!

On the road to the town, this Niaopao even tried to hit on her- she had the most horrible of first impressions of him, but she knew that she wasn't as strong as them! She would've killed the three thugs altogether if she were!

“Well, it's your Pao Bro… And your Great Pao!” Niaopao suddenly remembered that Naipao was there as well.

“What are you people planning?” Qiqi asked subconsciously.

“Thought you were being pretty cool earlier, weren't you? Ignoring us, right? We'll show you what happens when you do that!” Niaopao smiled bitterly, “In here, it's my world- and I'll play with you until you die!”

But, after saying it, Niaopao realized that Qiqi was covered with fresh blood- on her body, and her leg even! What a terrifying sight!

He gave out a disappointed sigh. He was still planning on messing around with Qiqi during the test, but one look at her… He had lost all interest!

Who'd wanna mess around with someone covered in blood?

“d.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l did you do? You're covered in blood!” Niaopao said, irritated.

“None of your business!” Qiqi said with an alert gaze.

“Consider yourself lucky- give us your loot and the Great Pao will let you go! Otherwise, you're dead meat!” Niaopao said impatiently.

“By what right!” Qiqi subconsciously held on to her bag- this was something she had went through great pains to obtain! Of course she wouldn't just give it up, it was impossible!

“By what right? If you don't want to die then hand it over!' Niaopao exclaimed.

“In your dreams!” Qiqi replied loudly before chanelling her qinggong to get out of here.

But, Qiqi forgot that her leg was already injured- of course it was going to heavily affect her qinggong! She barely made a couple of steps before almost tripping from the pain!

But, while her starting speed wasn't slow, there was someone even faster!

In an instant, Naipao was standing some distance ahead of Qiqi, his speed stunningly fast!

This was the first time Naipao showed any of his capabilities other than his Wasp Absorption Arts. He of course had more kungfu under his belt from the Chrysanthemum text. It was just that he didn't need to use most of it in normal situations.

The other abilities weren't as useful as the Wasp Absorption one since it could also convert other people's qi into his own- it was basically a trump card for pract.i.tioning!

Of course, even so, Naipao wouldn't just recklessly go and suck anyone's strength- he'd be the public enemy of the other ancient sects then! The other people may not be able to destroy the Everyday and Every Day sect, but destroying Naipao wouldn't be that hard.

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