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Today was a weekend so Yan Mu Lin did not have any plans to go back to school. He returned to his place with his a.s.sistant. This was the previous owner's house, but he never stayed here. In the future, if he wanted to rise in the industry, then he must have his own house. There were too many people in the school. He could just be innocently talking to a girl, and then the media would say that they were together. It could even say that the other was pregnant. The media had no bottom line. In order to attract people, they would write and report about everything.

The more he explained, the more it would sound like a cover-up. He might as well let them have their own conclusions. Also, it is still not as good as ignoring all the chatter.

When they arrived at his house, Yan Mu Lin asked the a.s.sistant to look for a worker to clean up. He then disposed of the unnecessary items and arranged everything according to what he felt he was comfortable with.

a.s.sistant Ah Ya was older than Yan Mu Lin. As soon as he entered the company, he immediately worked under Zhou Wen Jing and has already worked as an a.s.sistant for a celebrity. This time, he was a.s.signed to Yan Mu Lin. He was originally unwilling so he was especially silent on the road. Let him do what he has to. He was already familiar with this job.

The original's home has not been cleaned since he crossed over. The top of the table was dusty, and clothes were scattered everywhere.

An hour later, Yan Mu Lin has packed away the items he no longer needed for the cleaners to dispose of. He also bought new furniture for the money he just earned. He originally planned to sell the old furniture but Ah Ya said that 80% of his furniture was still new. It could be placed in an apartment for rent.

Yan Mu Lin thought that it was not good to waste resources.

Later that day, he designed his room to look like his previous room. It was refres.h.i.+ng and clean. The dark sheets of the bedroom were replaced with fresh blue sheets.

His apartment had two bedrooms and two other rooms. It was enough for him to live, work. A bedroom for him to rest in, and a study area. In his previous world, it was very difficult to earn money. To get his place before, he had to pay the loans right after paying the down payment.

There were no kitchen utensils, probably because the original owner has not been here for a long time. Yan Mu Lin and his a.s.sistant had to go to the supermarket to buy a bunch of kitchen utensils, oil, salt, rice, vegetables, and even frozen food.

a.s.sistant Ah Ya was under the impression that he was transferred to this little master to serve him. Who would have thought that this handsome and elegant boy was not a false flower vase, but a genuine flower vase!

After cleaning up, it was already evening. The worker already left as it was too late. Yan Mu Lin and his a.s.sistant were too tired, so Yan Mu Lin thought of ordering take-out for dinner.  

The two were so tired that they did not want to move away from the sofa. Ah Ya took the initiative to use his phone to order take-out and said, “Mu Lin, do you usually live alone?”

Before coming, Zhou Wen Jing already emphasized to him that he must not ask about Yan Mu Lin's family. If there were unusual situations, then he must report to her without delay.

Yan Mu Lin answered truthfully, “Yes. I am living and studying at school. I will return there later. Troubling you to pick me up.”

Ah Ya waved his hand, “No problem. Sister Zhou arranged for you to meet the director of 《Dream of the Red Chamber》crew with her tomorrow.”

Yan Mu Lin nodded, “I know about this.”

“You must not know that the 《Dream of the Red Chamber》 has an anime and a TV series. You are the voice actor of Lin Daiyu in the anime.”

Yan Mu Lin sat up straight, “Even the t.i.tle has an anime?”

“Yes, the TV series has been filmed for two to three years now. It seemed that it would be broadcasted in the near future. The anime was based on the TV series. It seems that the drama would be more suitable for adults. The TV series and anime were produced at the same time, and their production cost was almost 300 million yuan.”

After listening to Ah Ya, Yan Mu Lin immediately brought out his laptop and searched for things related to 《Dream of the Red Chamber》. The earliest drama was from 50 years ago and it was in black and white. In order to ensure the quality, The remake of《Dream of the Red Chamber》 was still in the middle of filming.  Since their funds were big, the time they had for filming was long. According to the internet, various costumes were restored in order to shoot 《Dream of the Red Chamber》.

In his previous world, insert was written by Cao Xueqin for 80 years. He did not know why, but after the Qing Dynasty, 《Dream of the Red Chamber》 had an ending. According to the synopsis of the book on the internet, the full text was 120 pages and it was written by Cao Xue Qin. However, the last forty pages were filled by his descendants.

In the modern version of 《Dream of the Red Chamber》, Lin Daiyu's death was not due to hemoptysis. She died as a young and beautiful woman.  On a cool night, she chose to drown herself in a lake.

Yan Mu Lin focused on reading the death of Daiyu. In this world, she still died but through a different method.

While feeling sorry, Yan Mu Lin remembered Chen Xiao Xu who played the role of Lin Daiyu in his world. Her portrayal of Lin Daiyu was accurate and extremely vivid. Lin Daiyu is kindhearted and careful, but she also possessed an uninhibited and rebellious side. She loved to play with kids and never failed to be warm and considerate. This pretty daughter in a humble family who had a special temperament was deeply attached to someone. In the end, she pa.s.sed away with a sad ending.

Lin Daiyu has always been a tragic figure.

He still remembered her poem, 《Burial of the Flowers》:

As blossoms fade and fly across the sky,
Who pities the faded red, the scent that has been?

The gossamer softly floats over the spring pavilion,
Lightly, the willow fluff wafts to the embroidered screen.

The day that spring takes wing and beauty fades,
Who will care for the fallen blossom?

This was Lin Daiyu's opinion on beauty. She used the flower as a metaphor. Also, there was that conversation between her and Jia Baoyu.

Yan Mu Lin's stomach growled, however, he was still engrossed in thinking about the beauty of Lin Daiyu's poem. When the scent of food wafted through the air, Yan Mu Lin remembered that Senior Chen Xiao Xu's acting was really impressive and unforgettable. What made him feel distressed was that his senior died young due to an illness.

If possible, he hoped to reproduce his world's Chen Xiaoxu's voice. A sensitive and sentimental woman. A voice exclusive for Lin Daiyu.

Ah Ya drove back after dinner and went to pick up Yan Mu Lin the next day.

He did not sleep well last night. His dreams were filled with scenes of 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 in his previous world.

Finally, his dream returned to when Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu met for the first time.

In his dream, he did not know if it was Yan Mu Lin or Jia Baoyu, but the cla.s.sic lines suddenly jumped out.

“I have already seen this sister before.”

When Yan Mu Lin looked at the pet.i.te figure, Sister Lin's exquisite face suddenly turned to Shao Nuo Yu's prideful and manly face……

Yan Mu Lin suddenly woke up!

His underwear was soiled.

Yan Mu Lin: “……”

He looked at the time and saw that it was 6 AM.  Yan Mu Lin changed his pants and took a quick shower.

Yan Mu Lin then ate his breakfast. When Ah Ya came to pick him up, he had already been dressed up, refreshed, and lively. Anyone who saw his smiling face in the morning would feel 10% better.

After that, they went to pick up Zhou Wen Jing.

They then headed to the 《Dream of the Red Mansions》 set.

How would the modern version of Lin Daiyu be portrayed?

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