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Chapter 1360: Another Transformation

The Empyreans hidden in alternate s.p.a.ces cast  escape secret method, and then turned into streams of light, and fled in different direction. Not a single one stayed to fight with yang Feng over the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower.

“In the Cosmic Tree Sea, the strong are as common as cabbage. Although no single Empyrean is a match for me. But if the Empyreans besiege me, they will still pose a great threat to me. The top priority is to improve my strength.”

Yang Feng swept the World Devouring Vine with his cold gaze, and his eyes flickered with frigid killing intent.

When Yang Feng looked at it, as if it were a frightened small animal, the World Devouring Vine twisted slightly, rose from the ground, and escaped into the distance.

“You want to escape?! Stay here!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and extended his finger. The Wheel of Time radiated mysterious light, and a torrent of time gushed out and swept towards the World Devouring Vine.

When it was swept by the torrent of time, the World Devouring Vine suddenly started flying backwards.

The World Devouring Vine burst out with a fierce aura and, as it a poisonous dragon, stabbed at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed with a finger. Countless runes shone, and a black hole emerged and swept towards the World Devouring Vine.

The World Devouring Vine flickered, and a fearsome devour force broke out and stubbornly resisted Yang Feng’s devour force

“Impressive! World Devouring Vine is a heaven and earth variant innately proficient in the essence of devour for a reason. If I devour it, my essence of devour will become more formidable!”

When he saw that the World Devouring Vine was able to resist his power, Yang Feng was not alarmed, but delighted. He has traveled the universe over the years and comprehended various laws. During this time, he deduced the law of devour to the limit that he’s capable of and surpa.s.sed all other powerhouses who have mastered the essence of devour in the history of the universe.

In terms of power alone, the World Devouring Vine is far inferior to Yang Feng. But its mastery of the essence of devour is even higher than that of Yang Feng.

The World Devouring Vine shone with countless runes and actually devoured Yang Feng’s power, growing stronger bit by bit.

“It’s a shame, but the essence of devour is not the only thing I’m capable of!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly, and the black hole collapsed.

Ling whipped the World Devouring Vine with the Whip of the Ruler. The vine trembled, and several cracks appeared on it.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and a blade appeared abruptly, slammed into the World Devouring Vine like a meteor, and severed it.

The World Devouring Vine, which was cut in two, trembled slightly, and then turned into two streams of light flying in different directions.

The Whip of the Ruler in Ling’s hand flashed, swept towards a section of the World Devouring Vine, and wound around it.

A black hole emerged, swept towards the other section of the World Devouring Vine, drew it inside, and frantically devoured its life origin.

The second section of the World Devouring Vine opened a micro black hole to compete with Yang Feng’s black hole. Even though the essence of devour the World Devouring Vine wields is more formidable than that of Yang Feng, but the gap in power between the two is too great. The second section of the World Devouring Vine was decomposed and devoured by Yang Feng’s absolute power bit by bit.

After devouring a section of the World Devouring Vine, Yang Feng closed his eyes and broke out with countless runes, and a terrifying aura diffused from him.

Xingji walked out of Yang Feng’s shadow and extended a finger, and the star force of the entire sky flew out and formed a huge boundary to block the prying eyes of the other Empyreans.

Any Empyrean who uses magic to pry here is bound to arouse Xingji’s vigilance.

Yang Feng closed his eyes and opened his mouth, and the Rainbow Spirit Fruit flew into his mouth.

Colorful light shone, and rainbow flowers appear behind Yang Feng and burst out with a strange fragrance. If an ordinary person took a breath of this fragrance, they would be able to become a genius with superior level-5 soul apt.i.tude.

The miraculous Rainbow Spirit Fruit lasted for seven days and nights, and then disappeared.

On the eighth day, Yang Feng opened his eyes, which flickered with countless runes, as if they could devour all existence.

Ling threw the section of the World Devouring Vine she quelled.

A black hole emerged and swallowed the remaining section of the World Devouring Vine.

The section of the World Devouring Vine quelled by Ling is the main body and is extremely fierce. At the moment when its seal was undone, it activated a black hole, which broke out with tremendous devour force and devoured Yang Feng’s power.

After devouring the other section of the World Devouring Vine, Yang Feng’s essence of devour underwent another evolution. But he still is slightly inferior to the World Devouring Vine in terms of the essence of devour.

Even though only two-thirds of the World Devouring Vine’s main body is left, it was still extremely ferocious and devoured Yang Feng’s power.

The Green Heaven G.o.d Tree emerged, turned into a stream of light, and entered Yang Feng’s body.

After absorbing the power of the Green Heaven G.o.d Tree, Yang Feng’s power increased sharply, and he forcibly suppressed the main body of the World Devouring Vine, making it so the main body of the World Devouring Vine could not devour his power any longer.

“Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower!”

Yang Feng creased his eyebrows, and then took out the Myriad Stars Tricolor Flower and swallowed it.

In an instant, star projections appeared behind Yang Feng. Each time a star projection emerged, Yang Feng’s body and soul underwent a small transformation.

After 10,000 stars emerged, Yang Feng underwent earth-shaking transformation, and a vast, infinitely close to the Eternal realm power broke out, crushed the black hole of the World Devouring Vine’s main body, and devoured the World Devouring Vine bit by bit.

After a day and a night, dust flew out of the black hole.

The black hole disappeared, and Yang Feng’s figure was revealed. A frightening power filled his body.

“After devouring the World Devouring Vine, my essence of devour transformed and evolved again and became more powerful. It’s a shame, but it’s still impossible to advance to the Eternal realm.”

Yang Feng scanned his body with his soul force, and his eyes s.h.i.+mmered with regret.

Yang Feng has been invincible in the world of Warlocks previously. Yet now he has advanced further and become more powerful. It’s a shame, but Yang Feng knows that he is still only infinitely close to the Eternal realm. If he runs into a real Eternal Sovereign, he can only run away.

While in the quasi-Empyrean realm, Yang Feng could use the power of the Xi Shen Armor to even defeat Empyreans. However, while in the Empyrean realm, no matter how strong he is, it is hardly possible to defeat an Eternal Sovereign.

Unless their origin was seriously damaged, it is impossible for Yang Feng to kill an Eternal Sovereign.

However, the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe are crafty and wily and won’t harm their origin. Yang Feng can only contend against them when he has advanced to the Eternal realm.

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered with endless runes, and a torrent of time surrounded him and accelerated the flow of time around him: “Ling, Ying, you guys go look for treasures! I want to transform further!”

When Yang Feng entered the Cosmic Tree Sea, he killed Empyreans one after another and devoured their life origin. It will take time for him to refine their life origin. Only then will he be able to become stronger.

“Yes! Lord!”

Ling and Ying replied decisively.

A luxurious golden chariot emerged in the void. Yang Feng sat in the golden chariot, shone brightly, and continued to transform and evolve.

In recent years, Yang Feng has run amok in the universe. Wherever he went, all Empyreans retreated, not daring to oppose him.

Without an excuse, Yang Feng can’t easily kill an Empyrean, or else it will give rise to a backlash from the other Empyreans. Before Yang Feng has advanced to the Eternal realm, if the other Empyreans work together, they can even wipe out the whole human race.

It is because of this that although Yang Feng has made progress in recent years, But the progress he made in the past decades wasn’t as great as the progress he made today. As long as he refines the life origin of the Empyreans, Yang Feng can evolve again, his acc.u.mulated reserves will become more profound, and his chances to advance to the Eternal realm will be upgraded.

A year went by in a flash.

In the past year, wherever Yang Feng’s golden chariot pa.s.sed, the Empyreans retreated, with no one daring to challenge him.

Precious treasures rarely seen in the outside world fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

As long as they were useful to him, Yang Feng would use these precious treasures to upgrade his strength in the first moments.

A year later, in the middle of the Cosmic Tree Sea, a flower as big as the sky bloomed, and a fragrance spread in all directions.

A blue beam of light flew out of the Cosmic Tree Sea and shrouded Yang Feng.

24 green spirit leaves appeared on Yang Feng.

The 24 green spirit leaves burst out with brilliant light and formed a flight of 24 steps leading to a mysterious void.

Yang Feng alighted the golden chariot, stepped on the flight of 24 steps, and reached the end of the flight of stairs.

Once he entered the end of the flight of stairs, pure Eternal force poured into Yang Feng’s body repeatedly, making him transform again and become more powerful.

“Each spirit leaf can baptize you once. With the baptism of 24 spirit leaves, my foundation has become firmer.”

Yang Feng was already very powerful. But after the baptism of the 24 spirit leaves, his flesh and bones were transformed again and gained traces of Eternal characteristics.

Endless light shone, and Yang Feng appeared on a platform.

On the platform, which has a diameter of 1,000 kilometers, there are nine other people. Those nine people are the First Abyssal Master, the First Fiend Emperor, Sun Lord, Primal Chaos Spider, the Third Ancestor Dragon, Evil G.o.d Ancestor, Star Giant Lord, Myriad Eyes Ancestor, and the Mother of Myriad Broods.

The ten Empyreans on the platform are the ten most fearsome Empyreans of the world of Warlocks.

Star Giant Lord is a fearsome existence who was originally a giant star who had a fateful encounter and gained intelligence.

Myriad Eyes Ancestor is a terrifying Empyrean who wields countless evil spells.

The Mother of Myriad Broods is a brood mother from Savage Insect Plane. According to legend, she once consumed the corpse of an Eternal Sovereign.


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