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The cultivation of human Warlocks consisted of evolving and transforming into a higher rank life forms. The further they practiced cultivation, the more difficult it was for them to advance.

If a level-3 Apprentice Warlock failed to break through and become an official Warlock, their soul would be slightly damaged at most. They could recover after several years. From level-1 Warlock to level-3 Warlock, a failed breakthrough also wouldn't result in death. However, once a Great Warlock failed to promote the a Starry Sky Warlock, their soul will be severely injured. Without some precious elixirs, they won't be able to charge at the Starry Sky Warlock rank ever again.

When Starry Star Warlocks who charged at the Moonlight Warlock rank failed to break through, there was a 60% chance that they would die directly. As for Moonlight Warlocks who charged at the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank, there was a 90% probability that they would die directly when they failed in their promotion.

The higher the realm, the fewer Warlocks there were in the realm. In the Cangzhi Plane, Bright World Warlock and Infinity Warlock rank experts were a foundation laid over thousands and tens of thousands of years.

If Saijo Yoruwa could promote to a Glorious Dawn Warlock, not only will his lifespan increase greatly, but he'll also have a chance to unify the Fuso Subcontinent. He naturally couldn't decline such a opportunity.

Saijo Yoruwa spoke gravely: “Are the Ogre Hound and the Mountain Ape back yet?”

The Ogre Hound and the Mountain Ape were two Moonlight Warlocks of the Nis.h.i.+no State. They weren't stationed in the state. Instead, they traveled the Fuso Subcontinent and looked for opportunities.

During the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, the Fuso Subcontinent has also given birth to Bright World Warlocks and Infinity Warlocks. Relics of these ancient Warlocks could be discovered in the Fuso Subcontinent from time to time.

The Nis.h.i.+no State's resources could barely support eight Moonlight Warlocks. If they want to advance their cultivation base, those Moonlight Warlocks had to travel around and search for opportunities.

Since the Nis.h.i.+no State has planned to suppress Yang Feng in one fell swoop, Saijo Yoruwa began to call back the Moonlight Warlocks traveling outside.

Minamida s.h.i.+nichi's eyes flickered with a dignified glint: “The Ogre Hound is ready to return. As for the Mountain Ape, there was no response from him. He was most likely killed.”

Saijo Yoruwa's face sank, and he said coldly: “Killed? By whom?”

Even in the Great Cloud Dynasty's Ten Great Sects, Moonlight Warlocks were greatly valued. As for a state such as the Nis.h.i.+no State, the eight Moonlight Warlocks were equivalent to eight pillars of the state.

Minamida s.h.i.+nichi responded: “There is no information at this time!”

As Minamida s.h.i.+nichi conferred with Saijo Yoruwa, a 100-meter-long flying vessel made from levitation wood rose into the air from the Saikyo port, turned into a streak of light, and flew towards the Black Snake State.

The black flying vessel has just flown 500 kilometers away from Saikyo, when two huge pillars of light shot out from two arc battlestars located 500 kilometers away and instantly crushed into the vessel.

The black flying vessel suddenly erupted with a magic s.h.i.+eld, yet in less than a breath of time, the magic s.h.i.+eld collapsed, and the flying vessel was swallowed by the two pillars of light. Nearly half of the flying vessel was destroyed.

A dense rain of light followed the two pillars of light and barreled towards the wreckage of that black flying vessel.

Along with the glitter of magic light, Warlocks flew out of the wreckage of the black flying vessel, and then were blasted apart by the concentrated hail of light along with their defensive spells.

“Who is it! Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to ambush me! I'll tear you from limb to limb!” A violent roar spread from the wreckage of the black flying vessel, and Moonlight Warlock rank aura spread, transformed frantically, and strengthened, rising from the the junior to the intermediate Moonlight Warlock rank.

A pitch-black, 100-meter-tall extraordinary life form cyclops evil ogre with two horns, a single eye, and a malevolent expression suddenly appeared.

The cyclops evil ogre was an ogre demonic life form of the Evil G.o.d Plane with tyrannical fleshly body and frightening healing ability. Its only eye strangely possessed a 360° field of view, and it could see through many illusions. It was an extraordinary life form that wasn't proficient in curses and spells.

When the artillery barrage released by the two battlestars bombarded the cyclops evil ogre, it only managed to break trough its skin.

The fleshly body of the cyclops evil ogre wriggled, and the small wounds were quickly healed.

“d.a.m.n ants, I'll tear you to shreds!” There was a flash of a sinister gleam in the eye of Onime Wa who has transformed into the cyclops evil G.o.d. He blurred into motion and shot towards the two battlestars, leaving afterimages behind.

Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto whose right half of the body was shattered and whose face was ashen roared: “Onime Wa, since the other party dares to attack us, they must come prepared! We should withdraw to Saikyo immediately!”

The might of the arc battlestars' primary artillery was tremendous. Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto has been severely injured just by being grazed. If he was. .h.i.t directly by one of the two pillars of light, he would be instakilled without a shadow of a doubt.

“You trash, if you want to go back, then go back by yourself!” Onime Wa's sinister howl came from in midair.

Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto's face flickered, then his figure blurred, and he turned into a streak of black light and shot towards the ground. Once he entered the ground, he would be able to cast a variety of spells to avoid the scan of the battlestars.

When Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto was about to reach the ground, a 100-meter-long sword suddenly appeared from below the ground and slashed at him with the force of a clap of thunder.

Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto had already used his life-saving spell just now. As such, he could only watch as the huge sword crushed the life force field around him and cut him into two halves.

A giant sword in hand, a man with a look of delight on his face and a dissolute and unruly temperament grabbed Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto's severed head and smashed it. Now there was a moonlight core in his hand.

When Yang Feng's clone saw this scene, he was a little surprised: “Who is this person? What a domineering spell! What a wonderful timing!”

The appearance of the man with a giant sword in hand was completely beyond Yang Feng's expectation.

Kinos.h.i.+ta Makoto was a junior Moonlight Warlock. Even though he was seriously injured, it still wasn't easy to kill him.

The man with a giant sword in hand glanced at the Warlocks of the Nis.h.i.+no State being instakilled by the rain of light, then his body blurred, and he shot towards Onime Wa's incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre.

At this time, 100,000 starry sky rippers pounced at the cyclops evil ogre.

The cyclops evil ogre smiled fiercely and tore his left arm off, which twisted and changed into a huge wolf tooth club. His torn off left arm regenerated at an alarming rate.

The cyclops evil ogre suddenly rushed into the starry sky ripper swarm and went on a rampage with the huge wolf tooth club.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The sound of explosions sounded nonstop as starry sky rippers were blasted apart by the cyclops evil ogre. There were dazzling fireworks in the sky.

Flying in a virtually straight line, the cyclops evil ogre barreled towards the two arc battlestars. Clearly, he also knew that it was meaningless to kill the starry sky rippers. It would ultimately lead to his own downfall.

The man with a giant sword in hand has just flown into the sky, when tens of thousands of starry sky rippers blocked in front of him, and countless electronic eyes stared directly at him.

The man smiled and said: “Hey hey, I come in peace. Right, let me introduce myself. I am Jiang Lang from the Bright Moon School. Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I'm here to help you. If we fought each other, won't that be a joke?”

Looking pensive, Yang Feng uttered solemnly: “Jiang Lang from the Bright Moon School?”

Jiang Lang was the eldest senior disciple brother of the Bright Moon School's younger generation as well as a most outstanding genius. If nothing unexpected happened, he was almost certain to promote to a Glorious Dawn Warlock in the future, and he still had a 30% chance of promoting to a Bright World Warlock. Although he couldn't compare to freaks like the Tai Yi Sect's Yi Yuanyang and the Battle Demon Sect's s.h.i.+ Xue, but he was still a peerless genius of the younger generation.

A starry sky ripper responded:

The tens of thousands of starry sky rippers separated, turned into streams of light, and shot towards the Warlocks of the Nis.h.i.+no State.

Jiang Lang glanced at the starry sky rippers with a look of excitement in his eyes: “Interesting, these mechanical golems are so powerful! And their so numerous!”

With the top speed of the starry sky rippers at Mach 10, they were much faster than many Moonlight Warlocks. Only Moonlight Warlock who employed teleportation spells and other types of spatial spells may surpa.s.s them in terms of speed.

Jiang Lang has traveled a lot in the Cangzhi Plane, yet it was still a first for him to see such a powerful and numerous mechanical legion.

The cyclops evil ogre forced his way to 100 kilometers away from the arc battlestars.

A junior Moonlight Warlock rank ancient dragon might suddenly erupted. The mechanical black dragon suddenly emerged and opened its maw, and a dragon breath beam shot towards the cyclops evil ogre.

The cyclops evil ogre fighting the starry sky rippers was caught off guard. Hit by the black beam, half of his body was vaporized and disappeared, and he uttered a painful roar.

“d.a.m.n you, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you wretch!” Onime Wa's incarnation of a cyclops evil ogre roared wildly. He took out a palm-sized bag and opened it, and the blood essence of 1 million ordinary people immediately flew into his mouth.

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