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Chapter 590

“Milord. We have arrived at the Yangzhou Navy’s camp.” Sun Ce and Zhou Yu received the report. They had been watching the river. The river had become narrower and the fort have already appeared.

“We have arrived?” Sun Ce stood up. He could recognize this place even with his eyes closed. This is because he set sail from this place to Jiangdong when he first started out. It was because of the Lu Bu’s Army that he lost this stronghold and Lujiang. It was a disgrace. Sun Ce did not only lose the battle but he also lost his wife. Jiang Qin and Zhou Tai also died at Lujiang. Now the word Lujiang brought sorrow to Sun Ce.

“Liu Mang!” Sun Ce muttered hatefully. “I must pay this back in blood! This will be the first step.”

“Milord.” Zhou Yu who felt Sun Ce’s anger reminded him to not be blinded by anger.

“Men! Inform General Wen Pin to accompany the Jiangdong Army. We will approach the Lujiang stronghold together!”

“Yes.” One soldier accepted the order and left.

“Milord. Do you think the enemy will come out to receive us?” Tais.h.i.+ Ci asked. Right now, Jingzhou and Jiangdong have over a hundred thousand men. It was possible that their enemy would just hide out of fear.

“That would be even better for us. We would immediately obtain an advantageous position.” Sun Ce said coldly. He knew how big the stronghold was. With so many soldiers, the enemy would not be able to escape at all.

“Milord! Look! They are coming out!” Jiang Jiao pointed while shouting.

Sun Ce and Zhou Yu looked at the direction of the stronghold and saw Yangzhou’s wars.h.i.+ps slowly come out. The sight of the new s.h.i.+ps made Sun Ce feel very excited. He no longer thought these wars.h.i.+ps look ugly. They look beautiful! He wanted to possess them at all costs.

“How brave.” Zhou Yu commented with approval. Though he also wanted the new wars.h.i.+ps, the feeling of admiration towards the enemy commander was stronger. After all, the enemy was setting out to do combat instead of hiding away in their base despite being heavily outnumbered.

“Was his name Lu Xun?” Zhou Yu eyes glinted with fighting spirit. He initially thought that Liu Mang was the only opponent at Yangzhou that was skilled. This is because Liu Mang had caused the Jiangdong Army to suffer losses. Now he found out that Lu Xun existed.

What a pity. Zhou Yu wanted to persuade the enemy general to surrender but the enemy general was named Lu Xun. While Sun Ce was remorseful for what he did towards the Lu Family, what is done cannot be changed. Lu Xun will never forgive Sun Ce for killing Lu Kang. Such a person will not surrender so they would have no choice but to kill Lu Xun.

“It is better they come out! They will not be able to escape! Prepare the mengchong!”



Meanwhile, Zhuge Liang was also watching the scene in front of him.

“Lu Kan’s grandson Lu Xun? Not bad. Before this there was Governor Lu and now there is Lu Xun. The Lu Family is full of talents.” Zhuge Liang nodded with approval.

If Lu Xun Lu Boyan was too terrified to come out and fight, Zhuge Liang’s plan would be useless.

“I am thirsty.” Zhuge Liang suddenly said.

“Teacher is thirsty? I will bring water for you immediately.” Zhuge Liang’s book servant quickly replied.

“I want tea.” Zhuge Liang added.

“Yes, I will go and prepare it immediately.”

“Wu Hui. Take a break. You must be tired.” Zhuge Liang stopped his book servant from leaving. The book servant was confused for a moment but he soon understood that Zhuge Liang wanted Huang Gai to pour for him.

“Zhuge Liang! You!” Huang Gai could also understand Zhuge Liang’s intentions now.

“Sigh. I knew it. General Huang. I suggest you go back to Marquis Wu. I do not dare to use you. Just forget our bet.” Zhuge Liang said helplessly. “Wu Hui. I think it is better for you to bring me tea.”

“I understand.” The book servant nodded and was about to leave again.

“Stay here!” Huang Gai suddenly glared at Wu Hui. When Zhuge Liang mentioned the bet, Huang Gai felt compelled to do as asked. He already lost the bet but he could not allow Zhuge Liang to look down on him even more.

“Haha.” Zhuge Liang smiled. “Wait.”

“Is there anything else? Didn’t you want tea?” Huang Gai asked impatiently.

“The tea would not be tasty if you use a common teapot. We need to use a good teapot, good tea leaves and good spring water for delicious tea.”

“We don’t have all that here. We only have coa.r.s.e tea leaves, river water and lousy teapot. Do you still want tea?” Huang Gai asked back impatiently.

“We cannot do anything about the tea leaves and the water. However, we must still use a good teapot. Wu Hui. Bring out that clay teapot that we got from the palace for General Huang.”

“Yes. Teacher!” Wu Hui then searched into a travelling bag and took out a reddish clay teapot.

“General Huang. Here.”

“Hmph!” Huang Gai harrumphed. Why was there so much trouble just for tea? However, he still went to pour tea for Zhuge Liang.

When the tea was done, Zhuge Liang drank a cup and praised. “Good tea!”

“Come, Wu Hui. Come and drink a little.” Zhuge Liang said as he offered Wu Hui a cup.

“Teacher?” Wu Hui panicked in reverence.

“Just drink it. People cannot live without drinking anything.” Zhuge Liang laughed.

“Yes!” Wu Hui nodded unable to decline and drank a cup.

“General Huang. Do you want a cup?” Zhuge Liang smiled as he asked.

“Hmph! No need!” Huang Gai replied unappreciatively.

Zhuge Liang did not get angry at Huang Gai’s actions and calmly poured a cup for Huang Gai.

“General Huang. Why do you bother doing this? You and I serve different masters so it would be hard to avoid casualties. Are you saying that none of my soldiers died from your hands? Three thousand of our elite died when you and Han Dang attacked Sanjiangkou.”

“As for General Han Dang, I have heard about his injuries. I also feel bad about it.”

“Hypocrisy!” Huang Gai sneered.

“Haha. General Huang. I say this because we might serve the same master soon! That is why I don’t want General Huang to be so stiff. If General Huang is still unhappy, I can go and beg General Han for forgiveness when I go to Jiangdong.”

“What do you mean?” Huang Gai frowned.

“Huh? Did Marquis Wu not tell you? No wonder.”

“Hmph!” Huang Gai finally understood. Sun Ce had persuaded Zhuge Liang to defect. Huang Gai could also recognize that Zhuge Liang was talented. However, this result made Huang Gai feel at a loss. Jiangdong would be able to go far with Zhuge Liang’s a.s.sistance. However, Zhuge Liang was his mortal enemy.

Huang Gai sighed. Sun Jian had entrusted Sun Ce to Huang Gai when he died. For the sake of Sun Ce’s ambition, Huang Gai had to let go of his hatred.

“Come and drink.” Zhuge Liang offered again. “Let me apologize humbly to General Huang.”

“No need.” Huang Gai replied again.

“Why? Is General Huang unwilling to forgive me?” Zhuge Liang said with regret. “If that is the case, I will have to retire after this battle.”

“No. I simply do not like to use teacup to drink like a woman!” Huang Gai said and then drank from the teapot.

 “Satisfying!” Huang Gai commented. He himself was thirsty.

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