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Chapter 1077: Number One Genius From Thirty Thousand Years Ago

“Heaven Director is dead…”

“Soulbreak Dragons! Those nine spears killed both the daoist’s previous and current self, he’s truly dead.”

The Long’s morale rose again and some reclusive masters decided to show themselves.

It was finally the time for the real battle.

“I will fight for honor and dignity until my blood streams on the ground. Those traitorous villains shall pay! Long live our clan! Our dragon soul will never stop burning!”

Another group of golden-cloak cultivators from the Long returned. They chanted to build morale.

Initially, they have been living reclusively until someone came and showed them a badge. They then gathered together and wanted to fight for honor once more.

Azure Lord stood on top of a floating palace and laughed: “Haha, good! We’ll capture all of you then.”

He waved his hand and released an invisible wave of energy. It crushed more than ten paragons at the same time, reducing them to blood.

These elites weren’t trained that easily so it was a serious loss.

His faction also had plenty of allies, not only from Sixth Central but also from the other dynasties. It seemed that his side had an overwhelming advantage.

“Fools running to their death. The Long shall be more after today.” Many made their move without showing mercy.

They had beneficial ties with Azure Lord so it was time to help him become the next ruler of Sacred Court.

Blood began staining the sky - a battle to be sung about in the future.

Nonetheless, members from the Long kept on showing up despite the insurmountable odds. Some also came from the other dynasties and had started their own factions there. Now, they returned to contribute to their original clan.

Their raging blood and courage demanded action.

As for Feiyun, his badge was on the verge of breaking; its power dissipated. He was fighting more than ten experts at the same time, many of whom were territory lords. They released mighty attacks from the distance.

“Feng Feiyun, I’m here to help.” An ancient paG.o.da exuded a primordial light and sucked in all the combatants.

“Rumble!” The paG.o.da shook violently as the experts tried to break free.

“Suppress!” The Evil Woman gritted her teeth and channeled her power to crush everything inside, reducing them to pieces of meat.

“No one can suppress me!” A territory lord inside roared and the paG.o.da swelled double in size.

“I can!” She directly reached inside the paG.o.da to fight him. Eventually, he couldn’t withstand the suppressive power of the paG.o.da and had his head pulverized by her palm strike.

Feiyun opened his palm and stared at the badge. It had nine cracks and was morphed into a different shape, mixing with his blood.

“Only one more attack. Where the h.e.l.l are the d.a.m.n thieves? Does it take this long to go ask for help?” Feiyun cursed the duo for being so slow.

The moment he said this, a majestic aura soared into the sky vault. A portal of light appeared and cultivators flew out.

They killed the army guarding the treasury and opened the entrance.

“It is time for the traitors to pay!” Six ancient elders from the guardian tribe stepped out. They wore white robes and golden cloaks, looking like six suns.

Bi Ningshuai and his grandpa walked arrogantly behind them, looking down on everyone.

“The sacred guardians have arrived, surrender now!” Grandpa Bi was afraid that others didn’t notice him so he started shouting. His tone was as annoying as a bull in heat calling out for a mate.

An ancestor from Azure didn’t like his arrogant appearance and tried to attack. However, an elder from the guardian tribe easily killed him.

Grandpa Bi glared at others who got nearby and pointed at them: “Watch yourselves, you’re next.”

They clenched their fists but decided not to attack. The six elders from the guardian tribe were absolutely grand paragons at the very least.

The return of the guardian tribe caused the Long’s elites to jubilate. They have heard about the existence of this mysterious branch before.

Youths weren’t familiar with this faction but reclusive cultivators from the previous generation took this very seriously.

The guardian tribe had protected the Long for more than a million years, capable of reversing the tides in many situations. They suddenly disappeared thirty thousand years ago, prompting the royal clan’s swift decline.

Azure Lord stared in their direction and snorted: “Guardian Tribe! If you all have come out one thousand years ago, perhaps I would be slightly intimidated. Now, even Xue Songli couldn’t kill me, let alone your group.”

An old man in golden armor came out of the portal and stood above a waterfall with running lava. His body grew larger and larger until he was thirty feet tall.

His weapon of choice was a poleaxe. He stood there looking like the statue of a G.o.d cast from gold.

“Qiao Taiyue.” Azure Lord narrowed his eyes after seeing this old man.

Only a few beings were still familiar with this name.

“He was once the number one genius of Sacred Court.” An old wisdom master revealed.

“I’ve never heard of him before.” Another responded.

Every century or so, there would be supreme geniuses who were virtually unbeatable. The youths always respected these geniuses but older cultivators didn’t really give a d.a.m.n.

However, wisdom masters never forgot about these names due to their intelligence and perfect memory.

“Because he is from thirty thousand years ago.” The wisdom master said.

“...” This left everyone speechless.

Unbeatable thirty thousand years ago? How strong would he be now? Those from the same generation as him were most likely dead.

“Mmm, someone still remembers my name? I myself have nearly forgotten.” Divine Guardian said.????????????.??m

He and Azure Lord were several thousand miles away from each other but it felt as if they were standing face to face.

“Azure Lord, Sixth Central requires stability and solidarity. Humans need to grow stronger in order to contend against the demons, you must stop.” He said.

“That is precisely what I’m doing. Once I become the new lord of Sacred Court, Sixth Central will be more stable and prosperous than ever before.” Azure Lord laughed in response.

“Sixth Central currently is divided with territory lords such as yourselves scheming to take over, even those from the Yin World dared to attack again. Is this your so-called prosperity?” Divine Guardian shook his head.

“This is due to the current incapable ruler, I do not wish to see this continue, hence the need to rebuild everything.” Azure Lord said.

“I see, we have nothing more to say. Talk about taking over after defeating me.” Divine Guardian said. Despite his old age, he was still eager to fight.

As for Azure Lord, he was still wounded but due to his pride and arrogance, he would never back down.

Spectators began retreating since the destruction of this fight would be out of control.

Divine Guardian roared and rushed forward. The two of them were as fast as lightning and crushed the fabric of s.p.a.ce and time.

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