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Chapter 1078: Kicking A Dog While It’s Down

The area has become a wasteland, no longer as fertile as before. Scorched earth and rivers of lava took over.

“These two are rather strong, I would need to have the sixth transformation before fighting them.” The Evil Woman held a broken paG.o.da while her white dress fluttered to the wind.

Bi Ningshuai and the thief came over as well.

“I didn’t realize Azure Lord is this strong, I should have kept my ident.i.ty a secret. What if he were to win?” Grandpa Bi regretted his arrogance earlier.

“Azure Lord is an incredible genius that would show up once every ten thousand years. His cultivation is considerably stronger than Divine Guardian, they are only even because of his injuries from Xue Songli.”

“f.u.c.k, so we’re screwed?!” Bi Ningshuai’s expression soured.

“However, Divine Guardian has the imperial seal. That is an artifact strong enough to suppress Azure Lord.” Feiyun added.

“That’s good.” The grandpa-grandson duo patted their chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

“However, Azure Lord is still young. As long as he has enough energy and the cultivation level is even, he’ll be able to run away. If he wants to deal with you two and your clan later…”

The duo’s expression soured again.

“Boom!” A tripod with nine legs floated up in the air. Auspicious energy emanated from it and engulfed the area.

Azure Lord was sent ten thousand miles back. He stabilized and gazed at the new artifact, gritting his teeth: “The imperial seal.”

Divine Guardian appeared and held the tripod. His armor became more resplendent: “The lord’s dignity cannot be violated. Azure Lord, it is time for you to stop.”

“Ridiculous, I’m not afraid of you even if you have the seal.” Azure Lord said.

“You are wounded now, why bother fighting?” Divine Guardian said.

Top cultivators could tell that his aura waned considerably - a clear sign of serious injuries. Otherwise, a pseudo-saint’s recovery speed could heal him instantly. Nonetheless, he still put on a strong act.

He clenched his fists and said: “My cultivation is above yours. Just wait until I heal, I shall come back and ma.s.sacre Sacred Court. Men, follow me!”

He chose to back off in the end, afraid of unexpected developments. He took his fellow clan members inside his sleeve and flew toward the horizon.

“Whoos.h.!.+” A sword slash split the sky into two halves, stopping his path.

He crushed it with his fist before stopping and gazing forward: “Ci’er, you dare attack your master?”

On the other side was a man wearing a simple robe, a cloth hat, and cloth shoes. He stood there holding an ancient sword; his eyes were filled with coldness.

“That’s Sacred Territory Lord, Long Ci.”

“Leader of the largest territory in Sixth Central, a rather mysterious figure. I didn’t expect him to be so young.”

“Rumor has it that he is Azure Lord’s adopted son.”

Bi Ningshuai stared at him and asked: “He’s from the Long? How traitorous.”

“Accepting the enemy as a father or crawling beneath someone’s crotch might appear cowardly but in reality, it requires true courage and determination. Enduring humiliation and mockery will build a strong heart. Some cultivate the body, others cultivate the mind.” Feiyun smiled.

“I get that, sometimes the cowards actually turn out to be heroes in the end, shocking everyone with their power at the revelation.” Bi Ningshuai said.

“Pretty much.” Feiyun responded.

Sacred Territory Lord bowed toward Azure Lord three times before standing upright: “Today, I take off my regalia and position. I bow three times to show my grat.i.tude for your guidance and mercy. Now, I can raise my sword against you.”

“Whoos.h.!.+” A sword thrust came so quickly that it managed to pierce Azure Lord’s armor.

Azure Lord didn’t move an inch from start to finish. He started laughing and said: “Good! I am happy to see your current achievement. However, you cannot kill me!”

He roared and sent Sacred Territory Lord flying. The piercing wound became shrouded by a blue glow and healed instantly.

Divine Guardian came over and stopped him from escaping again with the imperial seal.

“Soulbreak Dragons!” Long Aotian attacked with his nine spears, billowing with draconic energy.

Sacred Territory Lord summoned thousands of swords for his move.

“Azure Lord must be punished for causing chaos in the dynasty!” One of the three heaven-level lords, Ghost, rode a skeletal dragon and appeared. He waved a banner and summoned an army of the dead. Nether gales emerged as if the gate of h.e.l.l was opening.

The most mysterious territory lord of the dynasty has returned.

“All three heaven lords are here, Azure, Sacred, and Ghost.” One spectator said.

A while later, more lords joined the battle and wanted to punish Azure Lord.

Ancestors and territory lords attacked at the same time, sending waves of energy at Azure Lord.

“Kill him!”

“The traitorous dog!”

Xuanyuan Yiyi saw this and shook her head: “Kicking a dog while it’s down.”

“They’re smart. All have been watching on the sideline, waiting for the victor before helping out. This could have been either Azure Lord or Divine Guardian.” Feiyun said.

“That’s why these compet.i.tions are meaningless, only killing and killing. At least it will be over soon so you can come with me to Aquamoon Paradise.” She said.

Feiyun shook his head while watching the chaotic battlefield.

“Boom!” Azure Lord managed to survive the initial onslaught. His long hair draped messily downward; his armor was stained with blood.

He crushed a dozen cultivators with one palm strike before attacking the void.

“Chase! Don’t let him escape!” A grand paragon daoist rushed over and attacked with a long piece of white cloth.

Azure Lord pulled out one tooth and flicked it, piercing the daoist’s skull. He snorted: “Even the heaven and earth can’t kill me, hahaha!”

With that, he became ethereal and disappeared into the void.

“He still got away, looks like Sixth Dynasty will still be in trouble.” Feiyun frowned.

Many have fallen after this battle. Sacred Court lost five main stars in the process.

The experts from the other dynasties and demons left right away. The result of this battle was going to shock the entire human realm.

Though Azure Lord lost, he still survived. His return would start another b.l.o.o.d.y war.

As for the Long, although they have won, they have lost too many elites. They also lost generations of talents since these babies were killed in the cradle by Azure Faction. Now, they required years and years before returning to their prime.

Sacred Court Lord was also killed in battle. Of course, it was written this way in future historical texts. Who knows what happened to him?

Many wanted Long Aotian to become the next leader. However, he politely refused. This most-promising member of the Long returned to Ethereal instead.

Nonetheless, he left a strong impression on Sixth Dynasty. Many felt that his achievement wouldn’t stop here; he was going to make a name for himself in Ethereal as well.

Others wanted Sacred Territory Lord to become the next ruler. Alas, he left Sixth Dynasty, preferring to cultivate instead.

Who was going to become the next king then? Who was qualified to be the one?

Six days later, a woman dressed in black appeared before the new gate of the royal palace, announcing that she was a member of the main branch.

Divine Guardian personally performed a baptism for her.

On the seventh day, this unknown woman became world-famous as the next ruler of Sixth Central.

As for Feiyun, he was occupied with taking the Evil Woman to the market. He initially wanted to introduce Long Luofu to Divine Guardian. Given her current cultivation, talent, and divine fetus, she was qualified to compete.

Alas, he had changed his mind. It was too dangerous since Azure Lord was still alive.

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