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Chapter 1139: Radiance World

Ximen Chuixiao pointed at the sky and said: “Up there.”

“No way, 157 worlds is the general understanding, only the upper echelons know about the thirty dimensions, resulting in 187 worlds. You’re spouting nonsense.” The turtle shook its head.

Feiyun believed that this turtle knew everything. Thus, he questioned the existence of the 188th world as well.

Chuixiao smiled and said: “Less than ten humans know about the 188th world, all are big shots.”

He then lowered his voice and said: “Rumor has it that it was left behind from the last days of Time Immemorial. No one knows its exact location.”

“Then how do you know if it’s so mysterious?” Feiyun asked.

“I’m just spouting nonsense, I don’t know if it’s true.” Chuixiao laughed in response.

The others scowled at him while Feiyun actually believed him. Of course, since the guy wanted to play mysterious, there was no reason to pry the issue.

On the other hand, the turtle didn’t hold back: “Ximen, we’re friends after our long journey together from h.e.l.l back to Sixth Central. Where are you from?”

“I am just a traveling musician, don’t ask about my dark past.” Chuixiao tried to act cool.

“What I’m saying is that isn’t it time for you to go home? We’re going to Aquamoon Paradise now.” The turtle was annoyed.

In reality, it wanted to say - you can scram now, motherf.u.c.ker.

“I’ve been wanting to see the deity in Aquamoon Paradise but due to my lowly status, she wouldn’t see me. Since Brother Feng is an invited guest, I want to tag along to see Aquamoon’s prosperity as well.” Chuixiao happily said while staring at Feiyun.

Feiyun wasn’t in a position to say no after hearing this so he nodded his head.

He hadn’t been to Aquamoon before and only knew that it was located in Radiance World in Ethereal Dynasty.

In his twisted memories, he had been to Ethereal several times before. However, he speculated that his memories were fake so this might be entirely untrue.

They traveled through portals and made it to Radiance - one of the eighteen worlds in Ethereal.

He asked around and no one knew the exact location of Aquamoon Paradise or a potential portal.

“How can such a large place be hidden?” s.h.i.+ Lan wore a blue dress tied up by a ribbon, accentuating her slender figure.

They stopped inside an expensive pavilion in one of the cities for a feast. Maids and servants waited on them.

One could live like a king in both the mortal and cultivation world, provided that they had enough money. Feiyun had plenty of money right now.

He told s.h.i.+ Lan to sit down but she insisted on standing behind him. He didn’t push the issue since he knew her personality.

“Given the deity’s power, it’s all too easy for her to hide Aquamoon Paradise. This is the same as the hidden primal grottos, only the disciples there know the entrance.” Chuixiao responded.

“Yes, I don’t think we can find Aquamoon given our current cultivation. I should send a message to Xuanyuan Yiyi, she should be back from the market as well.” Feiyun agreed and took out a talisman.

However, a group of swordsmen came and interrupted him from doing so.

They wore a white uniform with the word “cosmic” embroidered on the left chest position. The leader was a twenty-year-old youth with sharp brows and cyan eyes, looking a bit cold just like his aura.

“He’s here in Radiance?!”

“What an impressive sword aura, he’s so young too.”

“Don’t you see the insignia on his robe?”

“Cosmic? I know who he is then…” Cultivators on the floor were strong but still became intimidated by the youth.

Feiyun put the talisman away after seeing the uninvited guests.

“Feel like having a drink together?” Feiyun asked.

The youth’s name was Zhang Guyue. He stared at Feiyun with disdain and said: “I heard you were looking for Aquamoon Paradise.”

“Yes.” Feiyun could tell that this guy didn’t come with friendly intentions but still smiled in response.

“What is the reason?” Zhang Guyue scanned the group and was surprised to see the tiny turtle. A gleam of excitement flashed in his eyes before being replaced by something fiercer.

Feiyun noticed these tiny changes in his eyes. It seemed like he knew what Mao Laos.h.i.+ was.

“We have nothing but respect for the venerable deity and wish to pay a visit.” Ximen Cuixiao said politely.

“An insect like you wants to meet the deity?” Guyue said with contempt.

“Brother, there is no need to be disrespectful.” Chuixiao said.

“Brother Zhang is a direct disciple of Cosmic Sword Emperor, he is more than qualified to look down on you.” Another swordsman named Ji Heng said.

Cosmic Sword Emperor was one of the four guardians of Aquamoon Paradise, having a similar status to the lord of Radiance.

He had plenty of disciples only eight could inherit his legacy. Zhang Guyue was one of them.

Guyue became his disciple six hundred years ago and was favored due to his exceptional talents. Thus, the emperor personally taught him the sword dao on five different occasions.

Guyue didn’t let him down and only took 140 years to reach Heaven’s Emergence after seven rebirths. This was considered excellent in Ethereal so many knew his name.

There was a chance that he might inherit his master’s position in the future.

“I’m sure Cosmic Sword Emperor doesn’t care that we’re asking about Aquamoon.” Ximen Chuixiao said.

“We are invited by Aquamoon Saintess herself, I’m afraid you can’t afford to offend us, little one.” The turtle revealed.

Another disciple laughed and said: “You claim to know Aquamoon Saintess? You’re not worthy.”

“We don’t even have an opportunity to see her, let alone these country b.u.mpkins.”

“They must be tired of living for lying to us like this. Let’s capture them first.”

“Capture and take them back to Cosmic, I suspect that they might be related to Aquamoon’s missing artifact recently.” Guyue said while staring greedily at Mao Laos.h.i.+.

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