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Chapter 1138: Human Worlds

The avatar of a pseudo-saint was still beyond his current ability. Nonetheless, he just had to endure the pressure for a bit and a one-tenth power strike.

“Bring it.” A yin-yang fish floated in the middle of his palms and issued a duality of light.

It floated upward and became larger and larger to form a barrier. Feiyun had to be extremely cautious since losing would be humiliating.

“Misery is endless.” He placed his palms together and summoned golden halos behind him.

A seventy-two-petal lotus manifested into reality beneath his feet and raised him up into the air. He turned into a Buddha with hymns emanating outward.

The guardian nodded approvingly since he had become so much stronger since their previous meeting. This wasn’t easy for a half-demon to do.

He became serious since he didn’t want to lose the bet.

“Rumble!” His aura billowed and expanded. Laws of the world surrounded him and created an independent world of energy.

They surrounded Feiyun and made him feel immense pressure. It was as if stars were smas.h.i.+ng into him.

Feiyun decided to recite the consent of Golden Silkworm Scripture.

The guardian raised his hand and summoned an ocean of lightning for a palm strike.

“Boom!” Blood began flowing down from Feiyun’s forehead after the first impact.

Nonetheless, he maintained his defensive barrier to stop the strike.

The region shook violently and world laws crumbled.


One hour later, Feiyun left the palace and appeared a bit fatigued. He wiped the blood off his forehead and walked down the jade steps.

Ximen Chuixiao, s.h.i.+ Lan, Mao Guwui, Mao Laos.h.i.+, and the blood dragon were waiting for him at the bottom.

Palace maids and carriages pulled by spirit beasts were flying everywhere in this majestic palace.

“Master, how did it go?” s.h.i.+ Lan asked.

Feiyun’s expression brightened after seeing his beautiful disciple. He smiled and said: “The guardian has agreed to talk to the new lord regarding Battle Domain. Don’t worry, I’ve heard that she is young and does not have total control of Sacred Court. She will listen to him.”

“You humans are so relaxed with territories. Demon monarchs back in my region didn’t have bestowed lands.” The blood dragon complained.

“Battle shall be our headquarters in the future. Now, off to Aquamoon Paradise.” Feiyun said while glancing at the horizon.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest and thought that the guardian was too merciless. He used his Golden Silkworm Scripture to secretly heal so that s.h.i.+ Lan wouldn’t worry.

He was a bit afraid of her now since she was too good to him. No woman had cared so much about him before and this actually bothered him slightly.

Men were strange creatures. They prayed to find a good woman when they didn’t have one but when there was someone who actually cared about them, they wanted more independence.

‘I should probably talk to her.’ He thought.


The palace of Sacred Court Lord.

This was the most defended location in all of Sixth Central. It included countless barriers and immemorial artifacts such as “All-seeing Mirror”, “Soul-suppression Jewel”, and “Artbreak Gate.”

Secretly entering this palace was virtually impossible.

Energy ripples appeared in the air and came together to form the avatar of the guardian.

“I request an audience, Sacred Court Lord.” The avatar spoke with one knee on the ground.

“Teacher, there is no need for you to kneel before me. Rise.” A young voice came from the palace.

She meditated inside with the ruler’s seal floating above and refining her body. It contained the power and fortune of Sixth Central, allowing the ruler to use them as well.

“You are the most hallowed ruler in the world, all must kneel before you. No one can violate your prestige.” The guardian said but still stood up after receiving the command.

“Is it him?” She asked.

“It must be. I purposely tested his cultivation early and he managed to block a palm strike from my avatar at ten-percent power. Even a ninth-level Nirvana cultivator can’t do this, he must be the half-demon from the alchemy market.”

“That is what I suspected as well, he is the only one who can break the curse.”


A blood dragon soared through the sky while carrying a strange group of companions.

Ximen Chaoxui was preaching about the humans’ 134 dynasties and 188 worlds. The 2nd to the 134th dynasties each possessed one world with the same numerical name. Territories varied greatly in size. For example, the second dynasty was eight times larger than the sixth.

The first dynasty alone had eighteen worlds and six other major areas - Nether, Asura, Half-demon, Buddhist, Spirit, and Beast.

These worlds had their own rules despite being inside humans’ territories and were known as the Six Paths.

Nether primarily consisted of death-affinity creatures and human cultivators of the heretical dao.

Asura had evil-affinity cultivators. For example, Feiyun, the Evil Woman, and Little Demoness would fit in perfectly in that world. Their innate evil affinity would flourish due to the natural orders of Asura.

Prisoners were also banished to this world so it was rather frightening. It would be hard to find someone with a decent moral compa.s.s.

Half-demon World, true to its name, was the home to half-demons.

Buddhist World had temples and factions from Time Immemorial.

Spirit World was the sacred ground of Daoism.

Beast World was where powerful beasts resided. Humans rarely visited with the exception of training expeditions from prestigious clans or beast-taming factions.

It also had half-beasts who were even more despised than half-demons. Whenever they appeared in human territories, they would either be killed or exiled to Beast World.

Outside of these six worlds were thirty grand dimensions. Their coordinates were only privy to the upper echelons - a way to maintain humans’ survival.

After all, they might not be prosperous forever. One day, demons might wipe them out so at the very least, these dimensions would live on.

Ximen Chuixiao went on and on about the other worlds…

“That’s only 187 worlds, one is missing.” Mao Laos.h.i.+ listened to the whole thing while counting.

“There is another mysterious world, not part of West Bull or any hidden dimension.” Ximen Chuixiao smiled.

“Where is it?” s.h.i.+ Lan asked.

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