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Chapter 223

223: Yura Kim



” Yes.”

She answered Goff’s voice. After the young green skins left, there was silence in the room for a while, but the look on Goff’s face seemed a little complicated.

Black spear had many children, but Goff was a little different. Although Gogh, who just left, was my first and last son, and Yura Kim is not my own daughter, it seemed that Gogh felt the proud emotions that I felt for some reason.

“I want to see outside.”

Me too. I didn’t want to climb to the top of the castle for nothing, so I slowly pulled out my levatein and got up from my chair.

After pus.h.i.+ng with all my might, I turned the sword once, and the walls blocking us were shattered with the sound of something cutting. As Jung Ha-Yeon blocked all the falling debris with her roots, I started to feel like I was standing in a place with a pretty good view.

You can see the open sky and a cool breeze blowing. Screams can also be heard below. The smell of blood in the castle was spreading in all directions, and I was in a good mood. Some of the buildings were blocked, so there were places where I couldn’t see, but the whole city was in my eyes, so I started to see where each of them was heading.

Hakajin and other staff members opened their mouths.

“The trainee green skins were sent to the northwest based on the castle, and the young warriors were sent to the southeast based on the castle.”

” Well… ”

The northwest didn’t seem to have much to worry about. Although they are treated as trainees in the land of their brothers, they are adult green skins and undergo h.e.l.lish training every time. In the case of the Giant Apache, I could say it was better than I was before.

The same goes for combat magician Krew, needless to say about Little Finger, which has recently been showing unusually explosive growth. It felt like he had become gloomier and crueler than before after receiving the job as a sorcerer. If the troops were at the level of the castle, they would not be able to stop the trainees.

The problem is, of course, young warriors.

Hakajin opened his mouth once again, probably reading my expression.

“As you said, each clan has its best shaman, one for each young warrior. At various points, elite Orc swordsmen are always on standby to prepare for several variables, and Hobgoblin are attached separately.”

“What is the escape route in case of an accident?”

“Goff clan’s elite ogres will block the road and you will be able to take refuge under the cover of the javelin.”

As the operation was carried out by the three clans, it seemed that each point had an elite orc swordsman, a shaman capable of healing magic, an elite ogre, and a javelin from the Black Spear clan waiting as a team. I thought that if an incident were to happen, a rescue operation would begin immediately.

“You are trustworthy.”

Even if you get hurt, you won’t die. The shamans are always on standby, and quite a lot of manpower goes into protecting the young warriors. As I was thinking about various things, I heard a voice from the side again.

“You look worried.”

It was Goff smiling, showing his fangs. He seemed to be worried too, but I was a little embarra.s.sed when he suddenly started talking to me in this way. Black Spear responded to Goff’s words, and it was fun to look at Goff and open his mouth as if asking what he was talking about.

“I am not worried. Despite not reaching adulthood, Ina’s sons and daughters, Shaka-Jin’s spearmans.h.i.+p, not to mention her daughter Shakara, awakened her ability to imbue her javelin with arcane sorcery. ”

“Even my son will not kneel before an enemy of just this level. With enemies like this, I bet he’ll be able to stand even after being hit by a grey-headed arrow.”

Goff’s confidence was a bit risky, but his confidence in each other’s son and daughter was quite excessive. In the case of Goff’s son, he was a warrior like Goff and had a very similar fighting style. It was a style of pus.h.i.+ng through the body and smas.h.i.+ng everything from the front, but I started to look forward to how long I could hold out against the summoners in j.a.pan.

The guys’ bravado made me laugh, but I wasn’t too worried. What you are thinking about is an unexpected variable.

He pretends to be quite proud, but he has never beaten Gogh, Shaka Jin, Shakara, or Kim Yura on the children’s battlefield. Of course, the actual battle may be completely different, but at least it is not at the level of being terribly pushed by the sons and daughters of Kim Yura whom I think. I opened my mouth while looking at Goff and the Black Spear.

“You can tell by watching.”

As she put magic into her eyes, Kim Yura, riding a wolf in the lead, and the young warriors of the Blood Dagger Clan began to appear in her field of vision.

“Individual strength is important, but group battles are also important.”

“Doesn’t that mean that your young warriors lack individual strength?”

The Goff guy laughed and started scratching my insides. Rather than a simple prank, it was a look to quickly vomit up something he was hiding.

I can’t help but wonder even in the entire clan if Kim Yura was being raised with great care, and I had never directly spoken about Kim Yura’s ability. As I got older, I opened my mouth thinking that Goff had become quite weak as well.

“It can’t be… Kim Yura…”

I lifted my fangs and laughed.



” yes! Gogh went to the center, and Shakazin went to the left.”

” Great. We’re going to move to the right as we said earlier. First, don’t get excited, second, it’s more than following me. Let’s all not get hurt.”

“I get it! Yura! Victory! Only for victory!”

“For Blood Dagger.”

Kim Yura rode the Giant Wolf and ran quickly. As she began to look around, she saw several things. She followed Blood Dagger and joined them in small battles, but this is of course the first real battle without adults.

Neither Nikkor behind her nor her other friends were in real combat for the first time, and the first battle is easy to get excited about. Wildness and instinct can help, but they often hold back. Especially if the enemy is brainy or smart.

So, what was needed was Nikkor’s unique ability, and among Nikkor’s various buff types that could receive one buff, Kim Yura chose two things with a comfortable mindset.

‘Her quick feet and great strength too. Are you really okay with one thing? It would have been nice if I could have drawn a little more…’

Her laugh came out as she recalled Nikkor’s words. Quick feet, strong strength, increased magical power, and stealthy presence, all of which are not bad types of buffs. However, Kim Yura thought that the point of this test was survival, not hunting.

‘It was strong.’

Humans have never been weak. If it was the second in the tribe, the sad swordsman Hark and the three goblin sisters who treated him with a mischievous expression every time were too strong.

If you ask her if she can counteract all attacks like Uncle Hark when she is surrounded by elves and humans like before, of course, she will shake her head from side to side. Of course, such swordsmans.h.i.+p was not created overnight. It is not her own territory.

Humans are never weak. Don’t be careless. They are also warriors. She thought it was right to do her best.

Then the sound of drums began to be heard from the center.

ridge! ridge! ridge!

“Looks like Gogh started.”

“We are going too.”

Just then, I saw humans approaching. As expected, when something happened in the castle, the adventurers made a party and started running into the castle. You probably won’t have a choice since you can’t go out of town.

“Take care of it before putting it together.”

” Okay!”

Of course, the group is strong. Needless to say, the breakthrough power of the group centered on Nikkor and Kim Yura, who are riding the Giant Wolf. The rider raised the flag drawn by Nikkor, and everyone moved a little faster.

“…………..! ”

“…………! ”

I heard the voices of people who seemed to be perplexed. You can see the wizard hitting the s.h.i.+eld in a hurry.


After Kim Yura’s loud cry, she immediately jumped off the Giant Wolf. The young sorcerer canceled the opponent’s magic, and Kim Yura fell right into the center of the enemies. She was looking at herself with bright red tattoos all over her body with a surprised look, but of course, she didn’t have time to play with the rhythm. She immediately thrusts the spear she was holding into the neck of the man in front of her.

“……! ”

The man collapsed with her screams, and the woman behind her reached out with a spear, but Kim Yura slashed her ankle with the sword at her waist after pinning her to the ground.

In the meantime, I didn’t pay attention to the big man who attacked me. Instead, Yura Kim opened her mouth in a loud voice.



A large wolf pounced on the tall man, and Kim Yura pushed her foot through the gap before thrusting a dagger into the man’s throat.

” let’s go!”

The warriors of the Blood Dagger clan began to enter, and in the meantime, I could see the arrows falling high from the sky. Seeing that, Kim Yura opened her mouth in a loud voice.

” s.h.i.+eld!”

” Well!”

The guys who had been distant from each other suddenly came close to each other and raised their s.h.i.+elds high. Looking like a turtle, Yura Kim smiled. The results of practice show up in practice. There’s no way I wouldn’t be happy


After the storm of arrows stopped once again, after catching the fur of the approaching giant wolf, Kim Yura jumped high again. Always deal with the rear end first. Her friends and her siblings, orcs who had done an impressive job at her game, could be seen following her.

Kim Yura picked up a bow and arrow hanging from her back and she drew her bowstring toward the archer’s eye, who was aiming an arrow at her.

The arrow was sucked in with the sound of fish, and a scream was heard. Kim Yura once again descends from the Giant Wolf, after which she throws her spear at them and bounces in front of her. Her weapons in her hands were a sword and a s.h.i.+eld, but she didn’t care.

The Queen of Inheritance, Magical Type, Inheritance, always stand in front.

I don’t understand, but Kim Yura has two unique abilities. Her queen always stands in the front when leading her pack, improving her own physical stats when standing at the forefront.

However, the ability that Kim Yura liked a little more was her former ability magic type.

As she struck the ground with her feet, swords and spears made of magic began to rise from her floor. Her favorite thing is that her magic color is red.

Enemies screamed thanks to weapons protruding from the middle of the battlefield. Kim Yura didn’t react and picked up the magic spear closest to her and she pushed her body toward the archer’s heart.

After she stabs the enemy, her magic spear disappears with a strange sound, but everything she sees around her is a weapon.

“ …………! ”

It does not block crumbling bodies, spurting blood, or attacks coming from behind. It is an action that has already been promised. Orc friends are behind her.

” Advance!”

The guys who were approaching from behind continued to push the humans back with their s.h.i.+elds held high. Nikkor continued to heal wounded warriors or block magic attacks with magic.

” Chang!” (sound)

Humans screamed at the spears extended by the Orc Spearmen from within the s.h.i.+elds.

” Advance!”

” Chang!” (sound)

” Advance!”

” Chang!” (sound)

“Down the s.h.i.+eld! let’s go!”

“For the Blood Dagger!”

After a storm raged, the situation was a melee, and the orc swordsmen who started popping out from within the s.h.i.+eld walls clashed with the enemies with their s.h.i.+elds and swords. The fight is over.

The humans who lost their will to fight turned their backs and started to run away, while the Orc archers were steadily firing arrows at their backs. Kim Yura also took her bow and tried to pull her string at a guy, but soon dropped her string.

‘ It’s difficult… ‘

Because he was a young soldier who had lost her fighting ability. There are no fatalities. Kim Yura clenched her fists.

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