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Chapter 224

224: Yura Kim

“d.a.m.n…d.a.m.n…what a mess this is… Dogish dwarf b.i.t.c.h, don’t you quickly report the situation?! ”

“We are in the process of figuring out the exact information, but it seems that there are a total of six enemy troops that have invaded. master. ”

“d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n… what happened to the castle? My father… “

Houtarou Kimura slapped the elf next to him for no reason. I saw him fall to the floor with his cheeks red, but he didn’t care. It’s because I thought that the first thing to do now is to let go of my anger. As he was thinking about piercing the elf’s chest with the sword he was holding until the end of his head, a voice came from behind him once more.

“We’ve heard reports of a green monster to the northwest that can’t move opponents with strange shouts, a green monster that uses various magics, and a green monster that carries strange dolls as well. ”

” yes “

“To the southeast is a large monster, a monster with long fangs, and… a human girl with tattoos all over her body. ”

” human? ”

” Yes. It seems to be used as the language of monsters. ”

There is no way to know where they came from, but they were not simple monsters, but intelligent beings. It didn’t make sense that even humans were involved, but what was certain was that they were attacking with the momentum to kill all humans.

“Can you tell me the situation? ”

“It is impossible to see the castle, but it is possible to see the city. ”

“A useful year. ”

” thank you. ”

This was the reason why Hotaru Kimura treated this elf especially. This elf, who has the mysterious ability to see things at a certain distance, was one of the princesses of the elven kingdom that her father had won by begging her to do so.

After feeling a little strange sensation in my head, I saw the whole city, a human woman riding a big wolf in the middle of various monsters rampaging.

“ …………! ”

“………………! ”

Kimura frowned because he was shouting something incomprehensible. Immediately after that, voices began to be heard. The quick-witted elf princess had cast translation magic on them.

– Great. no need to rush this time, the enemy awaits here.

– For the Blood Dagger!

Being a human who grew up with a monster felt like watching an anime. What I saw was the Yamato Clan, famous for their skills in the city.

In the battle that started in the middle of ahhhh, monsters fell from everywhere toward the Yamato Clan. Magic different from their own or the elves’ magic rained down, and monsters with weapons steadily slaughtered Yamato’s summoners.

What caught my eye was, of course, a child in the lead, with a young face that looked like a 15-year-old even if I looked at it highly, and had red tattoos all over his body. Even thanks to the dagger tattoo on his face, it was difficult to predict what he would look like in real life.

What is surprising is the enormous force.

Every time you roll your feet on the ground, weapons made of red magic come out from the floor. They were weapons that disappeared with each swing of the spear and sword, but the sight of them disappearing and making a faint sound made me think that the kid named Kimura was singing.

– Raise your s.h.i.+eld! Advance!

Standing at the forefront and giving orders to the monsters is truly a masterpiece. Even within the kingdom, even among the guys, he must have a weapon that can be counted on his hand. Time must have pa.s.sed, but the Yamato Clan was lying on the floor with blood on it.

” Nonsense… “

Kimura muttered involuntarily. It was because the kid with the red tattoo looked like a queen. Kimura started looking at the kid again. He looked like a fairly skilled adventurer when he moved his location immediately after work was over. Not only the streets but also the humans in the large guild were clearly organized. After the kid opens the door, what he sees is a mother and a child. Perhaps it was the clan’s family.

– Help me… save me. Ah…please save the child.

As Kimura swallowed saliva, recalling the terrible scene earlier, the voice came again.

– What is Yura?

– no one is here. let’s go.

– yes. Yura.

In the meantime, it feels very strange to save humans who can’t fight. However, seeing that, Kimura smiled rather than thanking the tattooed kid for his mercy.

“Ah! ”

screaming sound at that time. The elven princess was holding her head and screaming.

“What…what is it? ”

“Ha ha… ha… nothing. ”

Maybe it’s because she’s an elf with a little bit of mental power, but there were times when she had seizures like this, and I thought it was probably that kind of thing. Faced with the elf holding his head, Kimura opened his mouth again.

“Prepare young elves and humans. ”

” Yeah. master. ”

I thought that if I could get the kid I just had, a breakthrough might happen. It doesn’t look like the mental power is weak, but brainwas.h.i.+ng magic basically approaches the weak part of the opponent. It was the same when he captured this elf. After intensively hara.s.sing her mother and younger sister, there is room for her to penetrate even with weak magic and weak mental power.

Not to mention, it is not unreasonable to attack if you are a strong person who is recognized even in the city and digs into the proper weakness after damaging the body.

After making the tattooed kid his own, he immediately uses him to hunt other monsters. They’re hiding now, but I thought it was right to strike first as it was only natural that they would arrive this way someday.

With 20 elven children and 10 human children, Kimura immediately moved secretly with his troops. The point where the monsters began to be caught in the blurry field of view is the point.

Setting a trap is very simple. After attaching magic bombs to the bodies of the children, push them into their arms and that’s it.

As they have already undergone simple brainwas.h.i.+ng, they will show quite good acting skills.

“Princess, elves, even if you say so… little children…”

“It is a worthy sacrifice. The kingdom looks ruined, but there is no reason to care about that. ”

“Okay… I see. ”

‘You fools…’

There is no victory without sacrifice. Kimura sighed and thought again. At a distance that was neither too close nor too far, they thought they would not be able to find themselves at this distance as they killed as many signs as possible and hid with the magic of the elves.

Elven cubs and children were seen approaching the monster horde.

“Save… save me. sister. ”

“Save… please save me. ”

You probably won’t be able to understand the words. But for now, it seemed that he was not vigilant. He wasn’t shooting arrows, and he wasn’t even swinging his sword. I just held a s.h.i.+eld and kept a certain distance. Thanks to the translation magic cast by the elven princess, he was able to properly examine the situation, so he could pull himself out immediately if things went wrong. It is a risk-free operation. Kimura gave a small smile.

“Yu… Yura… uh… what should I do? ”

“ …………………………………………. ..”

Obviously worried Kimura screamed in his heart. It’s not like there’s no possibility at all. And after a while, the voice of a human kid with tattoos all over his body began to be heard.

“The chief told me to save the elves. If you stay in a place like this, you will be swept away and die. ”

” now? ”

“No, moving to a safe place is the first step. ”

“What about the human kids? ”

“The human children also move along. Even the chieftain would have done that. ”

“Ah…hehe Yura was like that too, right? ”

We succeeded. A kid named Yura chose to take in younger children. Again, his prediction was correct. I don’t want to die from being swept away by the explosion, so I explode all at once with enough firepower that I can’t move.

When the body is damaged, the mental power is also weakened.

“Raise your s.h.i.+eld. For now, I think it would be better to move the children. ”

” yes. Yura. ”

I expected it, but it was caught so perfectly. Kimura quickly opened his mouth to the magician holding the magic bomb.

“Explode. ”

“Yes… yes… yes four! ”

After the wizard memorized the spell, the signal to announce the activation of the magic bomb sounded, and immediately a tremendous explosion began to be heard. Young elves and humans embraced by tattooed children and green monsters began to burst out.



I doubted whether the firepower was a little strong, but it certainly wouldn’t kill me this much. Some of the monsters in the back might be dead, but it doesn’t matter.

” Goes. ”

“Yes…four! Okay. ”

After immediately subduing it, it was necessary to enter the brainwas.h.i.+ng quickly, so Kimura chanted a spell and ran out. Because there might be some guys alive, the knights with s.h.i.+elds also started running quickly to the front.


I could hear the groans, so I could sense that the attack had been successful.

“Puhahahahaha! stupid year. ”

To the extent that I can’t help but laugh. As the smoke slowly began to clear, all I could see were monsters lying on the floor, coughing up blood. It felt odd that the wound didn’t look too bad, but I didn’t mind. The opponent is incapable of fighting anyway.

“Raise the s.h.i.+eld…! ”

Nevertheless, seeing the guys who raise their bodies made me applaud. Kimura continued to laugh, and the wizards’ magic continued to fall.


Another explosion is heard and the smoke clears. I expected to see him completely collapse, but what I saw was a hazy film. It was like a magic curtain. And from somewhere, a great magic power began to burst forth. What appeared was a green monster holding a huge sword. He opened his mouth and the translated language began to be heard.

“Ah… Mister… Woowook…”

“Kim Yura. is incapable of fighting Immediately returns to the castle with the ogre of Clan Gof. The chieftain and Lord Hark will be waiting for you. ”


“It was not bad, but immature. ”

Kimura’s hands were shaking involuntarily.

The dimension is different.

The monster’s muscles with the sword, the mana gus.h.i.+ng out of it, and the strong-looking mental strength, everything seemed perfect. Kimura naturally couldn’t help but think about him.

‘ It’s the boss. ’

There are many of them, but if they are here, they will surely all die. I definitely thought it would.

“The monster…the head of the monsters. ”

“Eh eh …”

The subordinate behind him muttered, and Kimura swallowed too. I saw a subordinate who could not stand the pressure of magical power and vomited, and a subordinate who was urinating also came into view. It was to the point where my body shuddered from the tremendous amount of living. The monster’s mouth began to open slowly when he was not sure whether to run away or fight.

“Please take good care of me. Hazakuda, an elite orc swordsman of the Blood Dagger Clan. ”


not the boss

In an incomprehensible situation, Kimura’s legs trembled.

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