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Ex Strongest, Advancing through the Underground Dungeon for Rescue

— Rule of Sword – G.o.d Killer – Dragon Killer – Protection of Dragon G.o.d – Absolute Slash – Lightning Speed: Secret Technique – Flash.

The technique that brought a certain death to enemy was displayed. Slas.h.i.+ng monsters at the same time of meeting them, but the feet weren't stopping. Without dropping the speed even for a moment, Soma was able to pa.s.s through the dungeon as it was.

This was possible because there was an overwhelming strength difference between Soma and the monsters, but that was also because he wasn't running at full power. Since there was spare energy, that spare energy was used to bury the monsters, and the remaining energy was used to maintain his running speed.

He expressly did so since it would be quick for other people, especially when he was considering about Aina. After all, Aina couldn't catch up with him even if she used full power. If he didn't do such a thing, it would be pointless to ask her to accompany him.

Nevertheless, they were still able to succeed at the rate of one minute spent per layer. He judged that there was no problem with that–

"Although I am already aware of this… He is random as always…" (Aina)

Aina was pointed that with an appalling voice.

When Soma turned in a glimpse, he saw the face that let out that voice. Some fatigue could be seen, but it wouldn't be a problem.

He turned around after confirming that, and he tilted his head at the same time.

"I'm not sure what are you talking about." (Soma)

"Well, of course. I also don't understand what I'm saying." (Aina)

"…? Aina, have you finally getting out of touch?" (Soma)

"Eh, is that so, Ainsan? What is the cause…" (Lina)

"Hmm… I don't think we can afford to bring someone who already out of touch, but… To leave her just because of that, it will make only us feel bad…" (Hildegard)

"What's with those irresponsible remarks! By the way, aren't you guys also get on board of all this!?" (Aina)

She seemed to be fine since she could afford to shout. That anger already confirmed it, so there was no need to say anything.

"Hmm… I don't really have the idea though…" (Soma)

"I wonder whose mouth was saying about going through a layer in one minute…" (Aina)

"Isn't that also the same for Aina? I mean by taking the shortest distance in short time. If anyone can beat enemies without slowing down the movement speed, anyone would be able to do the same." (Soma)

"Most people can't do that, you know? Besides, it's impossible for me. After all, I can't use magic while moving at this speed." (Aina)

"I am confidence if it is until 20th layer, but I'm not sure if it's around this area. This area in particular has monsters that seemed to be resistant to physical attacks." (Lina)

"I can still face them, but it is obvious no one else can do it." (Hildegard)

"Hmm… that's weird." (Soma)

"That's why I said you were the weird one. To begin with, what were you expecting of this layer?" (Aina)

Soma didn't why he was asked by that question, but of course, he understood the reason. Their current position was the 30th layer.

"Well. Basically, the monster that you briefly killed a while ago seems to be the area boss, right? So, what are you going to say about that?" (Aina)

"Hmm… congratulations for breaking the record?" (Soma)

"You actually know what I mean, right…!?" (Aina)

Aina was so serious when saying that, and Soma was somehow able to understand. However, he wasn't trying to boast about it.

"The reason why no one has captured the 30th because there is no Special Rank holder, no?" (Soma)

"Well, it's good that the academy is relocated here. If there is even one Advanced Rank Skills holder enters, we would be fine for several years. For starters, Special Rank Skills holder isn't easy to come by. However, this year is a bit out of norm." (Hildegard)

"That's what I mean. So, is it impossible for Lina and Aina to instantly kill that boss?" (Soma)

"I… can't confirmed  since Nii-sama instantly killed the monster earlier, but do you think I can win? I think the main problem is the going through the layer rather than that area boss." (Lina)

"It's impossible me to kill it. On the contrary, I barely manage to keep up with you, and I don't think I can win against that area boss. The monsters on the way here are resistant to physical attack, and the area boss is resistant to magic. The ones that created this dungeon might have bad personalities." (Aina)

"Hmm… but if you graduate from the middle school, it is possible to kill the boss, right?" (Soma)

"I'm not sure what kind of people in my party at that time, so it depends on that. But, I guess it's possible to win." (Lina)

"Me too… well, yeah. I think it's probably possible." (Aina)

That was it. Since it was possible for these two to win someday, it wasn't weird if Soma could win at present.

"That is true… No no, isn't that weird!? It's weird if you can win now! Even if we can win, we can't do what you are doing now!" (Aina)

"Ooh, you noticed that." (Lina)

"Well, I thought that I was deceived too." (Hildegard)

"That's why you are…!" (Aina)

Going to the lower layer with such a conversation… made Soma unintentionally relaxed his mouth a little. He really appreciated the circ.u.mstances.

Even so, they had to hurry by all means, but they weren't supposed to rush. Soma truly appreciated when he remembered that, but that wasn't the reason why he brought them along. On the other hand, it was good to go with them rather than going alone. Well, he wasn't going to tell them that.


"–Hmm?" (Soma)

"–Ugh. This is bad… the monsters are a.s.sembled. But the shortest path is across there…" (Hildegard)

They descended to the 31st layer by following Hildegard's guide, but now, they reached a hall where monsters a.s.sembled that seemed overflowing.

This was also called a monster house or something like that. It was a situation where monsters appeared in one place. Of course, it wasn't something pleasant. If possible, they should either avoid it or pulled them away to gradually reduce the number, but…

"–Well, there's no problem." (Soma)

— Rules of the Swords – G.o.d Killer – Dragon Killer – Protection of Dragon G.o.d – Absolute Slash – Lightning Speed – Clear and Serene Mind – Wild Dance: Riot of Flowers.

There were countless sword flashes in the room in a very short interval. Immediately after, Soma's group run through the scenery like scattering and blooming flowers falling down.

A sigh leaked out from Aina's mouth.

"…Even the word of random is getting too cheap, isn't it?" (Aina)

"Do you mean that he's worried too much about Sylvia to the point he doen't care about what's going on until we reach here? I feel a bit jealous. I mean, if you see the way I'm seeing things right now, you will think the same thing." (Soma)

"I want to say that I'm also worried, but when I thought about it, I was already at the side who was being helped." (Lina)

"…If you say so, should I feel like how you feel now?" (Aina)

"Hmm…. am I being left out…!?" (Hildegard)

"That's true, but since Sheilsan can contribute in this situation, I think we should  be fine." (Lina)

"It's not like she can contribute at the moment …Well, if it's Soma, I feel like we can somehow do this." (Aina)

"Yes, yes, let's proceed." (Soma)

Even while exchanging such a silly talk, they were still progressing forward… Suddenly, Soma had a thought. Then, he looked at Hildegard–

"That remind me, Hildegard." (Soma)

"Hmm? What is it? Are you attracted to my charm and want to make children? I'm ready anytime, you know?" (Hildegard)

"This is the kind of nonsense you talk when you are sleeping, isn't it? I was thinking of something else. I'm guessing that you have the map of 31st layer, am I right?" (Soma)

"…Ah. That's right. In fact, we are still proceeding through the shortest path at the moment." (Lina)

"Speaking of that… eh? Officially, the record is only up to 30th layer. Are you talking about there shouldn't be any map other than those that had been mapped?" (Aina)

"…Well. Is there anything strange with that?" (Hildegard)

She didn't even try to pretend at all. Even when the other three gazes were directed to Hildegard, she didn't plan to say it. Well, Soma didn't expect her to speak of it, but basically, it was to confirm the matter. From the beginning, Soma thought that there would be maps.

He asked her to lead the party without hesitation. To begin with, it was strange that she knew about the 40th layer. They were asking because they didn't know that to what extent was Hildegard's ability. Unless she had been into this layer, she shouldn't be able to know its detail from a remote place.

Besides, if there really was no map below the 30th layer, that should had been examined by Soma as well. It would probably unreasonable to do it because they were start mapping together after 51st layer. Although the existence of 50th layer had been made public, that should change the fact that it was still an unknown place.

Even though Hildegard knew it, it didn't mean anything would happened.

"Well, if I need to know it later, I will have you to tell me that. For now, I don't really need to know." (Soma)

"…I pray that time will not come." (Hildegard)

Thanks to that, they were able to proceed smoothly. Therefore, they didn't need more than necessary. Soma wondered whether he was fine with that. Then, he focused his mind, and moved ahead.


Special Rank skills holders aren't easy to come by. It's just that the characters mentioned up to this chapter are all having Special Rank skills. Here are my a.s.sumptions on the later part of the chapter. 1st a.s.sumption – When Soma and Hildegard went deeper to 85th layer, she didn't show him that she was doing the mapping until 50th layer. She started mapping (in front of him) to 85th layer (chapter 95) starting from 51st layer. 2nd a.s.sumption – maps from 1st until 30th layer were already available for the academy. 3rd a.s.sumption – maps from 31st until 50th layer were done by Hildegard alone. Since it is not possible to do it remotely, it means Hildegard had physically reached 50th layer on her own. However, she didn't tell the public that she had reached that layer. Feel free to correct me. ?

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