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Chapter 1128 – News of an old friend

At this time, many black-haired refugees did not know what the battle on the small dirt field on this night in Bitter Hill Village would mean for them.

Only future history books would doc.u.ment the night of change in this Dark Realm.

Many historians, at the mention of this night, will say that the wheel of history began to turn and change on this night.

At this time, the villagers simply watched Ye Qingyu leave with a look of reverence and grat.i.tude in their eyes.

When Ye Qingyu left, he also brought Zhen Wanting and her mother.

It was only when the airs.h.i.+p rose and disappeared into the distant horizon that the black-haired Dark Ones gradually dispersed.

Before leaving, Ye Qingyu said a few words to Chen Sheng, asked him to temporarily let the refugees of the Ten Kilometers Village to settle in Bitter Hill Village for now. Then he requested Chen Sheng to pa.s.s on a message to the other large villages nearby that he will soon visit some black-haired Dark Ones villages, to see the kind of light that did not need oil and firewood.

The long, long night had come to an end.

“Village chief, that lord... who is he?” a villager came over to ask.

Chen Sheng smiled, “Who? Haha, of course he is an important person that we cannot understand, like those important people of the Guardian camp, he is high and mighty, stands in the clouds like a G.o.d. But there is one thing I can be sure of, and that is he's a good person. Perhaps we can finally live a good life in the future.”

He was hopeful.

Then, Chen Sheng began to organize the villagers to house the refugees of the Ten Kilometers Village. Last night, Shao Xuzheng and Yao Xin had already burned down Ten Kilometers Village to ruins. The old, sick and weak were all killed, and only less than eight hundred young men and women from the thousands of people in the village were left. It was not too difficult to find a place for them to stay temporarily in Bitter Hill Village.

The only problem was the scarcity of food.

Bitter Hill Village had already been struggling with food and clothing, and every residence did not have enough food for the next day. Now there were suddenly more than eight hundred mouths to feed. It was impossible to solve the food problem. Chen Sheng, carefully calculated and sorted out all the grains and food in the village, and at best there was enough for everyone to last for another half a day. Adding to this, now it was the season when the new crop is still in the blade and the old one is all consumed. It was impossible to rely on the food in the field.

“Sigh, no matter what, since it was a matter that the Lord had handed to me, even if I have to cut my flesh to feed the villagers, it still must be done.”

In a twinkling, one day had pa.s.sed.

Night fell again.

Bitter Hill Village, which only had food to last another day, had completely plunged into a state of food depletion.

During the day, Chen Sheng asked for help from several surrounding villages.

But the harvest was not too great.

This was not because the black-haired Dark Ones were not united, but the several neighbouring villages were in a similar state to the Bitter Hill Village and simply could not donate food to relieve others.

Chen Sheng anxiously scratched his head.

But shortly after nightfall, a black airs.h.i.+p crept up again in the sky.

The villagers in Bitter Hill Village were so nervous at first, thinking that it was another disaster descending and that the Guardians had already began to retaliate.

Who knew that it was Zhen Wanting who came down from the airs.h.i.+p.

The little girls face was rosy red with excitement as she came down the s.h.i.+p. When she saw Chen Sheng, she bounced up and exclaimed, “Village chief, village chief, Lord told me to bring food to the village... We don't have to starve anymore.”

“What?” Chen Sheng thought he had misheard her.

But soon, he saw Eleven coming down the landing airs.h.i.+p, followed by extremely deferential military camp soldiers. The air of arrogance that they had before was completely gone, and all wore a smile like a blooming chrysanthemum. As far as possible they tried to appear amiable as they carried over large baskets of grains, fruits and vegetables.

“Lord knows that we have no food, so he told big brother Eleven and I to send food over.” Zheng Wanting said with a smiling, joyous face. “We will no longer have to worry about food. Lord said that he won't let us starve. These grains and food are only the first batch. There are more after this. Hehe, Village chief, this is great.”

Chen Sheng was stunned.

He found it hard to believe and thought he was dreaming.

Previously, although Chen Sheng was hopeful towards Ye Qingyu, he only thought that, if Ye Qingyu really replaced Zhang Longcheng as the ruler of Luoshen Ridge, the exorbitant taxes would be reduced and he would at least give the villagers a little of their food ration to continue their life. He had never dared to hope to get food from Central City.

And the villagers around, upon hearing this, basically all had the same reaction as Chen Sheng.

It was only after a long while that a burst of cheers came from the crowd.

“Everybody don't fight, line up, every family will have a share. The rest will be left with Village Chief Chen Sheng to keep for now.” Eleven said. He had previously helped to avenge the villagers of the Ten Kilometers Village, by killing the military camp soldiers, so the villagers also greatly respected him. When he spoke, all the villagers began to line up without a word.

The first batch of supplies was soon distributed.

Eleven and Zheng Wanting boarded the airs.h.i.+p and left.

“Zheng Wanting is really going to soar this time, I can see that Lord really likes her.”

“Haha, the most beautiful flower in our Bitter Hill Village is of course very likeable.”

“Now that Zheng Wanting has such a status, our Bitter Hill Village can live peacefully.”

A few villagers who had received the food laughed and joked.

Chen Sheng glared at them, “Don't talk nonsense about Lord behind his back, do you want to die.”

The villagers all broke into laughter.

For them, having a full meal was undoubtedly the happiest thing in the world. Moreover in today's meal, there were meat, as well as fruits and vegetables... Many people were seen laughing foolishly while eating.

“I did not think that I, Zhao Er would be able to eat meat in my remaining years of life, I can die happily now.” A young lad sighed happily.

And many villagers, after receiving their rations, did not dare to eat it. They wanted to keep it and bring it to the market. Perhaps a piece of meat can be exchanged for a bag of coa.r.s.e grains, and a white bun can be exchanged for food rations that can last a family of four for half a month. This was an important wealth.


The Central City of Luoshen Ridge.

Ye Qingyu was standing at the main entrance to the City Lord's mansion, overlooking the whole city.

The whole Central City was built according to the mountains. The City Lord's mansion was located at the highest point in the center. Therefore, standing on the stone foundation of the main entrance, everything in the city could be seen at once.

It had taken them three days and three nights to travel to Central City. During this time Ye Qingyu had already gained an understanding of everything in the city——In fact, Ye Qingyu did not need to take care of the many little matters. The jobs, such as administration, reorganization and suppression of Central City, were left for Eleven to take care of.

Ye Qingyu stayed in the mansion for three days, looking through all the books in the City Lord's mansion. His understanding of the Dark Realm was also deepening gradually.

He was particularly interested in the information on the Sinners.

Because Ye Qingyu was more or less certain that he was a Sinner.

While this really puzzled him, he had to accept the fact.

He guessed that everything might have something to do with his true ident.i.ty.

In his memory, his father was only an ordinary Human Race expert of Heaven Connect City. He was not considered incredibly powerful and had died in a battle protecting the city. But later what Ye Qingyu discovered when he moved the grave, that silver sword, as well as the Guardian camp's medal of n.o.bility he saw today, had revealed some clues that Ye Qingyu simply dared not to imagine before. It also made Ye Qingyu understand that his background was not that simple. The origin of his father contained a huge secret.

And what made him even more puzzled was that, if the bra.s.s medal represented the symbol of the Guardian camp's n.o.bility, he, who possessed a similar bra.s.s medal, logically speaking, should also be a member of the Guardian camp. Then why was the blood of sin flowing through his body?

He rummaged through all the books in the City Lord's mansion.

In particular, the ancient books stored in the medal of n.o.bility that he obtained from Zhang Longcheng contained a large amount of information. Ye Qingyu learned that the Sinners were also divided into different forces, and his greatest discovery was that the Unmoving City of Darkness was indeed in the Dark Realm and also belonged to a great force of the Sinner camp. It was said to be one of the forces of the camp with the greatest sin, and was expelled by the Guardian camp to the most western region of the Dark Realm. They were the front line against Invaders.

“If I want to find Song Xiaojun I need to go to the most western area... Haha, now, she and I are both Sinners.”

Ye Qingyu laughed to himself.

But there was another thing that baffled him just as much.

Since, as stated in the ancient books, the beings in the Dark Realm, under the rules and laws set by the martial arts Emperors, couldn't leave the Dark Realm, then why could w.a.n.g Jianru return to the Vast Thousand Domains after taking Song Xiaoxjun to the Dark Realm?

Also, was the Phoenix Race that was known to bear the responsibility of fighting against the Unmoving Citty of Darkness generation after generation also in the Dark Realm? If not, then the Phoenix Race cannot be in direct contact with the forces of the Unmoving City of Darkness?

What was going on?

The more Ye Qingyu knew about the Dark Realm, the more and more mysteries there were in Ye Qingyu's mind that he could not explain.

At night.

Eleven came to the mansion to report back.

In these days, Eleven had completely subdued all of the forces in Central City. After the death of Zhang Longcheng, his subordinates had also all basically scattered. Occasionally there were some aggressive and domineering forces, but in the end they were also eradicated by Eleven. Now the entire Central City was completely under the control of Eleven——Of course, this control was established by force. If Eleven were to leave, then Central City would restore the order of the past.

But so far, Ye Qingyu was fairly satisfied with Eleven's performance.

“Lord, there is one more thing that I must remind you, I believe the Guardian camp has received the news of Zhang Longcheng's death. The murder of a n.o.ble is a serious provocation to the Guardian camp. They most likely will not leave this matter at this. We should think of how to deal with them next?” Eleven had deep concerns.

He, who had lived in the Dark Realm before, obviously knew about the terror of the Guardian camp. To give an inappropriate example, the Guardian camp in the Dark Realm was equal to the Domain Alliance in the Vast Thousand Domains. In fact, the Guardian camp's control over the Dark Realm was much greater than the Domain Alliance had over the Vast Thousand Domains.

Ye Qingyu smiled, saying indifferently, “Different situations call for different actions.”

He simply didn't care about things like that.

Eleven felt helpless when he heard this.

Following such a master, it was really cool when it was cool, but after the coolness, he felt he was always on tenterhooks.

However, these days, Ye Qingyu's delegation of power to Eleven made him enjoy being a real important person of Central City. He had already unknowingly liked this life, and like drinking alcohol, he had begun to feel a little bit addicted.

After a pause, Eleven remembered another thing, “Lord, there is another news that I think I should tell you. I happened to hear it when I was searching and seizing the house of an aristocrat in the city. Lord you may be interested.”

Ye Qingyu casually asked, “What's the matter?”

Eleven organized his thoughts before he said, “I heard from a few doormen of an aristocrat's residence that there have been a few disturbances recently in the Dark Realm. Before we attacked Central City of Luoshen Ridge, there was a great event in the Fire Province. A powerful figure appeared and boldly captured the Central City of the Fire Province. The ident.i.ty of this person is very special. I have heard about some of his deeds. I believe he is acquainted with Lord.”

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu's eyes lit up. “Who is it?”

“It is rumored that the man only laughs when he opens his mouth, laughing at the world's most ridiculous things, and his surname is Li.” Eleven said cautiously. “It is said that in the battle at the Heavenly Fire Central City, even if that person just smiled, heaven and earth were turned upside down. No one was a match for him. He killed all the aristocrats of Heavenly Fire Central City with one laugh. His strength is extremely terrifying. Moreover, after that battle, in the face of some aristocrats of the city he also said that 'the world is impure and turbid, I have always acted on my own authority'.”

“What?” Ye Qingyu sprang up.

Could it be...

This kind of skill and tone, could it be [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]?

Ye Qingyu was stirred up.

That's right, this kind of way of doing things, this behaviour, these methods, this kind of courage, it must be [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] without a doubt. In the great battle against the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect and others, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had also said something like this before. This was his principle.

'The world is impure and turbid, I have always acted on my own authority.''

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was indeed still alive.

Ye Qingyu was so excited he stomped his feet.

He had been hoping for this all this time. In that battle, when the grey-copper temple finally vanished, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] returned carrying a drop of blood of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], it did not mean that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had died. But unfortunately, after that, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had never appeared again.

Unexpectedly, he had come to the Dark Realm.

“How far is the Central City of Fire Province from Luoshen Ridge.” Ye Qingyu impatiently asked——

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had showed up again...
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