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Chapter 1260, New Empress


Within the body of the spirit monkey battle companion, as if a ma.s.sive chaotic explosion was happening, there were constantly blue flames sputtering out. The underworld blue fire was swallowing his body and soul.

“Not good.” Noticing that the situation was far from good, Wen Wan drew out a shadow with the blood axe, and charged over to the Sky Emperor.

Gao Diping, Ximen Yeshui and Hon Kong also acted at the same time.

“Stop them.” The sovereigns of the Dark Realm flashed.

At such a critical moment, even if they were inwardly afraid, they would never back down. The Sky Emperor evidently occupied the upper hand, and if they fail to perform well, after the incident, they would most likely end very miserably under the Sky Emperor's wrath.

Wen Wan and the others were intercepted.

The Sky Emperor did not care about what was happening around him. The underworld flames of annihilation jetted out from his eye sockets, constantly pouring into the body of the spirit monkey battle companion to completely kill him and put an end to the past. Back then he had once fought alongside the spirit monkey battle companion, they had relied and trusted on each other through life and earth situations on the Asura battlefield, but all this was in the past. Now that they had parted ways and took different paths for millions of years, when they meet again, how strong the friends.h.i.+p was in the past was how intense the hatred was now. They could no longer take into account the little friends.h.i.+p they had in the past.

“Rest in peace, I will choose a great tomb for you that matches up to your magnificence,” the Sky Emperor sighed.

The struggle of the spirit monkey battle companion was getting weaker and weaker.

The Sky Emperor had lost his soul and his strength had greatly declined, while the spirit monkey battle companion, because of some unknown reasons, had little strength left. Although his strength was slightly inferior to that of the Sky Emperor, the difference was little. But this was not the case anymore, because the Sky Emperor had fused with other people's secret techniques, and embarked on a different evil path.

“Please go on the road.” The Sky Emperor beamed out the last underworld flame from his eyes, and, like a blue divine sword, shot into the eye socket of the spirit monkey battle companion.

Just then, suddenly, a vast and magnificent Emperor aura began to surge up from the Snow capital outside Light City. This gush of Emperor power came incomparably abruptly, and the next moment the clouds and mist across thousands of kilometers were already frantically twisting. The atmosphere was vast and majestic, but in a flash that aura that resembled a deity had already swept across the entire imperial capital.

The Sky Emperor trembled all of a sudden, his mind thrown into disorder, and the last underworld flame, unable to acc.u.mulate, failed to inject into the eye socket of the spirit monkey battle companion.

He turned his head to look at where the new and strange Emperor power circulated from, when an expression of utter shock twisted his face, “No, this is not the great sublimation of an Emperor of the past, but the birth of a new Emperor... Who? I was aware that there is indeed a wisp of opportunity in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but there wasn't the existence of a person able to obtain this opportunity, why... what did I miscalculate?”

Another thing that was beyond his calculations had happened, giving the Sky Emperor a very bad feeling.

And the next moment, another thing that made the Sky Emperor feel even worse had happened.

A beam of violet light flashed above and instantly struck down, like a beam of lightning.

The Sky Emperor had an abrupt change of countenance, attempted to evade, but it was a little too late.


The Flying Bear's body had exploded.

“The new Emperor is not yet stabilized, yet dares to act already?” In the midst of the roar, the blue energy liquid of the Sky Emperor had broken out from the body of the Flying Bear. Retreating rapidly, it re-condensed into a soul, face blurry, but with clear shock and anger.

Taking this opportunity, the spirit monkey battle companion freed himself, while the golden cudgel transformed into two golden dragons, dragging him out of the battlefield and to the steps of the Light Palace. At the same time, Wen Wan and others also drew back, blocking the stone steps, and the battle temporarily stopped.

The Sky Emperor's face darkened with rage, but he did not pursue and attack. Instead his eyes were fixed in the direction of the Emperor power.

The birth of a new Emperor was a major event.

Most importantly, in the aura of the new Emperor, he vaguely sensed some unfriendly elements.

In the distant sky, the mist had completely turned into violet flames, spinning incessantly like a vortex. The scene was incomparable astonis.h.i.+ng. All of the living beings across the imperial capital felt a soul-trembling pressure, watching the vortex of cloud and mist growing larger and larger, until it seemed as though the entire vault of the sky had been engulfed in, like a secret door that leads to the Immortal Domain had been opened...

Then, a huge palm slowly stretched out from the other side of the vortex.

It was a palm formed from the violet mist and qi and the power of law.

It was a human hand.

The only thing that was strange was that there were seven fingers.

The palm slowly stretched out, pressed down, like a celestial being from another domain wanted to grab something at this moment.

And the direction that this seven fingered-palm was moving towards was the location of Light City.

On the fuzzy face of the Sky Emperor, the anger was increasingly obvious.

Because he clearly felt that the palm of violet law of chaos was directly pressing down in his direction.

“Going against me? Then be prepared to pay the price.” The Sky Emperor snorted. He attached no importance to a new Martial Emperor, but what really made him fear was that the world that was always within his grasp was beginning to change beyond his control. This was what he was most worried about.


The violet seven-fingered palm slammed down with thunderous force. In the blink of an eye, the entire Light City was covered by the giant palm, as though about to crush the entire Light City.

“Destroy.” The Sky Emperor erupted in a blaze of underworld blue light, soaring skywards in an attempt to shatter the violet seven-fingered palm.

The giant seven-fingered palm slightly moved in a fanning motion.


The Sky Emperor's body was swatted away like a fly, falling heavily to the ground.

“The power of the Southern Underworld, the Seven Fingers Race? Impossible, the Seven Fingers Race is extinct.” The Sky Emperor's expression turned grave. The Seven Fingers Race had long been erased from the world through some of his plans. How could there be the emergence of a new Emperor. The power of the Southern Underworld had a special restraining effect on his techniques, and thus the situation was very bad for him.

“Seven fingers are indestructible, the Southern Underworld suppresses evil.”

A clear and beautiful voice like the voice of a fairy of the Ninth Heaven reverberated between the heavens and earth.

The violet seven-fingered palm pressed down once again.

A look of fear finally came onto the Sky Emperor's face. He finally drew back at lightning speed, and no longer had any intention to take on this palm, because he was situated in the formation of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow], which meant that his strength was significantly reduced. Adding to this, the force of the palm dropping from the sky had an absolute suppressive effect on him. He suspected that the Seven Fingers Race's new Emperor most likely knew something and thus had been preparing for a long time. Otherwise, it was impossible for a new Emperor to be so strong.

He retreated, and the entourage of sovereigns also retreated at the same time.

The giant violet palm finally struck, but did not pursue and attack. The seven fingers folded back in, and directly held up the Light Palace that was suspended above the underground fire spirit spring. The giant palm shrank back into the violet vortex of cloud and mist in the sky.

“No, I've been tricked.”

The Sky Emperor's face darkened as he suddenly understood something. But it was already too late to intercept.

In the end, the Light Palace had vanished into the vortex of violet clouds and mist, along with Yu Xiaxoing, Wen Wan, the seriously wounded spirit monkey battle companion and others who were on the stone steps. All of them were taken away by the huge violet seven-fingered hand.


The Sky Emperor's face was as gloomy as water.

He was now one hundred percent certain that the person he was looking for was in the Light Palace, but he was tricked by the little new Emperor, who took advantage of his fear of the Seven Fingers Race. The person had taken away the Light Palace by pretending to strike him. Just as his many years of search was about to end with a good result, it was ruined at the very last moment. How can he accept this?

The blue soul transformed into a stream of flowing light, directly shot skywards and entered into the vortex that was gradually sealing up.

The other sovereigns of the Dark Realm closely followed behind the Sky Emperor, no longer cared about the people and matters of the Snow capital. Like swallows returning to their nest, all had entered the violet cloud vortex in the blink of an eye.

Such a scene, for the tens of thousands of living beings of the Imperial capital was simply like a fairy tale.

The imperial capital was shaken.

But fortunately, from the beginning Yu Xiaoxing had already planned for the worst. All matters were arranged very well. Therefore, in the next period of time, even in the absence of the Empress, Lin Zheng and the other important officials, the empire was still operating in an orderly manner like before.

Of course, such a time will not last for too long.


“You are...”

Looking at the girl who was like a fairy from a painting, Yu Xiaoxing and the others couldn't help but marvel.

Whether it was Wen Wan, Hon Kong or the others, no one had ever seen such a person before. But from the violet Emperor aura that was radiating from the seemingly weak body of this beautiful woman, even without asking, they knew that she was the new Emperor who had saved them from the hands of the Sky Emperor.

The birth of a new Emperor should not have happened overnight. Logically speaking, this woman should have been a peerless heaven's prideling expert well known across the Vast Thousand Domains, but n.o.body had ever heard of the existence of a seven-fingered woman. It was as though she had appeared out of thin air. However, the only thing that made everyone feel slightly comfortable was that they felt sincere goodwill from the new Emperor. The other side was a friend and not an enemy.

“I pay my respects to Your Majesty, I pay my respects to all Lords.” The beautiful Emperor nodded, her tone of voice extremely friendly and kind. “I am called Shui Xiu, a descendant of the Seven Fingers Race. Back then Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu had several times saved me from the danger of death. I owe him a debt of grat.i.tude. I have been living in the snow capital all these years, training painstakingly, and it was because I inadvertently obtained a wisp of opportunity that I had this breakthrough. When the Sky Emperor and the others came, I already sensed their presence, but unfortunately I was in the middle of the breakthrough and couldn't come right away.”

“Ah, you know Brother Qingyu.” Yu Xiaoxing finally relaxed completely when she heard this.

She then vaguely remembered that Ye Qingyu had indeed casually mentioned a Seven Fingers Race before, but at that time all her mind was on Ye Qingyu and did not care about such a small matter. What she did not expect was that she would meet an Emperor of the Seven Fingers Race today——
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