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Chapter 848 - Someone Wants to See You

"In this world, there are only two types of things which n.o.body is willing to touch. The first type is stinky dogs.h.i.+t, while the second type is treasures which are beyond one's ability. The Heaven Wasteland Domain clearly belongs among the latter." Ren Puyang looked at Ye Qingyu and said laughingly, "To the various large domains and forces, subordinating the Heaven Wasteland Domain is something they've always wanted to do, and so, since the very beginning, none of them thought about allowing it to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment and obtain independence. However, they soon realized that it could no longer be subordinated by them. Even an idiot wouldn't choose to encroach on something which would cost them their life to obtain, no matter how beautiful it is or even if it's a rare treasure."

Ye Qingyu vaguely understood the meaning of these words, "Mr. Ren, do you mean that those covetous forces ultimately gave up because they suddenly realized that they didn't have the ability to encroach on the Heaven Wasteland Domain? That if they took forceful action, the consequences would be troublesome?"

Ren Puyang nodded.

"Is that really the case?" Yu Xiaoxing felt greatly surprised.

It turned out that it was for this reason that the entire process on this day was so half-a.s.sed and the grading of the Heaven Wasteland Domain was so anti-climactic. It actually made sense that this was the case. To give an a.n.a.logy, when it is discovered that a stunning babe, chased by countless men, is already attached to a guy who is leagues ahead of all the other admirers, even the craziest among them would eventually lose their enthusiasm.

Since they could not obtain the Heaven Wasteland Domain, no force or race was willing to throw a grand celebration for the domain's pa.s.sing of the grading on the Saint Hearing Platform in the core meeting hall. After hastily fulfilling the bare formalities, they wished never to see Ye Qingyu and his companions again, so as to avoid feeling upset and covetous.

Ye Qingyu was rather confused by this.

After pausing for a while, he said rather doubtfully, "According to what I know, even the most powerful Human Race forces aren't able to frighten all races and factions in this world. I believe that even if you'd personally said something, it would be unlikely for all evil forces to withdraw. And based on what I know, the entire situation changed in less than thirty days. Only one person could've managed this."

Ren Puyang guffawed.

"[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] is indeed unrivaled. Almost as soon as he reemerged, he seized forty-one cities in thirteen domains, causing the Vast Thousand Domains to bow at his feet. No foreign race dared to test his might, and so they all retreated. This is certainly true, as is his declaration that he'd protect you." Ren Puyang laughed as he explained, "Make no mistake, this is one of several reasons why those with sinister ambitions dared not touch the Heaven Wasteland Domain. You should remember that His Highness' decree was to protect you for a hundred days, and didn't mention the Heaven Wasteland Domain. Reasonably speaking, the top-level forces in the Vast Thousand Domains could slowly do a couple of things over a long timeframe to probe His Highness' true will and bottom line. For instance, they could've followed what the Black Moon Immortal Palace did, which was to continually probe the strength of His Highness' will to protect the Heaven Wasteland Domain and then adjust their plans according to the feedback. Yet, they didn't do this."

The duo became a little stupefied.

It wasn't just because of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]?

If so, who else?

If it was someone or some force who has a voice in the Alliance of Domains, then, aside from Ren Puyang, it might be the Phoenix Race, the Black Demon Abyss, Storm City, or some other top-level force. Yet, none of them could've truly made all other forces bend to their will.

"Haha, alright alright, no need to make any more guesses. You'll eventually find out the real reason." With no intention of revealing the answer, Ren Puyang turned and glimpsed at Yu Xiaoxing. However, just as he was about to say something, he suddenly sensed her exhaustion and could not help revealing a strange expression which became increasingly distinct as he carefully sized her up, "Your Highness, are you suffering from an illness?"

The latter gently shook her head and laughed, "No, I'm just exhausted from all of my efforts over the past few days. Good thing is, the grading is over, and so I don't have to worry about anything else. I'll be fine after going back to the Heaven Wasteland Domain to cultivate for a while."

Ren Puyang acknowledged as he turned to look at Ye Qingyu, and subsequently changed the subject without bringing up this matter again, "Although only the final grading result was announced on the Saint Hearing Platform, there are actually several procedures which Your Highness has to complete. Perhaps Xiao Lincan bring Your Highness to settle these while brother Ye Qingyu stays behind, for I still have a few things to discuss with him."

Realizing that Ren Puyang was deliberately finding an excuse to get her to leave, Yu Xiaoxing was slightly stunned, yet she did not take it to heart and thus nodded with a smile, "Okay."

Xiao Lin, who was that white-robed divine guard, led her out of the room and disappeared into the side corridor.

The door of the room was closed back up.

Ye Qingyu did not say a word throughout this process. He was no fool, and naturally, like Yu Xiaoxing, could tell that Ren Puyang was deliberately getting her to leave so as to talk to him alone. But therein laid the problem. Ye Qingyu was very curious to know what exactly Ren Puyang wanted to say to him yet could not let Xing'er find out about.

"Actually, after pa.s.sing the domain grading, the members of your diplomatic corps should by right be given an opportunity to enter the Alliance's [Infinite a.r.s.enal] to observe and learn for a hundred days." Ren Puyang sighed. "However, the other core congress members s.h.i.+fted their disappointment in the grading result to this aspect, and so they didn't want to give the Heaven Wasteland Domain this opportunity."

Ye Qingyu quipped, "Looks like the Alliance's rules aren't as inviolable as legend has it."

"But the problem is... As a matter of fact, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps didn't complete all of the tests, and instead only completed about one-third of them," Ren Puyang calmly said.

"This wasn't because of us. It was the Alliance which allowed us to end the tests in advance." Ye Qingyu began to frown.

Ren Puyang laughed, "It would be meaningless to get caught up in these problems at this time. I've already done my best to allow you alone to enter the Alliance's [Infinite a.r.s.enal] for ten days."

Ye Qingyu did not say anything.

Although he previously did not know that there would be such a reward after pa.s.sing the domain grading, now that he knew, a final compromise like this was certainly not all too satisfactory.

"I heard that you have photographic memory?" There was a slyness in Ren Puyang's smile as he winked at Ye Qingyu.

The latter was taken aback.

Ren Puyang continued, "The techniques and secrets you obtain from the a.r.s.enal can be cultivated by others as well."

Ye Qingyu now completely understood.

If he went into the [Infinite a.r.s.enal] and memorized those techniques and secrets, he could later impart them to the world when he returned to the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

"Thank you, Your Honor." Ye Qingyu was very grateful.

"You, child, are truly one of those people who only does things when there's an incentive. You finally learned to thank an old folk like me, huh?" Ren Puyang laughed. "I did all this because I hope that the next generation of human geniuses like you can grow up as quickly as possible. If the Human Race can produce one or two more experts of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] level, then I, as a spokesperson for the Human Race, wouldn't be bullied like I was today."

When he heard Ren Puyang speaking like this, Ye Qingyu sprang up hurriedly and declared, "I certainly wouldn't dare allow you to be bullied."

Ren Puyang burst into laughter once more.

Evidently, his mood was pretty good today.

"By the way, Mr. Ren, I believe that you kept me here alone not only to talk about the [Infinite a.r.s.enal], right?" Ye Qingyu waited for him to be done laughing before asking.

A weird smile formed on Ren's face as he nodded, "Of course... Hmm, actually, I kept you here not because I wanted to talk to you, but because there's someone who wants to see you alone, and that's why I had to send Her Highness away first."

"See me alone? Who is it?" Ye Qingyu was rather surprised.

Anyone who could request a favor from Ren Puyang was certainly an important person of considerable status which was at least on par with him. However, despite racking his brains, Ye Qingyu could not recall knowing any such person in the Alliance of Domains.

"You'll find out when you get there." Ren Puyang laughed secretively as he pointed a finger, causing a mysterious and profound layer of formation patterns to flicker in front of him, before a miniature portal formation opened up in the room.

Ye Qingyu was inwardly awed by this sight.

Ren Puyang's cultivation was frighteningly immense, unfathomably deep, and neck-bendingly lofty. It seemed that, with just a simple gesture, he had opened up such a stable portal formation. This was something which Ye Qingyu certainly could not do given his present cultivation.

Trying to hold back his impulse to ask questions of it, Ye Qingyu walked toward the micro portal formation. Just before stepping in, he paused his footsteps and took out Qin Hui's jade token, saying, "While I was in the side hall, I met a pair of mother and son who had been waiting for six days and six nights in there. They wanted to meet a certain important person called Mr. Ren, who I then presumed to be you, and so I took it upon myself to help them bring this jade token here."

"Huh?" A look of surprise appeared on Ren Puyang's face when he saw the jade token in Ye Qingyu's hand. After receiving it, he finally seemed to recall something and said, "This is a nameplate which I once gave to a disciple of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect. Are these mother and son his descendants? Hmm, I shall go take a look. That person once did me a favor... Why hasn't he come personally to find me instead?"

"You'll know when you get there and ask." Without saying anything further, Ye Qingyu stepped into the formation without hesitation or doubt. This was because he trusted that Ren Puyang would not harm him, and thus knew that the person who wanted to meet him was definitely a friend and not a foe.

The next moment, a splendor flickered.

The empty feeling of being teleported by the formation lasted only for a fleeting moment.

Ye Qingyu had arrived in a different place.

It was a room that was all but identical to Ren Puyang's.

A giant floor-reaching transparent lapis window occupied the entire southern wall. If it was not for a gentle and graceful female figure standing by the window, Ye Qingyu would really have thought that he was still in the earlier room.

Is it really her?

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