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Chapter 4550 - Disguise of the Virtual People

This was something that Jiang Shen Wu had already known from the start.

He just did not expect to see the Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon here. One must know, the Longwu Stronghold had never seen any demon beasts come up.

What was going on now?

When Jiang Shen Wu arrived, the demon dragon was killing the two virtual spirit beast. The two virtual spirit beast were not strong existences, they did not even have the strength to fight back under the hands of the demon dragon.

The Demonic Dragon had obviously noticed Jiang Shen Wu and the other two, but he only glanced at them once before revealing an intriguing look in its eyes. It then turned around and flew off into the distance.

He was the Heavenly Demon Dragon. He could confirm this ident.i.ty, but now …

Seeing the Heavenly Demon Dragon turn around and fly away, Jiang Shen Wu narrowed his eyes and suddenly thought of something.

When he used the demon weapon instantaneous magic ring from the demon G.o.d race to save Little White, he had an idea to confuse the evil lord. Maybe the evil lord thought that the Blood-red Rose Seal had been broken by the people from the demon G.o.d race because of the aura of the demon beast.

Then, wasn't it the same as what he had thought now?

Aside from the demon G.o.d race Domain, if one were to cause trouble for the eight great races, or even a few of them, the Dragon Martial Continent's demon beasts, including the Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon, would be discovered no matter how secretive they were.

It did not need to be obvious, because if it was too obvious, it would instead arouse suspicion. Furthermore, step by step, this would require the eight great races to become more and more suspicious.

"Seems like, our Dragon Martial Continent's experts are not brainless at all."

Jiang Shen Wu thought.

Watching the dragon leave, Jiang Shen Wu naturally could not possibly recognize him here. After all, no one knew if there were any strong existences from the Virtual People hiding nearby.

Moreover, Jiang Shen Wu guessed that the Heavenly Demon Dragon's ident.i.ty was sensitive. After all, he was not a pure demon slave, and everyone knew that Dragon Martial Continent was filled with demon slaves' descendants and demon beasts. How could there be such a pure demon G.o.d race bloodline?

The aura of the Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon could very well lure enemies into thinking of the demon G.o.d race.

If Jiang Shen Wu were to say anything now, it would be disastrous if he was exposed.

Liang Xiao and Ran Ran did not say anything either. Although Liang Xiao did not understand what was going on at first, but on this battlefield with the nine great clans, he would not say anything carelessly. It was just like how Jiang Shen Wu pretended to agree to Young n.o.ble Yao's request to go back to hunt Dragon Fighter.

At this time, not only was it a contest of strength, but plans in the dark were also very important.

"Let's go."

Jiang Shen Wu pretended to be extremely wary of the Heaven Splitting Demon Dragon, and quickly flew away in the opposite direction with Ran Ran and Liang Xiao.

In the air, they were flying very fast. Along the way, they would frequently encounter solitary thoughts, such as: The virtual spirit beast was discovered by Jiang Shen Wu, and then they would suddenly ambush and kill it.

Unknowingly, two days had pa.s.sed.

The three of them, in the Virtual People's domain, had actually already harvested a total of seven virtual spirit beast's "Void Spirit Pills". These seven Void Spirit Pills were not too high in level, but added together, were worth more than a Ice Bat Demon Pellet of the ninth stage of tribulation of reincarnation.

If the three of them were to split the loot evenly, although the loot would not be much, but compared to the other groups of Dragon Fighter, the loot would still be quite good.

The trio became increasingly cautious.

When walking in the air, they were always prepared to use their defensive methods, whether it was Ran Ran or Liang Xiao, both of them had seen the concealment ability of the Evil Demon Young Master before.

Right now, the Virtual People was good at hiding, so compared to the Evil Demon Young Master, they should pay more attention.

In this domain, other than the Virtual People, there would not be any other strong beings from other races. However, this was only at the current stage, who knew what kind of strange method would be used by the other races to run all over the battlefield.

"Two virtual spirit beast, both of them are Seventh Stage of the Calamity of Samsara, prepare to attack."

After killing the seven virtual spirit beast, Jiang Shen Wu and the others also gained some insights and understood the virtual spirit beast's main weakness.

Now, when he suddenly saw the two virtual spirit beast gathered together, Jiang Shen Wu pretended not to notice at first. Then, after he got a bit closer, he suddenly attacked towards his opponent with Liang Xiao and in tow!

"Void Dragon Mighty Heavenly Break!"

"Dragon-Blooded Meteor Explosion!"

The battle power of virtual spirit beast with Seventh Stage of the Calamity of Samsara was still very strong, so Liang Xiao did not hesitate at all and directly exploded out the power of the Blood Boiling Pearl.

All of the divine dragon blood in his body ignited, erupting with extremely terrifying energy that directly enveloped one of them!

The two virtual spirit beast did not seem to have realized it at all.

It was only until the trio of Jiang Shen Wu's group attacked that the three of them started to panic, turning around to escape, but they were still engulfed by the trio's attacks at the first moment. The powerful force completely enveloped the two virtual spirit beast s!

Two miserable shrieks sounded out from the dragon blood vortex.

But when he heard these two miserable cries, Jiang Shen Wu's face darkened: "Something's wrong, everyone be careful!"

These two screams were indeed the cries of virtual spirit beast s, and were not a problem.

However, the key point was that Jiang Shen Wu and the rest had already dealt with the weaker virtual spirit beast s before, and most of them were acting alone.

Although resistance was futile, it was still more normal than the two virtual spirit beast in front of him who had no ability to resist at all.

Without even a chance to resist, he immediately cried out miserably. Wasn't this acting way too unprofessional?

Without any hesitation, Jiang Shen Wu turned around and released the Sealing Power of the Blood-red Rose that he had swallowed earlier!

The power of seven layers of seals exploded at this time, directly enveloping a large expanse of s.p.a.ce around the two virtual spirit beast. Then, the strength of the blood-red roses tightened around them, completely enveloping and sealing off that area of s.p.a.ce!


At this time, the energy vortex of attack suddenly exploded, dispersing into the air. Then, an inconceivable sound could be heard from within.

Jiang Shen Wu and the rest looked over with rapt attention, and indeed saw that amongst the seal power of the blood red roses, how could there be two virtual spirit beast?

Impressively, they were two Virtual People s whose bodies were somewhat translucent!

Virtual People had the same appearance as humans, but they were born with a power called 'Void' inside their bodies. This power allowed them to be proficient in methods such as Spiritual Strength and Concealment, and also had a unique advantage in sensing and probing.

Therefore, this Virtual People was actually a branch of the human race, and only grasped the power of "Void".

At this time, the trio saw two semi-transparent Virtual People figures appear in the middle of the sealing power of the blood-red rose, trapped within!

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