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Chapter 1023: Rising Like Bamboo Shoots After A Spring Rain

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During the first hour of the next morning, Yun Xiuxin collected questions and challenges her junior sisters and brothers faced the day before and submitted them to Yun Yang for teaching examples before they spread out to practice again.

Yun Yang explained the cultivation methods on the spot during the moments that the children were the most recharged. Each time, he used the Art of Daigo (great realization or enlightenment) to reach the disciples’ innermost self, making sure that disciples who paid attention would certainly remember by listening only once.

This was a bonus that pupils from the other peaks did not enjoy. In fact, this was also why the Central Peak’s disciples were improving so quickly.

The pupils from the other mountains could only receive such treatment when Yun Yang addressed all of them in a speech after each intra-sect contest. It was not that Yun Yang was being biased; in truth, he was not adequately competent. The personal depletion of using the Art of Daigo was high; while it was fine to use it in a small area, a wide-ranged execution like the one towards the whole of Residence of Nine Supremes could only be done occasionally as a constant demonstration of the art was not something Yun Yang could achieve currently.

If he were to do so to every disciple daily, Yun Yang would need at least half a day to recover… In addition, the other disciples had their own masters; s.h.i.+ Wuchen and others would have their individual teaching styles and secrets that might not be lacking compared to Yun Yang’s. The cons were definitely more than the pros if he had pushed himself to accomplish this.

A week flew by and it was time again for a new round of intra-sect matches.

This time, Yun Yang had specifically paid attention to the performance of a few select protégés. Other than the highlighted targets like Sun Mingxiu, Yu Chenghang, Yun Xiuxin, Hu Xiaofan, Bei Yexing, Lin Xiaorou, and Cheng Jiajia, there were several others as well.

Sun Mingxiu had achieved another breakthrough, currently at Immortal Mystic pinnacle and would advance to Supreme at any time. The boy was growing increasingly composed and poised. Yu Chenghang had climbed up to Immortal Mystic ace as well, not overshadowed too greatly by Sun Mingxiu.

Yun Xiuxin had arrived at Heaven Mystic pinnacle and was awaiting a chance of a breakthrough. As for Hu Xiaofan… When did this fellow arrive at the Heaven Mystic pinnacle and become parallel to Yun Xiuxin?

Bai Yexing was in the Immortal Mystic beginner tier while in the intermediate tier of Heaven Mystic were Lin Xiarou and Cheng Jiajia.

There were only less than ten people among the first generation of the Residence of Nine Supremes’ disciples who were still at the pinnacle tier of the Earth Mystic, currently the lowest cultivation base level. Everyone else had ascended to Heaven Mystic and above, without exception.

Therefore, it was a cerulean blue sight once these disciples performed, illuminating the Residence of Nine Supremes and turning it into a sapphire ocean.

Yun Yang was seated in the center, while the leaders of the other eight mountains were lined respectively on the left and right. Ping Xiaoyi and Guo Nuanyang took a spot individually. The latter pair actually thought of recruiting protégés of their own after seeing how well the pupils of others were doing; each of them took ten children under their wings after the first mission to wipe out the human trafficking organizations, finally having a taste of how it felt like to be a master.

Nevertheless, their disciples were not yet eligible to take part in the contest of the nine peaks.

After bouts of battle, Sun Mingxiu had still secured his position as the top disciple while Yu Chenghang was closely-ranked second. Bai Yexing whom Yun Yang regarded quite highly charged like a lit firecracker right into the third!

Looking at the rather disappointed looks of the other top seven pupils, Yun Yang frowned as well.

After a long period of spiritual energy rinsing, these children were still considered geniuses if they were in other schools based on their personal improvement. However, signs of stagnating were showing in their meridians. It meant that even if their physique were to change in the future, it was near their limits; there could hardly be bigger progress within a short duration. They would need a long time of grinding before they could achieve another breakthrough.

There was nothing that could be done about the situation in a short period of time. A countermeasure could only be figured out after the Celestial Luck Banner compet.i.tion…

The most talented ones among the protégés were Yun Xiuxin, Bai Yexing, Lin Xiaorou, Cheng Jiajia, and now, Hu Xiaofan as well – especially Hu Xiaofan, who was showing hints of being a dark horse.

There was no suspense in the battles of the Heaven Mystic level. Yun Xiuxin took the first directly while Hu Xiaofan had given a successful chase, coming in a close second.

Hu Xiaofan, who thought that his cultivation base had kept up to his eldest senior sister, did not forgo the opportunity to challenge her, stepping out with pride, but was flung away within ten exchanges by Yun Xiuxin who had sworn to maintain her place as the paramount in her level.

Cheng Jiajia and Lin Xiaorou’s cultivation base were similar, their duel lasting until both of them were out of strength. Cheng Jiajia won by a slight technique, ranking her third and another, fourth. As expected, Lin Xiaorou cried again…

Dong Qitian watched the events unfold from the highest point with a long face.

Each time he saw these young children, he felt like he was seeing bamboo shoots after a spring rain. All of them were rising up so fast! Their advancement was breathtaking!

Even during the Ultimate Heaven Sect’s prime, their disciples had not developed so quickly!

Shaking his head, Dong Qitian thought that it was a pity. How could Yun Yang be so revolting; he did not know contentment, actually wanting to cultivate the Emerald Cloud Pill… Make it or break it, he said! Rubbis.h.!.+

He was taking his blessings for granted!

Gazing again at the top seven disciples after Bai Yexing took third place, Dong Qitian could distinctly feel Yun Yang’s dissatisfaction regarding the seven children’s progress, frowning at their physical state.

In spite of it, Dong Qitian only wanted to say…”What the f*ck else do you want?”

“While the seven kids’ meridians are showing a state of stagnating, they are already bodies of the Innate Physique! What else do you want? Do you know that I’m also just an Innate Physique?”

The fellow must have seen too many gems that he was picking bones from eggs now. It must be said, however, that the Residence of Nine Supremes’ disciples were irresistible!

Yun Yang had gotten himself into a huge amount of trouble. Many of his later disciples in the houses under the mountains were forming the Innate Physique as well, with many of their chakras gradually awakened… Due to the Residence of Nine Supremes’ unique environment, all chakra walls within these members had turned incredibly thin.

Even if a middle-cla.s.s Celestial Luck Banner sect were here to select disciples, at least five thousand of his ten thousand pupils would be picked! How would he handle the ravaging wolves’ aggressive extortion?

Dong Qitian was eager to see how Yun Yang would overcome the issue.

‘I won’t help you anyway! Hmph!’ Dong Qitian quietly decided.

As days pa.s.sed, the atmosphere clouding the Residence of Nine Supremes grew more tensed and oppressed.

Even s.h.i.+ Wuchen, Luo Dajiang, and the others often looked somber and in a hurry whenever they were seen scurrying about. Other than teaching their protégés, they were either cultivating their cultivation method or Qi or practicing their saber or sword; it was as if there was nothing else to be done in life.

Perhaps, the least nervous – the only one unfazed, even, in the whole residence, was Yun Yang himself!

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