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Edited by Lucy Middlema.s.s and ER McTaggart.

Twenty four bittersweet slices of teenage life, Heathers tells adolescence the way it is a struggle. Expect no handsome princes or unicorns. This book comes with a body count. Heroin or ice cream, what's your damage?

A collection of true fiction for Young Adults of all ages, Heathers is the work of writers from the US, UK, Spain, Canada, and China.


Edited by Evangeline Jennings and Lucy Middlema.s.s.

People like us. A planet like ours. Where five out of every ten teenagers won't live to see twenty-one. For Young Adults of all ages, these are stories of the Flood.


A sequel of sorts to Cars & Girls, Evangeline Jennings' Riding In Cars With Girls is available now at all good Amazons everywhere.

"A smas.h.i.+ng, original collection likely to be read again and again."

Kirkus Reviews.

"Very clever stories crammed with thrills and twists, I can't recommend this read highly enough."

Julie Shaw, Sunday Times best selling author.

"Consistently tightly-paced, audacious and action-driven. In signature Jennings style, characters are damaged, d.a.m.ned and dangerous, and never quite what they seem. With her recognisably distinctive, dynamic and subversive voice, Jennings' narrators take us on a twisting, twisted joyride with s.e.x, violence and secrets at each sharp and screeching turn."

For Books' Sake.


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Cut. Part 13 summary

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