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Black-and-White Millstone s.h.i.+vered all over with excitement; obviously, the Gravity Immortal's spirit mark was a great tonic for it.

Black-and-White Millstone nodded at Qingfeng Li before turning into a black and white light beam and settling down in the depth of his mind.

Black-and-White Millstone was happy, thinking it had made the right decision to stay with Qingfeng Li since a lot of delicious food would come to its door, providing it with continuous energy.

In the Chaotic Era of the Universe, everything was the food to the chaos; without humans, demon beasts, sky, earth, sun, moon, stars or oceans, chaos was the ruler of the world.

In the distance, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu were dumbfounded. A moment ago, they just saw Gravity Immortal launched a powerful attack at Qingfeng Li and in the blink of an eye, the spirit mark of Gravity Immortal had died.

Qingfeng Li was so powerful he had even killed the spirit mark of a pinnacle immortal.

Not caring what they thought, Qingfeng Li was ready to collect the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te now that the Gravity Immortal was dead, and the gravity immortal array was removed.

Taking out 100 bottles, he tried again to fill them with Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

This time, he put all the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te into the 100 bottles without incident.

Of course, he needed only 50 bottles of it to build the Yin-Yang Immortal Array and he had 50 bottles left.

Looking at the eager faces of Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu, Qingfeng Li thought them deserved some rewards for following him into dangers.

With a light smile, he took out four bottles and tossed them at the four of them.

Each catching one bottle of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te, Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake opened the caps without hesitation and poured the content into their mouths before sitting down cross-legged and beginning to refine the h.e.l.l energy in it.

With Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te in their hands, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu were dazed.

After all, they had not known Qingfeng Li for long and they had even tried to hunt him down. Later they were defeated by Qingfeng Li and became his subordinates to look for the materials for him. They hadn't expected Qingfeng Li would give one bottle to each of them.

With a faint smile, Qingfeng Li said, "You work hard for me and I'll treat you well. Now hurry up and refine the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te before we go to the northern and southern parts of the Yin-Yang Planet to find Yin-Yang Vulture feathers and Yin-Yang Immortal crystals."

Nodding, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu opened the bottle caps and poured the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te into their mouths.

It tasted cold in their mouths and their lips s.h.i.+vered as if they were refining an ice block of hundreds of degrees below zero.

However, they swallowed the h.e.l.l liquid into their belly without any hesitation.

Overwhelming immortal-grade chilling energy contained in the Million-Year Stalact.i.te spread to their limbs, meridians, bones and blood, eliminating the impurities in their bodies.

While the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te drove out the impurities from their bodies, it cultivated their skin, muscles, meridians and bones, making them more powerful.

Glancing at them, Qingfeng Li also picked up a bottle and poured the content into his mouth.

Qingfeng Li s.h.i.+vered at the freezing sensation, thinking the temperature was probably as low as almost 1,000 degrees below zero.

Fortunately, he had cultivated his Mortal Purgatory Body into immortal body which was strong enough for him to withstand this extreme cold, otherwise he wouldn't have dared to take it.

After pouring the freezing cold liquid into his mouth, Qingfeng L sat down cross-legged and circulated the Heavenly Immortal Chant which emitted an immortal aura to refine the energy in the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

The energy contained in the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was a special profound h.e.l.l energy which was quite opposite to Qingfeng Li's fire style technique, thunder style technique and other techniques.

However, Qingfeng Li still wanted to absorb it into his body.

After his battle with Five Elements Patriarch, he had made the decision to store all five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, into his immortal nucleus since these elements were the most basic energy in the world.

In this way, when he encountered more powerful immortal masters, he could skip realm and challenge them, which was impossible with his current strength.

Qingfeng Li's Heavenly Immortal Chant was a technique he got from his father the Conqueror Third Master Li. When he circulated this powerful technique, his body issued huge booming sounds like huge waves in the ocean and shook all over as if in an earthquake.

These body movements activated the potentials in his body while eliminating all the impurities from his body, giving him a refreshed feeling.

After the refining, his skin, muscles, meridians and bones could not only withstand the heat as hot as tens of thousands of degrees but resist the cold as low as hundreds of degrees below zero as well.

Qingfeng Li's body was surrounded by all kinds of auras such as nine-colored thunders, Yin and Yang energies, black h.e.l.l runes and other techniques.

Encircled by a seven-colored light beam, he quickly absorbed one bottle of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

Without hesitation, he took out another bottle of h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te and instantly absorbed the huge amount of energy contained in it.

Like a bottomless hole or a whale-sized stomach, he tirelessly absorbed the violent energy from the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

Without hesitation, he took out the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth bottle…

He drank 20 bottles of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te and absorbed all the freezing energy in them.

His body emitted dazzling light and violent energy.

Not far from him, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu all woke up from their cultivations.

Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu's physiques could only absorb one bottle of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te. Although Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake could absorb more, they didn't ask more of it from Qingfeng Li.

It was because the top priority right now was to increase Qingfeng Li's strength. After all, in the northern and southern parts of the Yin-Yang Planet existed legendary ultimate prohibitions and they would face more powerful enemies in these two places.

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