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[310] Ibid. Essay i. -- ii. p. 76.

[311] Ibid. Essay iii. -- iv. p. 466.

[312] A good exposition of how an inferior action has to yield to one higher is given by Dr. Newman in his "Lectures on University Subjects," p.

372. "What is true in one science, is dictated to us indeed according to that science, but not according to another science, or in another department.

"What is certain in the military art, has force in the military art, but not in statesmans.h.i.+p; and if statesmans.h.i.+p be a higher department of action than war, and enjoins the contrary, it has no force on our reception and obedience at all. And so what is true in medical science, might in all cases be carried out, _were_ man a mere animal or brute without a soul; but since he is a rational, responsible being, a thing may be ever so true in medicine, yet may be unlawful in fact, in consequence of the _higher_ law of morals and religion coming to some different conclusion."

[313] Quoted from the _Rambler_ of March 1860, p. 364: [Greek: "Hopou men oun hapanta sunebe, hosper kain ei heneka tou egineto, tauta men esothe apo tou automatou sustanta epitedeios hosa de me houtos apoleto kai apollutai, kathapeo Empedokles legei ta bougene kai androprora.]"--ARIST. _Phys._ ii.

c. 8.

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