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Chapter 800: Yaoyao Arrives

Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

“Little n.o.ble G.o.d! Not far away, two G.o.d-like archers and the knights cried out together as Pu Lin was slaughtered in front of them. He would've died for sure were it not for the Death Subst.i.tution Talisman.

Together, they rushed forward to save Pu Lin.

The attack just then had been breathtaking. Pu Lin's entire being turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist and even his armor exploded. It was as though he had been killed.

The b.l.o.o.d.y mist diffused and where it was originally stood a sparkling, translucent talisman covered with cracks. Pu Lin's spirit beam was gathering together with this as the central point.

“Pa.s.s me the spatial bracelet!” Pu Lin bellowed.

He had just exploded, but his right hand had prevailed. Chu Feng had purposefully left it out when he was controlling the multi-colored radiance, letting him keep a hand so the obscured gold bracelet could be preserved.

This was because he had previously witnessed Pu Lin stuffing his own pockets and stealing the divine beast blood, but he didn't know if he had consumed it yet.

In addition, as he was a Little n.o.ble G.o.d there must be some good things on his body, so it was worth keeping the secret spatial treasures.


However, as they came rus.h.i.+ng over, the gold spatial bracelet was brushed by Ying Zhexian's divine multi-colored brilliance and swept away immediately.

“Ah, a jar of divine beast blood!” Ying Zhexian opened it right there and appeared shocked.

“Ah…” Pu Lin bellowed. He found it difficult to bear and couldn't accept such an outcome. He had came in pursuit for the ghostly slaves.

In his eyes, what were these Yin spirits regarded as? The cavalry he had led could destroy spirit beams with just one attack. Yet the result?

Not only had he not obtained the divine medicine he wanted, such as the fortune being the divine beast blood, he had also thrown himself in here. His own divine beast blood was seized away.

He almost lost his mind over this!

“Kill them for me!” Pu Lin's spirit beam was converging together as it revolved around the sparkling talisman, his figure beginning to manifest.

At this moment, he was hysterical and crazed as he shouted loudly, “Kill them for me. Wipe them, wipe them all out!”

Several days earlier, the Yin spirits were being chased by him, and now, they had turned around and battered his corporeal body. They were conversely suppressing him, so how could he bear this?

Now, Pu Lin's way of thinking was unbalanced. The enemy had destroyed his body, so naturally, in the bottom of his heart, he understood that he had lost his advantage. Everything was moving over.

It would've been better if the ten thousand cavalry he commanded was here, but what did he have left now? How could he keep Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian off with two G.o.d-like archers and four knights?

“Ah, kill them, kill them for me!” His eyes were red like that of a gambler's and there he bellowed.

“Protect the Little n.o.ble G.o.d and retreat!” a knight said in a low voice. They still had Divine Travelling Talismans on them, therefore, they were familiar with the land for several hundred miles.


Unfortunately, Chu Feng wasn't giving them chances. In midair, he joined hands with Ying Zhexian and swept out another multi-colored beam. This enshrouded the four knights and the two G.o.d-like archers, who were drawing their bows.


They turned into a bundle of blood. They weren't even beaten up, and yet their forms were completely destroyed.

“How cruel. These are our prey. We could use alternative techniques to absorb their Divinity Granules and use them to evolve!” Ouyang Feng shouted.

“I'm sorry, it was a mistake. But didn't they have lots of knights? Go back and find them!” Chu Feng said.

At this moment, Pu Lin's spirit beam had already been recombined. His gaze was full of bitter resentment as this was the biggest loss he had ever suffered in his life. He would've accepted it better if he had been killed by the Moon G.o.ddess.

But he truly couldn't accept being killed in return by the Yin spirits and ghosts he had once looked down upon and who he simply had no regard for.

He was once high and mighty, leading ten thousand knights in their attack on these foreign Yin spirits as they fled in disorder. No one dared to contend against him, yet now he had fallen to such a point. His mentality was imbalanced.

“Oh, this is genuine, pure divine beast blood. Thank you, Pu Lin!” In midair, Chu Feng smiled down at Pu Lin, who was on the ground, after he caught sight of the jade jar.

Pu Lin's eyes were burning with rage and he immediately spat out a mouthful of “soul blood”. He was truly infuriated, and something like this was enough to pain him for eternity, given if he could survive.

With the black-colored honored guest on his back, Ouyang Feng paced slowly and said, “The public-spirited and kindhearted Little n.o.ble G.o.d, the broadly virtuous Brother Pu Lin, thank you. Travelling such a long distance to deliver divine beast blood to us while taking the initiative to let us beat you up. Many thanks.”

When he heard this and saw Ouyang Feng taking graceful swan steps there, Pu Lin coughed up another big mouthful of soul blood with a 'pop' sound. He was indeed mad.

These words were piercing to the ears and seriously poked at his heart. He was awfully troubled and carefully recounted how arrogant he was several days earlier. He didn't even bother to open his eyes to look at the Jun Tuo son back then, yet now he was reduced to a captive.

“Yin spirits, don't be complacent. The borders of the foreign realms you're currently situated in will be beaten through by us after all is said and done, as we have studied the Martial G.o.ds' arts for many years. We'll charge over, and even if your father is really some exceptional Jun Tuo figure, he won't be enough in front of the Martial G.o.d's valiant generals. They'll be beaten to a pulp!”

Pu Lin's face was gloomy as he uttered this.

“Dammit, I won't kill you, I'll beat you up first!” Ouyang Feng was pressing and unbelievably maddened as he attacked wildly. He issued his divine beast martial art, his spirit beam dazzling.

Thump, thump, thump…

Instantly, Pu Lin flew out sideways. He was already not retaliating because it was meaningless. Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian were overlooking him from above, and as soon as that multi-colored radiance shone down, his death subst.i.tution talisman would be ruined once again, wasted for no reason.

“Little n.o.ble G.o.d, cooperate with us. We're giving you a death with dignity,” said Chu Feng.

“You want to kill me?” Pu Lin's countenance s.h.i.+fted and his body couldn't help but convulse. Then, in a high voice he said, “My father is Ling Weihou. Perhaps you're not aware of his position and power. He is part of the Martial G.o.d's warriors. Kill me and there will not be a place you could seek shelter in this entire desolate region. It'll be no use no matter where you run to!”

“Isn't there still the Moon G.o.ddess? We'll go to her territory,” Ying Zhexian spoke calmly.

The single sentence made Pu Lin unbearably stifled. His mouth was open, but he couldn't speak.

At this moment, Ying Xiaoxiao flew over from the horizon, too. She was incomparably excited and yelled, “Finally, we've got ahold of this pig head Little n.o.ble G.o.d. It was not long ago when we were wretched as he was chasing us. Let's first beat him into a pig's head!”

Pu Lin's eyes opened wide. Even a little lolita was brave enough to speak to him like this now. Despite how shockingly beautiful she was, it was still unbearable.

“Brother-in-law, he threatened me. He has a murderous aura in his eyes!” Ying Xiaoxiao complained.

“Alright, I'll avenge you!” Chu Feng smiled and nodded. With a bang, he slapped down so hard that Pu Lin was unable to restrain his anger and fought back directly.

“Behave!” Ouyang Feng approached gracefully once again, ready to attack and beat Pu Lin.

In the sky, Ying Zhexian glared at Chu Feng. The peerless and matchless face showed discontent, resent, as well as warning.

At the same time, she also warned Ying Xiaoxiao surrept.i.tiously. Were it not for this, the girl would have continued calling him brother-in-law and it didn't suit her tastes.

“What, haven't you already finished dual cultivation? The silver-haired loli mumbled before saying, as though proud of her age and experience, “Are the youths nowadays this open? They enjoy self-indulgence and don't want enduring outcomes. I really don't understand you youngsters.”

Upon hearing this, Ying Zhexian didn't want to attack Pu Lin anymore and wanted to hit her younger sister instead!

“Little n.o.ble G.o.d, excuse me for offending you just then. Come, let us talk. As a matter of fact, it's not that I can't let you live,” said Chu Feng, giving him hope.

“Say it, what do you want?” Pu Lin was delighted.

“I want to learn even greater miraculous techniques from you and need you to advise me.” Chu Feng smiled.

He was so elegant even when trying to rob miraculous techniques. Pu Lin wanted to beat his face. He truly hated this ghostly slave.

“No. Nevermind me, even my father Ling Weihou is incapable of obtaining complete high-level techniques.” Pu Lin shook his head.

The techniques Pu Lin mastered were only mid-level. Some of the G.o.d-like archers and the stronger knights in the army also used it, and it wasn't considered to be top secret.

Before, Chu Feng had already obtained it from him.

“That's a shame. You don't have anything worthy of exchange.” Chu Feng sighed.

“Right, then give me this kid. Previously, my body was burnt many times by his arrows when he was chasing me as I fled thousands of miles. This kid was laughing at the back and calling us ghostly slaves. I'm simply infuriated, I'm going to beat him!”

Between speaking, Ouyang Feng directly gave him the swan calling and pressed a claw on top of his face. Now, the two people were in their spiritual states where strikes and injuries were extremely effective.


Pu Lin flew out and was suddenly in great fury. He couldn't endure it any longer as he felt that even if he continued cooperating, the opposition wouldn't let him go. Since this was the case, then he gave it his all. There was no need for him to be soft-spoken and submissive.


He used his spirit beam and attacked Chu Feng.


In the end, the divine son flew out as he was blasted away by Ouyang Feng's legendary Giant Bird Wing Spread technique. Indeed, nowadays, Ouyang Feng possessed a divine beast with a Yang spirit. Compared to in the past, this was an extremely rapid upgrade.

Regardless of in which world, divine beasts were terrifying. In the same realm, it was unlikely he would be well-matched.

“Search his spirit to find the origin and secrets of the secret techniques. See if there's anything we should take note of.”

Chu Feng indicated to Ying Zhexian that she would need to join hands with him to suppress Pu Lin so that he didn't self-detonate or rebel. They needed him to cooperate with the spirit-searching.


The two flew together and their spirit beams merged as they used the wonderful multi-colored technique once more. It enshrouded Pu Lin, stifling him so that he couldn't move a single inch.

“Rascal, let's see how you can continue to be rampant!” Ouyang Feng charged over and trampled on him. Then he directly searched his spirit.

After a moment, his face turned nasty.

In the end, the divine rune within Pu Lin's spirit beam flickered. It was going to explode.

Following this, an imposing voice sounded and said, “Who dares to search my spirit and mind?!”

The imprint of Ling Weihou remaining on that divine rune awakened and issued a horrifying wave. With a tearing sound, a void figure rushed out, suspended in mid-air. It was lacking in energy but possessed alarming order waves.

“Father? Kill them!” Pu Lin was shocked. Then he was incomparably excited and joyous. His father had left an imprint of his spiritual body inside his own body?

“Fall back!” Chu Feng shouted.

In reality, Ouyang Feng had ran long ago. He had disappeared the moment he saw that something was askew.

The silver-haired lolita was also quick-witted and had run off in a whoosh.

This void figure gazed at Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian, sensing that these two were the threatening ones.


There was the sound of a bell as Chu Feng prompted the spirit bell. It hung above his and Ying Zhexian's spiritual bodies, and then they issued the wonderful multi-colored radiance once again with a bang. However, this time, it came from their spirits. With the blessing from the spirit bell, the multi-colored radiance burst out with even more impressive energy.


“Mn?!” The void figure was astonished. After all, it was just an imprint, not a real spirit. It was impossible for its adaptability and reaction to be the same as a real person's.


The imprint was stubborn; terrifying power burst out from between the two parties.

Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian flipped over as they flew out and coughed up huge mouthfuls of blood. The spirit bell likewise flew out at an incline and sounded incessantly.

However, the void figure exploded with a bubbling noise in the end.

“Father?!” Pu Lin was stunned.

One should know that his father's imprint was unconditionally as mighty as quasi-saints, but in the end, it was still obliterated. How terrifying were these two people's wonderful techniques? One must know what realm had they reached at such an age? An outcome of such sorts was enough to shake the world.

“Fortunately, it's just an imprint and could hardly be sustained, otherwise, we would have definitely died!” Chu Feng sighed.

“You can be on your way!” Ouyang Feng said.


He attacked Pu Lin from the sides.

Pu Lin wanted to fight with all costs. In the end, Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian attacked, too, as they didn't want mishaps occurring again. They killed him directly.

The death subst.i.tution talisman smashed four times in a row. Pu Lin shouted in fright as he was transformed into rain of light. His form was completely extinguished!

Meanwhile in a city ten thousand miles away, Ling Weihou's heart throbbed. Then he stood up and yelled, “How dare they kill my son! What courage, I'll wipe you all out!”

Although in this world many days had pa.s.sed, it had only been a moment in Chu Feng's original universe.

At the same time, on Earth's Eastern Sea in Mount Eternal.

The big black yak called to his friends, asking for some to follow them into battle in the foreign realms. One could say they could advance by leaps and bounds, but it was also very dangerous. In the end, no one answered him.

As the old donkey would say, cultivation was indeed precious, but the value of one's life was higher. They wouldn't go even if they were beaten for it.

“Hee haw, old black, you go. I, Lu Feiyang, will chant sutras for you every day so that you can go to the foreign realms feeling at ease and with courage!”

“Dammit, do you want to surpa.s.s me by chanting sutras for me everyday?” The big black yak's dark face darkened even more.

“Brother Yak, have a safe journey, I won't bother to see you out!” The Manchurian Tiger and everyone else in the surroundings shook their heads, insistent that they weren't going.

Then Yellow Ox made a trip to Kunlun to ask the princess Yaoyao. In the end, Yaoyao came with him to the Immortal Island in the first instance of hearing what happened.

“Only spirits could cross over. Who will follow me on a campaign to illuminate the heavens in the foreign realms? We'll charge and create a glorious nation!”

Yaoyao was going, and with her calling everyone put their hands up, indicating that they must follow on, too!

The big black yak rolled his eyes and said, “What do you guys mean? You didn't come when I called, but when Princess Yaoyao said she's going, you all follow, sneering as your b.u.t.tocks shake. Isn't that a little too cold?”

“I reckon I'll never come back if I go with you and I'll be gone forever. Princess Yaoyao is number one in the starry skies and she has fought many of the undefeated in the ancient universe. Of course, we'll follow her!”

“Let's expedite into the foreign realms!” Yaoyao waved her hand with magnificent, unmatched style and led everyone on!

“There's me, too!” Lady Xi shouted too, wanting to following them onwards.

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