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Many people have a misunderstanding about sword cultivation.

They believed that using sword to enter the path of immortal cultivation meant that the sword cultivator relied on an external object to achieve success. For a genuine sword cultivator, the sword was not just simply a tool or perhaps just an extension of the limb; once they reached the realm of person and sword unite, the sword was absolutely not just a foreign object anymore, so naturally, it was the complete opposite of relying on an external object to tread the path of cultivation. In fact, from all the cultivators in the world, the sword cultivators were probably one of the groups that relied on external object the fewest. As long as they have their sword, it didn’t matter if they didn’t have any other magical treasures.

Similarly, excessive reliance on foreign objects was also intolerable for Zhu s.h.i.+yao. The difference between her power with or without her were worlds apart. If, in the future, her opponent deliberately aimed at this, wouldn’t she be as good as dead?

Fortunately, Daoist Master Feng Yin had already made arrangements for her. Along with Zhu s.h.i.+yao’s cultivation improvement, the were also changed. Although their performance was more and more powerful, the volume was increasingly smaller and also more concealed. When Zhu s.h.i.+yao reached the Xudan Stage, she simply used the contact lenses. From the appearance alone, no one could guess she has a vulnerable point. Moreover, the contact lens could be put on and pulled out easily. Thus, when not in use, it could be revoked at any time to avoid the risk.

According to Feng Yin’s deduction, when she reached Jindan Stage, Zhu s.h.i.+yao could use this opportunity to transform the external magical treasure so that it could enter into her Golden Core. At that time, the that filtered the virtual image would become one of her magical abilities, no longer an external thing, and no one would be able to destroy or steal it. Her last vulnerable point would be completely eliminated.

Unfortunately, right now, Zhu s.h.i.+yao has yet to reach the Jindan Stage, so her contact lenses were still her important flaw. And this time, when she ventured deep within the sword tomb, because of a coincidence, her contact lenses were broken, causing her vision to turn blurry.

However, at this time, Zhu s.h.i.+yao was no longer the same young girl ten years ago who was completely powerless in front of the white ape without her Now, even if her were broken, her power was still far beyond the reach of others.

The reason for this? Very simple. Zhu s.h.i.+yao has been using her Stellar Divine Eyes for more than ten years. And during which, except for a few necessary occasions, most of the time, she actually didn’t wear any

In the ancient times, the Sect Leader of Stellar School didn’t solve his hidden weakness with immortal treasure, but completely used his ability to fight the side effect of this innate magical ability. Although he couldn’t eliminate it till the end, he could still sweep the entire Nine Regions. This was the same for Zhu s.h.i.+yao. Even though Zhu s.h.i.+yao’s biggest power was her Stellar Divine Eyes, it didn’t mean that without the Stellar Divine Eyes, she was nothing. She was born with Sword Spirit Root and cultivated the immortal level method that perfectly matched her spirit root, Stellar Sword Method. Furthermore, she has the top rank spiritual treasure Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword. On strength alone, even Liu Li might not necessarily be stronger than her. Were it not for the sword spirit of Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword that happened to fall into deep sleep, with the coordination between her and the sword spirit, Zhu s.h.i.+yao could bring her power up a notch.

Compared to the almost invincible Zhu s.h.i.+yao, her opponent seemed to be completely inadequate.

"After you comprehend the Nine Yang Heaven Burning Sword, we’re going to attack them again. This time, you must eliminate the opponents, do not give them the opportunity to breathe. Although Sword Demon is not the real master of this tomb, he has the same origin as mine, so he likely has some tricks up his sleeves. Moreover, long delay means more problem."

Zhu s.h.i.+yao has no opinion about this. According to the Sword G.o.d, the only way for her to get out of the sword tomb was through killing the opponent whose body was filled with demonic qi. In the previous fight, the demonic qi was very clear in her blurred vision, moreover, slaying the opponent also conformed with the thing that was often said by her Master, which was to slay the demon and kill the devil.

However, somehow, when she was about to give the finis.h.i.+ng blow, a vigilance that was born out of instinct stopped her from doing that.

In the absence of her, Zhu s.h.i.+yao mostly relied on her instinct in the fight. After all, the Stellar Divine Eyes have been with her for more than ten years, which left a deep impression on her. Thus, even if relying on instinct alone, she could still smoothly go anywhere.

However, at that time, her instinct told her to stop.

Why? There was absolutely no reason for that. Zhu s.h.i.+yao carefully checked herself using the method taught by her Master for several times, but found that it was not the problem of her Method. At the same time, the Sword G.o.d was helping her from the side, so there was no way a vicious spell could hinder her...

So, why exactly?

Zhu s.h.i.+yao never found the answer to this question. However, she didn’t need to. She was a sword cultivator, not a scholar. When problems came to her, she would just cut them with her sword. With the sword in her hand, she would always advance courageously.

"I am good."

After Zhu s.h.i.+yao confirmed her state, she finally opened her mouth.

Seeing how Zhu s.h.i.+yao has completely mastered the Nine Yang Heaven Burning Sword in dozens of hours—with her whole body seemed like a flame, and her momentum reaching its peak—Sword G.o.d quite happily nodded. "Good. We’ll go at once. This time, don’t show any mercy!"

At the other end of the sea of bitterness, Sword Demon heaved a sigh.

"This is really good."

"Yes, it is. If it’s a few hours earlier, I can only trouble you, senior."

"Humph, what I expect is exactly this time period. The last time, they came for nothing. Whatever the reason, they would be cautious, thus, the most likely choice for them is to spend some period of time to increase their strength. Zhu s.h.i.+yao with her Sword Spirit Root is most suitable to learn the various sword arts learned by Zhong Shengming in the past. Each set of sword art would remarkably increase her ability by a level, so that the next battle, the victory will be more a.s.sured… What a pity, he probably doesn’t know that you, with your Void Spirit Root, are the one that gets the most benefits here."

While speaking, Sword Demon swept his gaze around him, and his heart slightly trembled.

An area with the radius of dozens of miles has actually disappeared from the initially boundless black haze. Needless to say, this was the masterpiece of w.a.n.g Lu.

Although it was the Sword Demon who suggested w.a.n.g Lu to use the black tide to boost his cultivation, Sword Demon didn’t expect Void Spirit Root to be this powerful. In just dozens of hours, it had already absorbed such a huge amount of black haze. Moreover, all of it was refined and turned into w.a.n.g Lu’s own magical ability.

Even the ancient Jindan Stage cultivators would turn mad if impacted with that amount of black haze. However, w.a.n.g Lu easily absorbed, suppressed, and refined all of that black haze, without receiving the slightest bit of side effect. His potential was simply bottomless!

"Unfortunately, this place is closed by an immortal level spell, completely isolated from the world's main path. Otherwise, this amount of black haze would’ve directly advance your stage straight into Jindan Stage."

w.a.n.g Lu indifferently shrugged. "So what? In terms of magical power, I’m ten times as powerful. At this time, even a common Jindan Cultivator is inferior than me. Although I lack the magical ability of a Jindan Stage, after absorbing and digesting the black haze, I’ve refined my own original magical ability, so there’s basically no difference… Oh, yeah, since I’m now basically a Jindan, please call me Daoist Master w.a.n.g Lu."

"Humph, even if you have the power of a Jindan, you still can’t be careless."

w.a.n.g Lu smiled. "Rest a.s.sured, I’ve experienced the power of Big Sister too many times." Then his smile gradually turned cold. "Therefore, this time, like you said, I will stomp her with absolute strength."

Sword Demon coldly smiled. "Heh, interesting. That’s the spirit. Let me see the power of your newly learned original magical ability."

As soon as his voice fell, a golden bright light shone within the sea of dark haze from a distance. It was still Zhu s.h.i.+yao with her Nine Yang Heaven Burning Sword. Wherever her sword went to, the black haze immediately retreated. Her movement was faster than riding the boat.

"Tsk, tsk, she’s indeed the Big Sister of Spirit Sword Sect, forever radiant wherever she goes."

At this time, w.a.n.g Lu calmly stood with hands behind his back, leisurely chatting as if his victory was a.s.sured. However, behind him, Sword Demon didn’t have the same confidence as w.a.n.g Lu.

Just now, he witnessed the entire process of w.a.n.g Lu refining the black haze into magical ability. Because of limited time, w.a.n.g Lu didn’t have the chance to start over and remove the restriction of Non-Phase Method; even the Big Heart Demon Oath has yet to be lifted. However, combined with Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword, his original foundation has received a lot of improvement.

Using a simple a.n.a.logy, it was equivalent to adding a Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword courtyard on top of the Non-Phase Method foundation. On the surface, it would appear somewhat out of place, however, the effect seemed to be extraordinarily good. It was just that, it has yet to be put in actual fight, so telling that it was awesome made it appear somewhat empty words. If w.a.n.g Lu was fierce, Zhi s.h.i.+yao was not to be treated lightly either… otherwise, why else would Sword G.o.d choose her to be his partner?

A moment later, Zhu s.h.i.+yao and her divine sword came before w.a.n.g Lu.

At this time, w.a.n.g Lu didn’t take a pa.s.sive stance. When the opponent approached him, he pointed out and made a circle with hundreds of meters in diameter.

As he stretched out his right hand, Zhu s.h.i.+yao and Sword G.o.d that had entered that area immediately felt the s.p.a.ce around them surged.

"The array had been arranged ahead of time? Not bad." Sword G.o.d slightly frowned. The reason why they took the initiative to attack was because they were the stronger side, thus, it was normal for the opponent to make early arrangement to try to tilt the balance. Because of this, Sword G.o.d had already prepared to fight a tower-defense-type of battle. It was just that he didn’t think that the opposite side’s array arrangement would be so concealed that he was completely unaware.

However, the next moment, Sword G.o.d was surprised. "Wrong. This is not an array. This is… magical ability!? Xudan Stage’s magical ability?!"

It was too late to think. Sword G.o.d wanted to use his Heaven Splitting Sword Qi to affect Zhu s.h.i.+yao so that she could avoid the edge, however, unexpectedly, after she felt the change in the s.p.a.ce, Zhu s.h.i.+yao’s shapely eyebrows slightly frowned and actually dashed forward.

At the same time, the dark and light world collapsed, and they suddenly were on the b.l.o.o.d.y bleak hill. Countless broken sharp weapons stood erect, scattered around on this dried land—without exception, all of them were swords, as if this was their forlorn grave.

This world was extremely small, around hundreds of meters in diameter. Nevertheless, the edges of this world was actually a cage made of countless huge, forged, broken swords, seemingly indestructible.

w.a.n.g Lu was in the center of this world. Spreading out his arms wide, he slightly bowed towards the two uninvited guests to welcome them.

"Welcome to my world."

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