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Chapter 221: The Staunch Phoenix
Between Heaven and Earth floated a dense layer of mist. Blurry purple fog was all that could be seen.

The Array of Purple Clouds!
The ancestral array that protected the Zi Yang House for tens and thousands of years.
During its times of prosperity and glory, Ancestor Zi Yang, using this array, rampaged through troops of opponents before finally winning and establis.h.i.+ng the House of Zi Yang.
After the Zi Yang House weakened during the great war, this array protected the House from enemies of all directions. Acting as the most loyal guard, the array defended this land, banned those wolves of opponents from entering, and produced a chance for the House of Zi Yang to recover and reclaim its triumphant reputation.
In other words, this array is the reason why the House of Zi Yang still stands today.
However, the war from tens of thousands of years ago has left the array weakened to only 30 to 40 percent of its original state. Though the Array of Purple Clouds successfully chased away the evaders, it was greatly damaged.
This was why when the phoenix fluttered its wings, the sea of fire receded the purple clouds.
Luckily, the core property of this array was that the energy it contains flowed continuously like water. Even if the fog cannot detain the phoenix, it could try to drain the phoenix’s Qi until its completely depleted of energy.
The Array of Purple Clouds had no limits. As long as spiritual energy exists between Heaven and Earth, it would continue to produce purple fog and restrain the phoenix.
This was the most powerful aspect of this array. As long as it is not completely destroyed, it can continue to fight as the most threatening weapon!
Currently, the giant Sun was high in the sky, and purple clouds filled all the s.p.a.ce between Heaven and Earth.
No matter how savagely the phoenix emitted flames out of its wings, the fog around it would only dissipate for a few seconds before they reappeared again. This made the phoenix exasperated, and it dialed up the intensity of its attacks.
"d.a.m.n the great war, d.a.m.n the House of Zi Yang!"
The phoenix flapped its wings like a berserk. Flame after flame rolled out of its wings and attacked the fog around them. However, as soon as he diminished a piece of cloud, another formed. There was no end to this.
This annoyed the phoenix even more. It didn’t know what to do with this weakened array that refused to give up.
Below him, Ling Xian’s eyes flashed with shock as he stared at the phoenix wrapped in purple fog. He murmured to himself, "The Array of Purple Clouds sure is extraordinary. Such a capable phoenix cannot fight against this array."
"Ancient arrays is an art that is profound enough for cultivators to dedicate their lives to and mysterious enough for ghosts to lose their minds over. Of course, it is extraordinary," The Demonic Fairy muttered.
"That is true. Based on what the phoenix is saying, this array is already damaged and is not as prevailing as it originally was. I wonder how impressive this array was when the Array of Purple Clouds was performing at its best?" A yearning look flashed across Ling Xian’s face. Remember that he was now the inheritor of all knowledge regarding ancient arrays, just how powerful will he be when he thoroughly learns everything?
How many people will be his opponent when that day comes?
"I’m afraid you will never get to see that in your lifetime. After that war, the Array of Purple Cloud has dwindled greatly. Today, it is only 30 to 40 percent of what it used to be." The Demonic Fairy shook her head with a tint of pity in her voice.
"Oh really? That may not be the case." Ling Xian faintly grinned. A thought popped into him his head. What if he could to be the one to restore the array into its original form?
If anyone could hear his thoughts, they all would be laughing at him for over-estimating himself. Are anci

ent arrays fixed just because one wants to fix it? How many array masters have tried and failed? This young man thinks he has the ability do it by himself?
However, he really does have the ability.
Ling Xian now possessed the legacy from the Pioneer of Ancient Arrays. Even if he cannot restore the array now, he will be able to achieve it one day. This was something definite and foreseeable. The only way this wouldn't become true would be that he was actually extremely unsavvy and cannot understand ancient arrays.
But how was that possible?
Based on the fact that he used only two months to enter the field of arrays, he is obviously highly acute.
"May not be the case? It sounds like you want to fix this array?" The Demonic Fairy raised an eyebrow.
The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. "That is a thought of mine."
"Ling Xian, I agree that you are very capable. But to say that you want to mend the array is a bit too presumptuous." The Demonic Fairy grinned mockingly.
If Ling Xian’s goal were to defeat the phoenix, then she would believe it without a shadow of doubt. However, to want to revive the Purple Clouds Array made her think of him as naïve and arrogant.
This is the extraordinary Array of Purple Clouds. How many array masters have tried and ended up failing while shaking their heads?
On top of that, cultivators were still human. Ling Xian was young in age and has already achieved amazing accomplishments on the path of cultivation. That was already difficult, how could he suddenly become an array master? Was he really an almighty demon who was multi-talented?
If all those a.s.sumptions turn out to be true, then the Demonic Fairy would seriously consider the idea that this youth is the reincarnation of G.o.d.
"You don’t seem to believe me." Ling Xian smiled. Staring at the beautiful lady before him, he was suddenly motivated more than ever. "Why don’t we make another bet then?"
"What do you want to bet this time?" The Demonic Fairy raised another eyebrow.
"Hmm, that is true. You are definitely going to be my servant so I don’t think you’ll have anything to offer," Ling Xian teased.
The Demonic Fairy froze and sneered, "You are already certain that I would lose before the battle even started. You sure are conceited."
"My certainty isn’t that you will lose, but that I will win," Ling Xian corrected.
Of course, there was absolutely no difference between these two sentence. He simply said it to ridicule the Demonic Fairy.
The Demonic Fairy’s face dropped as the desire to kill expanded. She scorned, "Ling Xian, I don’t think we need to wait another half a month. Why don’t we start our fight now. I can’t wait any longer, I need to see you bowing down to me."
"What’s the rush? The first time you lost to me because you were unable to perform to your full potential. I really do want to see your actual capability, which is why I granted you a second chance. There are only two more weeks left until our final fight, be patient."
Ling Xian stared into the sky with a grin on his face. His white robe was lifted up by the wind, making him look like an Immortal.
Such peerless grace struck the Demonic Fairy and she couldn’t help it but display a trace of glee in her eyes. However, her tongue remained controlled. "Your grace is a waste on you. All you have left is arrogance."
"Arrogance or confidence is something you will find out in two weeks." Ling Xian grinned faintly as his eyes shone. Remembering the bet, he said, "How about this. If I can restore the array to its original state and defeat you, then you be my servant and do everything I say."
The Demonic Fairy frowned, unsure where Ling Xian was getting the confidence from.
"What is it? Is the Demonic Fairy who shook the 36 Islands scared?" Ling Xian showed a shadow of a smile.
"Me? Scared of you?" The Demonic Fairy snickered, "Ling Xian… If you didn’t bring up fixing the array, I may hesitate for a few seconds. But you really should not have been arrogant enough to make the claim that you can restore this array. You sure are actively chasing after death."
"You do not need to worry about me. Just answer me. Do you accept this or not?" Ling Xian whispered.
"If you cannot restore the array and you fall under my hand, will you also be my servant without complaint?" The Demonic Fairy asked.
Ling Xian nodded softly. "Of course."
"Alright, then I make the bet!"
The corner of the Demonic Fairy’s lips lifted up as she displayed a proud smile, "Ling Xian, don’t blame anyone or anything for your upcoming death. I really cannot wait for you to kneel before me."
"You will see something similar to that. However, it will be a reflection of yourself seen through my pupils." Ling Xian grinned and no longer paid any attention to the angry Demonic Fairy. Instead, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the phoenix.
The battle has reached its climax.
Zi Dong Lai’s expression was heavy. Gathered together with all the Elders, they floated in midair in the center of all the purple clouds. Using their own spiritual energy, they fed and strengthened the array. The purple clouds emerged one after another, tightly trapping the phoenix.
The phoenix remained aggressive as its wings continued to flutter. It was, however, starting to get exhausted and it was apparent that it cannot hang on much longer.
"Dammit, humans, you are driving me into a corner!" The phoenix felt even more enraged. Fully aware that it cannot break the power of the seal, it used all its strength to contend against the Elders.
After a loud and long howl, the phoenix radiated an infinite amount of heavenly light that diminished all the purple clouds. Then, its beak slowly opened, spilling out a bright red pearl, suspended in midair.
An Inner Dan!
Known as a beast’s second life, if erupted, the beast would be able to attack with powers outside of its actual cultivation level!
Before their eyes was the phoenix attempting to break the Inner Dan as a last resort to fully destroy the Array of Purple Clouds and fight for the possibility to live.
"Oh no, hurry up and restrict the array!"
Realizing the phoenix’s plan, Zi Dong Lai’s face turned a different color. He quickly ordered everyone to restrict the array in fear that the phoenix’s attack would directly impact the array. It was possible that a shattered Inner Dan could annihilate the array into ashes.
"Haha, it is too late. You, the House of Zi Yang, trapped me for 30 years. I will turn your House into a pool of blood!" The Phoenix spoke with delirium, hatred, and staunch!
The 30 years it spent alone under the seal of an array has turned it hateful. Seeing that it could no longer escape, it decided that it rather lose its life alongside the House of Zi Yang than be sealed again!
The red Inner Dan floated in midair, surrounded by faint golden flames. Its ambiance was incomparably terrifying and heaven-defying!
"Dammit!" Zi Dong Lai clenched his teeth. He did not expect the phoenix to be so determined.
Before him were two options. One was to continue the battle using the Array of Purple Clouds. If he does, the ancestral array will definitely be completely destroyed.
However, if he doesn’t choose this option, then every generation of the Zi Yang House will die. After all, the Inner Dan belonged to the phoenix. Once erupted, its power can outcompete those of the original level!
"What do I do?" Zi Dong Lai was caught in a dilemma. He did not want to be the one to wipe out the one technique left by the ancestors but on the other hand, he cannot just watch as everyone dies.
The phoenix gave him no time to think.
As it howled loudly once again, the red Inner Dan emitted another round of light. The center of the Dan began to crack a little. Instantly, a terrifying atmosphere exploded. The air smelled like total destruction.
The heaven and earth shook. Land from miles away shattered with them.

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