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At that time, Li Yunmu who had just entered the Seventh Dimension, was standing on a mountain peak not far from the Earth's allied force. He was observing the impregnable pa.s.s which was barring the way for the humans. That unnamed pa.s.s was a rush job created by G.o.d Undercurrent before the attack of Earth's forces!

When Li Yunmu looked at the impregnable pa.s.s, he sighed inwardly. G.o.d Undercurrent was certainly not an ordinary character. Even materials chosen to construct the obstacle were all able to suppress the flux energy inside fluxers. What an ordinary nirvana flux master could unleash in the pa.s.s would definitely not surpa.s.s the level of a transcending flux master.

Although it might appear that the materials would suppress the strength of both attackers and the defenders, this wasn't the case. After all, the defending side still had weapons that could be used. If the allied forces of Earth wanted to attack, they would definitely have to pay an enormous price. The remaining people would then have to kill their way into the city with great difficulty where enemy cultivators would be waiting at their peak strength!

Because of the impregnable pa.s.s' existence, the allied forces of Earth were forced to halt. As long as they couldn't break through, even facing off against the people of G.o.d Undercurrent was impossible!

"Ordinary fluxers are more or less useless under the suppression. Only a powerful expert with a tyrannical body could resist the first few waves of enemy attacks and forcibly kill their way into the city, thus opening the path for the fluxers who were physically weak."

In one glance, Li Yunmu clearly understood the conditions needed to break through the impregnable pa.s.s.

Also, after seeing the impregnable pa.s.s, he realized why Frontline G.o.d had come to give the part of Azure Dragon Deity Suit. After all, it was impossible that the six transcending powers couldn't see the conditions required to break through the pa.s.s.

Previously, many fluxers and evolved humans, who thought that they possessed tyrannical physical body, should have tried to break through, but failed to make any real progress!

Naturally, if the powerhouses of the transcending powers took the lead of a unit of fluxers, then breaking through the pa.s.s would not be too difficult. But even a supreme expert like Battle G.o.d would find his strength suppressed when pa.s.sing through. And the enemy had G.o.d Undercurrent, a being with unfathomable strength bringing up their rear. In case the six transcending powers separated and found their strength suppressed, who would stand before G.o.d Undercurrent?

"This impregnable pa.s.s… is not something I cannot break!"

Li Yunmu slightly narrowed his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face.

Given the strength of his body, apart from Frontline G.o.d, he hadn't seen any fluxer who could compare with him in terms of physical power. With the addition of the reinforcement provided by the complete Azure Dragon Deity Suit, he was confident that he wouldn't be at the slightest disadvantage if he faced off against Frontline G.o.d once more!

And if G.o.d Undercurrent attacked?

Would the powerhouses of Earth's five transcending powers keep watching like spectators?

When thinking about this, a small smile played on Li Yunmu's face. His body quickly flew up, transforming into a long energy dragon that rushed toward the Earth's army camp.


The guards standing outside the allied army camp weren't idiots. They knew that all the powerhouses on their side were in the camp, so the moment they saw the terrifying dragon rus.h.i.+ng toward them, they knew what it had come to do.

In an instant, the protective spell formation was unleashed. A layer of faint cyan light film enveloped the entire allied camp. Even a first rate powerhouse like Crow Sage would require close to ten breaths to break such a formation. And the ten breaths were more than enough for the supreme experts of the five transcending powers to frighten the Crow Sage out of his mind!

"Blade, appear!"

Li Yunmu suddenly shouted, and Little Qing instantly came out of his heavenly world. Under the incredulous gazes of Earth's allied forces, it transformed into a four feet long broadsword. The next instant, Li Yunmu used Violent Blade Heavy Leap Chop and ruthlessly struck the cryan film.


Along with a world-shaking echo, the warriors of the allied forces camp experienced the feeling of the whole universe shaking. T layer of cryan film shook softly, and shortly after, Li Yunmu's figure flew away.

The warriors of allied forces took a deep sigh of relief. All of them were scared that the senior of unknown origins would slice through the protective s.h.i.+eld in one strike. It has to be known, thought, that only battle sage level powerhouses could accomplish such a thing!

If a powerful battle sage appeared among the group of ordinary fluxers before the five transcending powers managed to rush over, what sort of slaughter would happen!?

They were even afraid to think about it!

Li Yunmu, who was blown away, fell heavily on the ground and spit out a mouthful of dirt. His body had suffered no injury; after all given the tenaciousness of his flesh, this degree of counter attack was no better than tickling him!

A moment later, he spat out two more mouthfuls of dust and crushed rocks and quickly stood up with a jump. With a faint smile, he said, "It seems like I have greatly underestimated the thirst of the allied forces to stay alive. Even a protective spell formation is so durable and strong!"

Before his words were even finished, the Azure Dragon Expert Armor filled with azure flames covered his body. Once he had gathered all the pieces, his strength had greatly increased compared to before. With the battle armor filled with unique runes and azure flames covering his figure as well as his tall and st.u.r.dy body, Li Yunmu looked like a war G.o.d from ancient legends!

"Come again!"

Li Yunmu grinned after equipping Azure Dragon Expert Armor, and the cyan broadsword which was Little Qing rotated in his hand like it was weightless. However, the warriors of Earth's allied army clearly understood how formidable it was since it could shake the protective spell!

Although Frontline G.o.d had injured Li Yunmu with his one punch before, things were no longer the same. After recovering, the power which Li Yunmu could use surpa.s.sed one thousand seven hundred oxen. With the addition of the complete Azure Dragon Deity Suit, even without any overestimation, it would easily reach five thousand oxen!

This was a power which could only be used by a battle sage level powerhouse. Wasn't it a little bit terrifying!?

He heavily stamped with his right foot, and his figure transformed into a cyan light, pouncing toward the protective spell of Earth's allied army camp once more. The energy fluctuations coming from his body alone were enough to destabilize the s.p.a.ce of the Seventh Dimension!

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