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Published at 7th of November 2019 06:51:07 AM Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60 Pt . 1 The county magistrate made great efforts

County Magistrate Cheng looked at the plough and listened to Song Jinggong . He was quite happy at the beginning . Then he felt that his face was a little hot, later, he was surprised to open his mouth .

After Song Jinggong finished speaking, County Magistrate Cheng ordered this to recover from the surprise and blasphemy after a while . His eyes turned to Song Jinggong’s face from the Curved Plough .

“Zi Jin, is this what you said? Or…?”

“My Lord, it is the farmers on the Zhang village and w.a.n.g village said。 You are a good official . The farmers all remembered it . ” Song Jinggong said calmly .

As soon as County Magistrate Cheng heard it, he understood that the man was willing to give him the most meritorious merits . If the Curved Plough was really as good as Song Jinggong said and with the auspicious sign of the last time, it seemed that his position could be better after the examination .


As if he knew what County Magistrate Cheng thought, Song Jinggong then said: “My lord, the spring tillage is busy, and the time is very valuable, so you’d better let me accompany you to verify the Curved Plough, then we can make it at an early date . ”

“No, not tomorrow, tomorrow will be a day later, let’s go now . Come on, prepare the horse for us now, to have a look in the closet village with me . ”

At this time, County Magistrate Cheng’s thoughts were full of his future careers . How could he be delayed for one night? After called a person in the government, he turned to Song Jinggong and said:

“Zi Jin, the Zhang village which cooperated with me this time also have a big credit, if they have any problems, I will try my best to help them . ”

“My lord, there is one thing you can help them . It is said that the Emperor was going to remove the land, and Sanshui County is close to the capital . The restaurants and thousands of acres of farmland in Zhang village are inevitably not taken back . ”

Song Jinggong was ordered by the little master to speak out all words one by one, and County Magistrate Cheng also showed a look of embarra.s.sment when he heard it . He signed and said: “Now that, the merits of the Curved Plough are ……”

“It is my lord who takes the first effort . Without you, there is no such Curved Plough . ” Song Jinggong affirmed once again .

County Magistrate Cheng was moved . If that village takes all the credits, even if it is to find out some bad things when checked, it must be considered that there is nothing wrong . The Curved Plough, the good things of the country and the people, maybe not only be collected, but also give me a little more, and this great merit is pushed to himself .

He thought for a while, and the horses were all ready . County Magistrate Cheng had to go to the horse car with Song Jinggong and said to him: “Zi Jin, I do not have the ability to do the fake things . Do you know who is charging the thing? The prime minister, Yao Chong . Though I can disguise the history of state thorns, but can not disguise Yao Chong’s ironing face . ”

“My Lord, you do not have to hide, and the farmers all said, you only need to help to delay the time, such as in the summer and autumn . After all, the county has to separate from one another, the Tuqiao Village is far away from the capital, the staff are not enough, so they have to put it to the end, my lord, what do you think of it?”

Song Jinggong is half a hint at the side .

County Magistrate Cheng nodded and felt that it was really easy to do only this kind of thing, but even delay to winter, would the village have a solution?

“Zi Jin, does it mean that the village has other plans?” County Magistrate Cheng wanted to know what the two mysterious men were hiding and didn’t take out .

Now, he was not only admiring the mysterious men in the village . He really wanted to have a look, even if he wanted to be their student . When this kind of thing is taken out, and there is no dilemma for me . And gave me their own merits is so understated .

They helped me a lot and they are very old now, it was reasonable to ask them to be my teacher . How many teachers can like them to take care of both themselves and their students?

“Sorry, as to what you ask, I don’t know, maybe at the time of the summer and autumn, they are naturally clear . ” Song Jinggong did not know that County Magistrate Cheng had already thought of the two ancestors in the family as the old man, and even had the idea of the apprentice . Song Jinggong shook his head over there .

“Oh, that’s good, I will certainly handle the things about the village properly . ” County Magistrate Cheng saw Song Jinggong did not know, not much to ask at the moment, County Magistrate Cheng’s mind was full of the thought of thinking about whether the Curved Plough was really so useful as they told him .

The horse car took an hour, and only to find a village . The people on the village had already rested, County Magistrate Cheng ordered people to ask a farmer and said: “There is a new plough here, do you want to have a try?”

The farmer was called out while he was still asleep, and at first he was a little unwilling . As soon as he heard that the County Magistrate Cheng had come in person, he was quickly dressed and brought here . At this time, when he was told to try a new plough, he did not dare to ask any more questions in his heart, and promised .

“The Lord asked me to try, and I have to try, should I let my child get up, and let him pull the plough?”

“No, a horse has been prepared for you here and put it on . ” County Magistrate Cheng came with this in mind, and brought an extra horse and ran after him, which happened to be used at this time .

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