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Chapter 60.2

Pt . 2 The county magistrate made great efforts

The old man put the plough on the horse, then put the plough into the field, and drove the horse forward slowly . The old man, who was used to the straight plough, was a little unaccustomed to walk a few steps, After a while, he was getting faster and faster, and shouted happily as he ploughed on the ground .

“Good, it’s too fast and easy to use, I have never seen such a good plough before . My lord, you are really a good leader who is the owner of the people . In the middle of the night, no one but you can still think of a new plough and the people . I don’t know who made it . If I can have such a plough, it will be easier for me in the spring . ”

“Of course, it was County Magistrate Cheng who came up with it, and he found another village to help him to make this plough . The lord wondered how to make spring tillage faster these days, and his hair was white . ”

Song Jinggong stood on the edge of the ridge and heard the old man shouting . He followed shouting loudly and seemed to be afraid of others can not know . The voice was so big, and some of the people were wakened .


County Magistrate Cheng was not familiar with agricultural affairs and could not know how the new plough . Now he was glad to hear the old man shout . As for those words that Song Jinggong shouted next to him, he did not argue and said with a smile on his face:

“If it works, the plough will be delivered to you, Zi Jin . , when we came back to the village, take a Curved Plough from the village . I decided to find the craftsmen to make it, or teach them how to do it . There are still some days, we can plough the land first . Then it is difficult for my county to have a bad harvest . ”

“Yes, what you said is right . It is all up to your merits, this time the G.o.d will help you . My lord, I needn’t back to the village to get the plough, the master Zhou have 2000 sets of the plough now, and up to now, maybe they have made more, when I came here, the master Zhou told me that the farmers can buy it from him, he won’t sell it with high price, and only a little more expensive than the straight plough . ”

Song Jinggong smiled and talked about the stock over there .
County Magistrate Cheng made a blink of the eyes and slammed the first one . “It really won’t just hand over the plough, but have to take advantage of it . In this case, I will post in the county tomorrow morning to notice to buy it from Zhou Xihu .

County Magistrates Cheng can not understand why such a man doesn’t like money, but this ability to make money is really unusual .

The discussion here was finished . Haven’t waited for the County Magistrate Cheng and others went back . Other family members who have been woken up have also come up and went out to see what happened .

The people were outside, and by the light of the moon on the other day to see a man in the field, everyone wondered, who was so powerful, and did not sleep in the middle of the night? When they approached, they saw that the bald old man in the village, and called,: “Bald old man, what are you doing? It won’t be snoring for you . ”

“Oh you are the small donkey, you also came out, go and meet the County Magistrates Cheng quickly, he sent me a new plough, it called the Curved Plough, when I use it, it can make great efforts . ” The sound from the old man has come here .

When they heard this, everyone found out that there stood County Magistrates Cheng in the group under the night . This official can be a big man . When they were scared, they squatted forward to meet .

County Magistrates Cheng was naturally kind, and Song Jinggong said once again how the County Magistrates did things for the people, and let County Magistrates Cheng get a lot of praise .
Since it was said that the new plough was good, the villagers will inevitably go to see, they ran to the other side, watching the speed of the arable land of the bald old man, the sighs of praise sounded again, with the new plough, the villagers all wanted to try it . One farmer tried it for several steps without familiar and then was taken away by others .

County Magistrates Cheng was not in a hurry to leave . These farmers were also the people under his control . He was happy to see the people . As a result, the people in the whole village were all up, and one of them knew that the county order came here in person and brought a very good new plough . In envy of the old man, they also considered whether to have a new plough .

County Magistrates Cheng told the farmers the place to buy the plough right now, and told them the price of it, then encouraged them to buy it, finally, he left . The farmers spontaneously followed County Magistrates Cheng and sent five or six miles until they can not keep up with that carriage, then stop to watch the carriage a little further away .

“It feels good . ” County Magistrate Cheng leaned against the car and recalled what the farmers had just said, and they sent for such a far way . He said to himself .

Song Jinggong also heard it, but he didn’t say a word . At that moment, let the County Magistrate Cheng felt the happiness of the people .

They spent one hour to go and one hour to come back . The sky was started to light up, and the people who were going to do some business appeared in the street .

As soon as County Magistrate Cheng got out of the car with joy, someone in the Yamen came over and reported, “My lord, you have come back . Just now, the other side of Tuqioa Village is coming, saying that there is an important thing to tell you, as well as the old people,  came here, they are waiting in the hall at this time . ”

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