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Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61 Pt . 1 The report from Lizheng and Qi Lao

As County Magistrate Cheng heard the words, he frowned and turned his head, then looked at Song Jinggong and asked that man: “Do you know why they came here?”

“Sorry, I don’t know, they didn’t say anything to me . I think they must have some important things, or they won’t come here from yesterday night and rushed here . ”

“OK . ” County Magistrate Cheng nodded slightly and said nothing . He led Song Jinggong walked towards the government .

Song Jinggong also said nothing, because he can guess why the old man from Zhenghe came here, maybe just as what the little master said to me before . Ge Yingxi knew nothing after several times’ trying and then reported the event of Zhang village and w.a.n.g village .


There was no grade in these two people and just was a small official . It is nothing more than coordinating some things in the village for them . Unfortunately, the little master had thought of it and had arranged it first without worrying about being counted behind .

County Magistrate Cheng only slept for less than two hours, but now he was not sleepy at all . He was still in the excitement praised by the people, and let Song Jinggong go to the partial room to rest, then he came to the hall .

The small old officials have been sitting here for drinking the tea three times . When they saw County Magistrate Cheng, they quickly got up and bowed . They also didn’t sleep for a long time . At this moment, they were as excited as County Magistrate Cheng .

“It turned out that Qi Lizheng and Feng Lao, I don’t know why you came here so early, what happened to the other side?” County Magistrate Cheng was also very polite to the two people, especially the old man named Feng, who was originally worked in Yamen . Those who do things in the county, from the position of the county to the official, because of the higher status in the towns.h.i.+p, other people respected him for the old .

Qi Li Zheng and Feng Lao looked at each other, and at last Qi Li Zheng opened his mouth and said, “County Magistrate Cheng, I really have a big thing to tell you . ”

“Oh? Not busy, you have not eaten yet? The standby person sent a snack, and after eating it, so do I, up to now, I didn’t eat anything, our belly is empty . ”

County Magistrates Cheng looked at the two men with a hint of joy on their faces . Now they were not in a hurry . He ordered the standby people to serve snacks and sit there and accompany them to eat .

Qi Lizheng and Feng Lao are indeed hungry, especially Feng Lao, who is old enough to come overnight and need to have something to rest .

The three people ate while drinking tea, and they didn’t talk . Qi Li was relatively young . When he was eating, he wondering how to tell County Magistrates Cheng about this good news, then he would have done a great job .

While eating and thinking, yesterday evening, Ge Yingxi, who was from Ge village found him and said the spring tillage of Zhang village and w.a.n.g village . I didn’t believe it at the beginning, and then I went to see it with the fire . Only then did I understand that it was the second time for them to plough .

This was a wonderful thing, other families had not ploughed one time, but Zhang village and w.a.n.g village did not extra people, but the land is plough fast and left only a few people on the ground . After asked several times, they didn’t get any information . If not Ge Yingxi said that the plough used here is different from elsewhere, he was almost deceived by the people in Zhang village and w.a.n.g village .

There was such a good thing that did not take out and did not report to themselves and other people . If it was about other things they can ignore, but this can speed up the spring tillage things they can not ignore, in that case, they have to push it .

In the heart of the matter, Qi Li was drinking tea from time to time and stopped to look at the county magistrate Cheng and Feng Lao . He thought that their prestige can go further and thought this tea was also better than the before .

Feng Lao also ate there with the excitement in his heart . Ge Yingxi and Qi Li were looking for it together last night . He also went to see it . He took out his ident.i.ty and did not call the person in charge . He had to wait until tomorrow morning .

He, who had worked in two counties, knew how good it would be for the whole of Tang dynasty to have ploughs that could make arable land go on a lot of other people quickly, even if the two villages seem to did not want to take it out, and he had to report it .

The snack had been eaten for two-quarters of an hour before the end of the meal . County Magistrate Cheng ordered another drink of tea . He said: “Is Qi Lizheng and Feng Lao feeling that the stomach is not so uncomfortable?”

The two men said yes together . This time, Qi Li still first to said: “My lord, I am waiting for this time to come because there is something to be reported, this matter can benefit the country and the people . ”

“Oh? What things can benefit the country and the people . ” County Magistrate Cheng at this time made an anxious look, just now he still let others accompany him to eat, but the heart was really not anxious, benefit the country and the people? What kind of thing is bigger than the new plough he just made?

Qi Li was coughing a little, trying to make himself less excited . He said: “My lord, I found a place where the spring tillage was several times faster than other places . I heard people say that the plough is different from other places . ”

I checked it with Feng Lao overnight, and I saw it there . It was really like this . Other places have not been ploughed for one time, but they have already started farming for the second time . When I came here to see it, the second time has done a lot . The fertilizers were turned into the soil, and then people will step on it again . When harvesting, they must have more harvests .

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