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One Dance Shocks the World (2)

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During the time Du Xiao Li was preparing her props, Lu Jun Qi also borrowed a guzheng from Han Ming Ze. Examining the tone, there was no problem, and after testing a few notes, this guzheng* became Lu Jun Qi's instrument. 

(*T/N: 13 to 25 string large zither; the usual guqin is a seven string zither.)

Du Xiao Li returned to her own seat. Du Ke Xin's gaze towards her were about to turn into daggers. Zhong Mei Qing also pensively looked to Du Xiao Li, while Du Old Madam glanced to Du Xiao Li with a smile on her face.

Du Yun Han never knew that Du Xiao Li could dance. Competing with Eastern Li's third princess, he wanted to ask Du Xiao Li whether or not she held certainty in the outcome. However, he couldn't leave his seat, so he could only worry helplessly inside.

Very soon, music sounded from the stage. Despite Lu Jun Qi's personality being rather spoiled, her dance was still considered graceful and subdued. However, one has to admit, her dancing was very good. It was even a cla.s.s higher than Meng Jiang Zhuo. Perhaps because she both loved and hated Han Ming Yi, her dance also carried a certain kind of emotion. 

One song ended and off stage the crowd erupted into enthusiastic applauses. Lu Jun Qi used her own strength and obtained praises in a foreign country. 

"Your turn! If you have any self-awareness, then I suppose you won't need to dance." Lu Jun Qi confidently said. 

"Regardless of outcome, one always needs to perform. Admitting defeating without fighting, that isn't my style!" Du Xiao Li came up below the stage and said. 

"Hmph, then I'll just see what kind of dance you can make out!" Lu Jun Qi finished saying and left with her own servant girl.

Du Xiao Li nodded towards Han Ming Xiang to the side. Han Ming Xiang then clapped her hands, and a giant drum was lifted onto the stage and placed in the center of the stage, following which several small drums were also brought up. Every small drum was fastened onto a wooden pole. The eunuchs then had the other end fixed onto the stage, forming a semi-circle around the giant drum. 

"What instrument are you using?" The Grand Empress Dowager watched the eunuchs and palace maids moving about on stage and asked, "Just these drums?"

"Replying to Grand Empress Dowager, yes." Du Xiao Li replied.

Her instruments tonight were just these drums. Because she didn't think she'd be performing, and she had never practiced any instruments before with anyone, if she were to hastily find someone right now to perform together, afraid it would have the opposite effect. But if it was just simply mixing in some beats, then it wasn't a problem.

"Miss Du, everything is ready." After the eunuch had all the drums fastened properly, he turned to Du Xiao Li and said.

Du Xiao Li went up onto the stage from the side and glanced at the densely packed people below, seeing Du Xiu Heng tightly clenching his fist at her, cheering her on, and also Han Ming Yi's eyes carrying a smile. She deeply inhaled, and after bowing to everyone, came before the large drum. With one hand against the drum's surface, she climbed onto the drum. 

"Dun-----Dun-----Dun-----" Meng Jiang Zhuo stood at the edge of the stage, striking the drums thrice with the mallet. Following her drumming, Du Xiao Li who was on top the drum began moving. Her two hands streaked across the top of her head, her upper body twisting along the directions of her hands, and after making a big stroke, two long flowing sleeves were thrown out, perfectly hitting two small drums. 

(T/N: I actually remember this scene in Empress Dugu drama that is the perfect visuals for this-----. It's pretty much the same thing described. Don't asked me how sleeves can strike drums, it's magic.)



Following this start, Du Xiao Li began performing various difficult moves on top the drum. Seemingly after every move it would all strike a small drum in the surrounding. The sound of the drums sounded one after another, like an accompaniment. Although this kind of tune was somewhat monotonous, it still soundly resonated into the heart. In addition to Du Xiao Li's carefree movements, it was as if one was looking at a wisp of tenderness upon the battlefield, resolution and gentleness coexisting. This kind of feeling, compared to Ji Liu Xia's dance earlier, was even better!

(T/N: I'm not sure if author actually intended for it to say Ji Liu Xia here-------)

"Good!" When Han Ming Ze saw Lu Jun Qi's dance earlier, that exquisite dancing skill made him believe that tonight, Du Xiao Li would certainly lose without a doubt. Yet, unexpectedly, Du Xiao Li had such a move up her sleeve. That imposing grandeur completely had Lu Jun Qi's dance pressed down.

"Turns out Xiao Yi's dancing was this impressive!" Ji Liu Xia watched Du Xiao Li's swiveling figure above the drum. Her chin practically about to fall to the ground!

Not just Ji Liu Xia, aside from Han Ming Yi, Luo Qi, and also Du Xiu Heng, of everyone present, not one wasn't stunned by Du Xiao Li's dance, especially since this was many people's first time seeing this drum dance. Everyone seemingly all didn't dare to believe their own eyes, especially those who've always thought that Du Xiao Li was an useless and talentless person!

Lu Jun Qi sat in her seat, blankly watching Du Xiao Li dance, muttering in her mouth, "There's actually this kind of dance, there's actually this kind of dance......."

Han Ming Yi stared at the dancing figure on top the drum, thinking how she was competing for him, and thinking how she finally was willing to not hide her own talent anymore, the corner of his mouth uncontrollably rose up.

Compared to Han Ming Yi's happiness, Luo Qi who although was also conquered by Du Xiao Li's dance, felt like he'd downed a cup of bitter wine inside. 

As the drumbeat intensified, it signaled the final moments of the dance. Above the drum, Du Xiao Li leapt, twirled, and swung open her flowing sleeves, striking all the small drums once. And before the final sound faded, she sat atop the drum and ended this dance with a highly difficult move.

(T/N: Move so difficult even the author can't describe----)

Following a few seconds of silence, the loudest and longest applause for the night erupted. Everyone all knew, Du Xiao Li used tonight's two dance to prove to the world, she wan't an useless person. In fact, even Eastern Li's best dancer Lu Jun Qi wasn't her opponent either.

"Hahahahah, good, good! Prime Minister Du, never thought that the useless daughter you spoke of was actually this impressive. Even the imperial dance instructor can't compare to her!" Han Ming Ze said with a hearty laugh.

"Thanking your Majesty for the praise." Du Yun Han's fox like eyes were also narrowed into a smile. He knew his own daughter wasn't as she seemed on the surface, yet didn't expect that she had a dance that shocked the world!

"This heavenly dance, seldomly can one see in the mortal realms!" Shui Qing Fairy exclaimed in admiration.

"Third princess, this outcome......." The Empress looked to Lu Jun Qi, who still hadn't returned to her sense, and spoke.

"No need to say." Lu Jun Qi interrupted the Empress's words, "I admit defeat. I feel somewhat unwell, so will be returning to the inn first."

With that said, Lu Jun Qi nodded her head towards Han Ming Ze and the others and got up, leaving together with her own servant girl. Han Ming Ze had a eunuch go lead the way for her. This time, she didn't even bow, just directly turned and left. And when she brushed past Du Xiao Li, she didn't even give her a glance. 

Du Xiao Li came down from the stage and headed straight. Seeing Lu Jun Qi's look in her eyes as she was leaving, Du Xiao Li sighed inside. 

T/N: Next part in few hours! 

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