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Ye Cang once again disguised himself and got on the journey with Jeyliss. “Check and see how much I’m worth now.”

“100 thousand and I’m worth 70 thousand.”

“Not bad. Well, most of the time of the vacation has already been used and I haven’t really enjoyed myself. A’Xiong and Lele are still waiting for me.” Jeyliss sweated coldly when she heard what Ye Cang said. You’ve almost killed most of the people and you still said you didn’t have much fun?

The violent actions of Ye Cang’s and the others’ swiftly caused much protest from various authorities across Europe.

“These three China men really went over the limit. They don’t even respect Europe.”

“What choices do we have? Gain back Silver Dragon City? It’s impossible at the moment.”

“But we have way more men than them. Is it really impossible?”

“The main point is that we can’t persuade the Empire to attack. We can only have the players go against the rebels. But I bet they see this coming. If so, our loss is significant and the success rate isn’t high at all! It would just increase the gap between China and us!”

“We can only negotiate with them to gain back Silver Dragon City. It’s a place important to our north area players. This is it. We can do nothing for now, at least before the empire changes its attacking target.”

“Really?! d.a.m.n it! Those three China b.a.s.t.a.r.ds really lack morality.”

“Do you really think the immoral character of the Really New Village’s Three Brothers’ is a joke? Even in China, they are publicly known for their immoral, unethical, No.1 taunting skills.”

At the same time, the fake emperor, Lin Le was having a feast in the city mayor’s mansion. Zhang Zhengxiong also joined him. The two of them looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Zhang Zhengxiong took a big grilled chicken thigh and a bowl of the city mayor’s precious grape wine. “We finally get to eat something normal these few days in the game. It’s freaking delicious!”

“I know right! Eat more! When Brother Lil’White arrives, I bet…” Upon saying it, the two of them suddenly stopped talking. Looking at each other, they both sighed.

“Appreciate the present.” Zhang Zhengxiong drank a bowl of wine while Lin Le nodded heavily and ate the giant grilled bird wing.

“Is it that serious?” Alica was curious since she knew Ye Cang was famous for his cooking.

“Wait until my brother arrives, you’ll know.” Zhang Zhengxiong sighed once again.

“City mayor and troop commander, are we still rejecting non-member of Fearless Troop to enter Silver Dragon City? There are a lot of players gathering at the city’s gate. Among them are random players.” Jayna knew not allowing players to enter SIlver Dragon City, the center of thirteen villages and towns would cause much trouble. It would not last long.

“We’ll stay like that for now. We’ll discuss further when my brother arrives.” Zhang Zhengxiong swung his hands.

“That’s right. We’ll wait for Brother Lil’White. *Burp*” Lin Le burped. After giving it a thought, Lin Le picked up his war axe with one hand and a big turkey ham with the other. “Alright. I’ll go digest my food. How dare they cause trouble in Lele’s place. You over there. Lead me to the place.”

Jayna sweated in cold. Errr...looks like many are going to die again. But I can’t say no. This man is being known as Mad Devil for a reason. He was so mad that he hung both the city mayor and the previous leader of the rebellion together. Up until now, they are still there hanging.

However, what she didn’t know was that Lin Le just simply forgot to put them down and the others in the rebellion did not dare to do a thing about it. Hence, it was just there.

Upon arriving at the city gate, Lin Le stared at the bunch of people who were protesting. With a bite of the turkey ham, he raised his chin. “I heard that you guys wanna cause some trouble here?”

Among them, there were some who experienced the ma.s.sacre that night. They knew how scary the person who was eating the turkey ham can be.

“You guys can’t just conquer Silver Dragon City and don’t allow us to get in and replenish our resources! Silver Dragon City is very important to us!”

Lin Le tossed the turkey ham aside and Jayna caught it. Gladly, Lin Le nodded. “Nice!”

Right after he said it, he jumped off the city wall and landed heavily on the ground. Just when he was about to raise his war axe and start killing, a man with a hood walked out from the crowd. “Lele, stop.”

Lin Le stopped and said happily. “Brother Lil’White!”

Ye Cang then undid his disguise and put on his signature costume.

“Hmph! You guys are lucky. My Brother Lil’White is here.” Lin Le then brought Ye Cang back to the city mayor’s mansion. The people outside the gate heaved a sigh of relief but were scared at the same time. The Three Brothers are here now at Silver Dragon City. *Sigh* Why are we, the people in the north, so unlucky…

“How can you guys just leave so many people outside? Lele, didn’t you ask Little Tian for advice?” Ye Cang drank bowls of grape wine, one after another. He then said. “It tastes way worse than mine.”

“......” The two of them sweated in cold when they recalled the taste of Black Dragon Kill.

“Little Tian will definitely lie to Lele! I don’t want to listen to her! Brother Lil’White, I only listen to you. Little Tian is the evilest. She always blames me and caused you to not being able to touch the boss corpse for so many times, missing the chances of getting divine artifacts.” Lin Le hugged Ye Cang. Ye Cang touched his head gladly. “Even though Little Tian is betraying us quite often recently, she is still part of our family. *Sigh* You’re still the one that understands me best, Lele.”

“......” Zhang Zhenxiong shook his head. Brother, actually it’s just you that didn’t notice. It was Lele who touched the corpse every time. It’s just that he somehow could put the blame on others.

Jayna was holding the turkey ham while examining the man who could tame the leader and city mayor. Acting Emperor! One of the top legendary players in the virtual world! That hand of his is remembered by the entirety of Europe. The reason why the Union Alliance hates him.

“About that matter...let me think about it…” Ye Cang entered into his thinking mode and Jayna was staring at him. Within a second, he clapped. “I’ve got an idea!”

Jayna and Alica were shocked. So fast!

“We can distribute citizen IDs using the name of the rebellion. Only those with ID can enter the city.” Zhang Zhengxiong looked doubtful when he heard what Ye Cang said. Brother, isn’t this one of the plots from the drama of a spy with ancient magic clothes that travels through time to join a battle, ‘The Eight-Years Diary of Escaping From the j.a.panese’? “How are you going to distribute?”

“By paying money of course! There are levels among the citizen IDs. The higher the grade, the greater the benefits. Find a few people to play along. The people with high citizens.h.i.+p can join the rebels and have a position in the troop. Then, use them as sacrifices when we need them to. If they take the higher level ones, they can consider joining our G.o.ddess a.s.sociation so we can trick their money out of them for good.” Ye Cang’s words made Jayna gasp. This man is indeed black-hearted.

“Brother Lil’White is the smartest!” Lin Le continued to compliment Ye Cang.

“But the G.o.ddess a.s.sociation…” Alica frowned. In China, you guys do have the G.o.ddesses blessings in the G.o.ddess City. Yet, it’s different here. I don’t think it will be effective with just the name.

“No worries. I have girls in my hands. *Cough* *Cough* I meant I have G.o.ddess that can come over. Leave it to me.” Alica’s and Jayna’s jaws dropped when hearing what Ye Cang said. So, he has a trump card in his hand - able to invite the G.o.ddess over. However, what they did not know was that the so-called descent of a G.o.ddess is sugar-coated. The G.o.ddess could not do much in real life.

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