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Descending To Silver Dragon City

Silver Dragon City.

Standing at the city gate, Ye Cang shouted. “I’m sorry that my brothers are a little immature. Because of that, you guys had suffered much outside this gate. So, I hereby apologize on behalf of Thorns and Roses.”

“Then open the gate!”

“Of course!” With a smile, Ye Cang continued. “Of course, I will open the gate. But you do know, we had many casualties among the rebels during that battle. Many had died. Hence, in order to prevent spies from entering and for the sake of development of the city, you will need citizens.h.i.+p to enter Silver Dragon City! To sponsor the rebellion too! But of course, this isn’t just some donation. The grade of your citizens.h.i.+p determines whether you can join the rebellion and also whether you will get the G.o.ddess’ blessings.”

“You’re tricking our money!” Someone shouted among the crowd. Lin Le immediately tossed a giant blade and shouted. “Oops! My hands slipped! Be careful of the hidden weapon!”

Everyone gasped as the person was pierced to death on the ground.

“Alright, alright, open the gate!” Ye Cang ordered someone to open the gate and Jayriss, the head of administration of the rebellion started to give out citizen IDs.

As Marjo entered, he saw the conditions for the citizen ID. 1 gold coin for normal citizens.h.i.+p; 5 gold coins for high-cla.s.s citizens.h.i.+p; 10 gold coins for G.o.ddess citizens.h.i.+p. He is so black-hearted!

During the protest.

“Guards!” Jayriss asked the rebels to surround them. “It’s either you get the citizens.h.i.+p or get out of the city. Mayor Hubby has been very kind to you these traitors! And you guys don’t appreciate it! It’s a beneficial thing for you guys to repay for your mistakes. Besides, high-cla.s.s citizens.h.i.+p allows you to join us and obtain a position in the troop! Be our comrades! Also, G.o.ddess citizens.h.i.+p does not only include all the benefits of high-cla.s.s citizens.h.i.+p but also allowing you to become the believer of the Half-Moon G.o.ddess! Receiving G.o.ddess Aymuss’ blessings!”

Jayriss recalled what Lin Le mentioned to him.

“Lord Hubby, is there anything?”

“Lil’Jay, from today onwards Hubby’s Rebellion is named as G.o.ddess Rebellion.”

“About that...we are the citizen of Anzas. It isn’t that good using another G.o.d to name after the troop, isn’t it?”

“! Jayriss had betrayed us! He wanted to me!”


“All hail the Lord. I’ll do it now!”

“Okay. I knew you will understand…”

Jayriss shook his head and sighed deeply. Let’s just hope that the G.o.d they mentioned is real…

“But it is too expensive!”

“It’s alright, the elder brother of lord mayor said that you guys can pay by installment. You must repay all the debt within 30 days. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of Silver Dragon City and be regarded as a non-credible person by the G.o.ddess Rebellion.” Jayriss acted like a manager, intimidating the people.

“But how do I know whether the G.o.ddess blessing is real or fake?! Has Acting Emperor gone out of his mind?! It isn’t easy to invite a G.o.d over!” Marjo smirked.

Suddenly, Marjo felt a hand patting on his shoulder. He turned around to see the white hair. “Are you doubting my words, friend?”

“At least you need to let us understand whether we will enjoy what you promised once we paid the money…” Marjo was nervous as Ye Cang was smiling at him. His heart sank for a moment. This is the fella who caused our president to be the greatest joke across Europe!

“I’ll give you the answer tonight when the half-moon arises…” Upon saying, Ye Cang walked to the square.

Staring at Ye Cang’s back, Marjo wondered. Does he really have the ability to summon a G.o.d?

Their conversations caused a lot of people to stop paying for higher citizens.h.i.+p. They just paid for the normal price and decided to observe the situation.

The night fell.

On the square in the market, Ye Cang was standing on top of the stage. He raised his head high to look at the half-moon and shouted.

“Aymuss! My love!”

As the moonlight s.h.i.+ned, the particles of moonlight started to form a beautiful yet cold G.o.ddess in mid-air. It was so grand. “Accepting Great Sage PaleSnow’s summoning. I heard there are believers that need my presence. The night is long but Half-Moon will be by your side.”

“Those who are willing to believe G.o.ddess Aymuss, please stand at my right!” Ye Cang raised his hands high, allowing the moonlight to s.h.i.+ne upon him. He then whispered to Aymuss. “Pull up your dress!”

“How much?”

“Until they can see your b.u.t.t shape!”

“It isn’t good...I…”

“Do you want me to ask Mallow and the others to strip you naked and hang you on the square of G.o.ddess City for 100 years?”

In the end, Aymuss had no choice but to listen to Ye Cang. Seeing Ye Cang’s back, she finally understood why Mallow and the others were so afraid of the Great Sage. She crossed her legs. How I wish to be scolded and bullied by him…

Knowing Aymuss was going to give in for her job, Ye Cang nodded gladly. Softly, he said. “That’s right. Don’t blame me for this. I’m just helping you to regain more believers. *Sigh* That’s right. Pull up a little higher. Yeap, it’s almost there. Be s.e.xier. But don’t go over the limit. Cross your arms to push up your breast. Yeap. To show your intimidating manner. Very good…”

Under the moonlight, everyone was stunned when they saw Aymuss’ serious yet s.e.xy pose. They then walked behind Acting Emperor and saw something they were not expecting.

“d.a.m.n it! Get to the right side! Do you have G.o.ddess citizens.h.i.+p?! Go away! Go away!” Zhang Zhengxiong was pretending to do some checking, trying to sneak over there to have a look.

“Oh my believers. Since there isn’t my statute and moonlight crystal here, I can’t stay here long. So, I can only grant you my blessings for now. To those warriors that fight for me, the night is no longer your enemy! Accept the guidance of the Half-Moon!” Aymuss smiled humbly and moonlight s.h.i.+ned upon those who had gotten the G.o.ddess citizens.h.i.+p and many rebels.

“My eyes! I’m able to see so far at night! Just like during daylight!” Actor A.

“Besides, it’s so clear! G.o.ddess! I’ll fight for you!” Actor B.

“Aymuss! Aymuss! All hail G.o.ddess Half-Moon!” Rebellions.

Marjo rolled his eyes. Don’t exaggerate. The blessing, Aymuss Beginner Night Vision, increases a little of wisdom permanently. One is able to have three times greater vision at night! Even so, it’s a super good pa.s.sive! It’s an incredible skill to explore the dark territory!

“He really can invite a G.o.d…” At the side, a girl with hood mumbled unbelievably.

“President, what do you think?” Marjo whispered.

“We have no choice now. Look around you. Silver Dragon City is so different after getting the blessing of the G.o.ddess. Once the rebels and those random players start believing in her and build her a statute for her to stay, Silver Dragon City will be under her protection completely. Rewards, quests, and reputation will go beyond what we can imagine. Besides, those who received the blessing knew that this is just the beginning. Night vision is a good skill in the first place. An advanced level night vision allows one to see much further, reducing the danger in the wilds during night time. The vision will cover 50% of the danger by then. It’s insane with just this blessing. *Sigh*...” Verlianna said. Marjo then saw how the actors helped to hype up the crowd to fight for the G.o.ddess citizens.h.i.+p.

“Oh my believers, I could only offer this much for now…” Aymuss showed her exhausted face. Everyone sympathized with her. As the ribbon of her dress dropped, everyone was alerted. In the end, she turned into particles and flew up into the sky.

“What a pity.”

“I know right. What a pity.”

“What happened?! Where’s the G.o.ddess?! I just got my citizens.h.i.+p!”

“There’s nothing for her to stay so G.o.ddess Aymuss left weakly. *Sigh* You just missed the most interesting part. Hehe. I just want to know what did Acting Emperor see at his location…”

“Hey, hey. How about the revenge for the country that we mentioned?”

“That’s right. Okay. I’ll report to the rebellion so I can offer my help for Aymuss!”


“I have night vision! Those who need me in the team quickly display your team’s strength! Those who are weak please go away!”

“Nighttime Wild Team! We’re looking for one with night vision! Better be a long-range-attack player!”

“h.e.l.lo! h.e.l.lo! Strong team here! Need one with night vision! No requirements for equipment or cla.s.s! We’ll lead you to victory! d.a.m.n it! Why didn’t I pay for the 10 gold coins in the first place! If I knew we would be receiving night vision, we should have just bought it together!”

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