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Chapter 1224

“Xiao Yu, since Master had promised you, I will certainly help you chase all those four out of G.o.d Academy . It is especially so for Mu Ru Yue and Qian Ye who had led to you falling to your current state . I will make them live a life worse than death…”

Xiao Yu pursed her lips slightly but she didn't remark on that . However, a cold ray surged within her clear eyes…

She could already foresee those women's despairing appearances…

Even though all of the drawing lots paper were placed in a container, Zhou Min didn't need to use her eyes to look at the names but could feel the names on the paper with her capability…

She took two papers out from a red container . She glanced at it before announcing emotionlessly, “The first up will be Mu Ru Yue against Chu Kuang (pain mad)!”

Chu Kuang…

Advertis.e.m.e.ntWhen that name entered the crowd's ears, everyone became speechless from their shock .

This woman's luck was too good . She got Battle Blade Chu Kuang as her opponent .

It got to be known Chu Kuang was well-known as the battle frenzy person within G.o.d Academy!

Several Elder Apprentice brothers and sisters had been challenged by him one after the other since he first joined G.o.d Academy four years ago . Therefore, he was t.i.tled as Battle Frenzy .

Moreover, his cultivation had currently reached G.o.d-king Peak realm!

What did G.o.d-king Peak realm imply? He was one of the top students among the disciples of G.o.d Academy! His ranking was the sixth in the academy!

It could be said that among at least ten thousand disciples within G.o.d Academy, only six people could defeat Chu Kuang!

No matter how outstanding Mu Ru Yue's innate talents were, she was just at the G.o.d-king Mid realm . How could she match up to Chu Kuang who was at the G.o.d-king Peak realm?

“Yue Er . ”

Yi Lian's heart tightened as she said, “You must be careful . Chu Kuang will lose his rationality during battle . He only knows to ma.s.sacre . His battle strength increases according to how strong his opponent is . However, Chu Kuang is very confident so he won't draw his sword in ordinary battles . Yet, once he does, opponents at the same cultivation as him have been instantly killed by him! It was how his t.i.tle as Battle Blade Chu Kuang came about! You can imagine his might…”

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly .

'It seems he is indeed a formidable opponent . '

Nonetheless, she still walked onto the arena stage without hesitation .

A man was leaning lightly on an old tree behind him not far away . He narrowed his sinister yet charming eyes slightly . A sinister glint flickered past his eyes .

But when he saw the woman heading to the arena stage, his smile became gentle…

“So you are Mu Ru Yue?”

The man looked arrogantly and domineering at the woman standing before him on the arena stage and asked coldly .

Mu Ru Yue s.h.i.+fted her gaze to the man upon hearing that .

It was undeniable this man looked extremely handsome . His facial appearance seemed to be crafted by a knife . He had an icily arrogant and egotistical gaze within his grey eyes . He didn't seem to place importance on other people in his eyes .

There was a horizontal knife scar on his handsome face . But it didn't ruin his appearance in the slightest . It enhanced his s.e.x appeal instead…

Currently, he had slung a broadsword behind his back . The broadsword was covered by white clothes, hiding its appearance…

It was obvious Chu Kuang was really confident in his might as he didn't plan to draw his sword .

“You may use weapons to fight against me . ”

Chu Kuang raised his chin as he looked down upon Mu Ru Yue .

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly and asked, “Aren't you using?”

“You… currently don't qualify to make me draw my sword . I shall have a look at your might first before deciding if you are capable enough for me to draw my battle blade!”

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