Zhan Long Chapter 1316- Being invincible is lonely

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Chapter 1316- Being invincible is lonely


Dalun hollered in rage and sword energy surged into the sky which insta killed the bunch of Hero Mound Cavalries that tried to stop him. Sif held her sword and dashed about. Mocha, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Enchanted Painting etc retreated. If they didn’t then it would be too late. I led a bunch of people to cover them.

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My body suddenly felt cold and it was as if the temperature around dropped by 20 degrees. In the next moment, Windrider Kate hollered, “Rip everything, death storm!”


Gusts of wind activated at the same moment and many wind blades swept around which sliced at the surrounding players. I activated Star s.h.i.+eld and was still unable to block it. I could only watch as the players were ripped apart by the death storm. White light rose up and it was too intense. Sea of No Return definitely couldn’t be defended!



I looked at the bunch of Furnace G.o.d Cavalries defending and felt anxious. I cursed, “Are all of you stupid? Leave me here alone, leave, don’t die. Tian Ling City needs all of you!”

Tang Heart gritted her teeth and turned around, “Go, return to Tian Ling City!”

The Furnace G.o.d Cavalries left and then I charged towards Sif. b.u.t.terfly swept and sparks flew as it hit her sword. Sword Tempest+ Wind Carrying Slash shot out and landed on Sif’s body. Instantly, her health dropped by a huge chunk which made her furious. She shouted, “Li Xiao Yao, do you really want to die?”

Actually, it wasn’t that I wanted to die but I had to cover Fang Ge Que, Wan Er and Dong Cheng as they left. Moreover, Tian Ling City’s cannons needed time to retreat. I had to at least hold on here for 10 minutes and also stack Overlord Rebirth stats. Someone had to carry everyone if not who could block the few lords attacking Tian Ling City?

I had to use Overlord Rebirth. At this time only I could stand up. Only I had the high grade G.o.d divinity and Overlord Rebirth skill, this was something that Mocha, Q-Sword and Wan Er couldn’t do.


My legs felt numb and I was knocked back by Dalun. Then Sif used her destructive skills and my health fell to 20%. Kate used a storm and I used Cleansing Rain to delay time. I still had around 3% of health but my head felt cold. Qin Ge was above me and her skirt danced. Her Zither tune sounded and turned into blades that descended from above!

My body felt pain and I died.

I revived, dropping one level and my stats increased by 15%.

I was mentally prepared. Wall of Douqi, Frost Armor, Star s.h.i.+eld was instantly used. I kicked Sif’s chest and forced her back. I then used Double Hit+Underworld Breaking Sword on Dalun’s body. I had to delay them such that they couldn’t heal quickly. If not, the heal that we damaged previously would get healed up.


Dalun hollered in rage and Seven Kill Sword landed on my s.h.i.+eld but it only damaged 47% of the durability. Good, my stats increased and the durability did too. My defence also increased, I was. .h.i.t twice by Sif and only lost 50% of my health.

Slice slice slice!

b.u.t.terfly and Gan Jiang landed on Dalun’s body and I was lucky to deal Dinghai a few times and heal 70% of my health. Now I could delay for another period of time. I was ganged up on by four Lords, bosses and a bunch of level 9 Hybrid Demons but I relied on my 30% lifesteal and Dinghai to remain here. From afar, many china players were stunned but they knew that this wasn’t their fight. They retreated. Thus, the number of Hybrid Demons around me grew more and more.

Not long later, tens of thousands of Indian players gathered on the sh.o.r.eline. They had broken through our defence. Luckily, the Tian Ling City NPC army and heavy cannons had all retreated. Wan Er, Mocha, Li Mu etc led the Furnace G.o.d Cavalries to roam around in case our NPC armies were chased. The heavy cannons were too important for us and without them, Tian Ling City wouldn’t be a city. After so many country wars, this was something we understood deeply.

“That is Xiao Yao Zi Zai…”

Hundred meters out, a bunch of Indian players was tongue tied as they looked at me solo the lords. Their heart felt cold. Nine Heavens City players started to appear and Demon Mountain was there. He held his Fier G.o.d Spear and coldness appeared on his face, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai… Indeed is a unique person…”

“How guild Leader?” Pure G.o.d Horse Hooves held his axe and asked.

Demon Mountain gritted his teeth, “Help the NPCs and kill him, don’t let him delay the Lords if not our movement would be affected. Go ask why Drunk Maple isn’t here yet?”


Half a minute later, the Indians and German alliance army started to charge. Many archers and mages started to fire. I couldn’t tank the Lords’ damage and within 3-5 minutes my health emptied out. I could only rely on my attacks and that 15% chance of Dinghai to recover 70% health. But with the players attacking together, I couldn’t hold on at all!


An arrow and I died to Twilight, his attack’s armor penetration was too strong!

I revived and lost 2 levels, increasing my stats by 30%. The moment I revived, Gan Jiang flew out and headed right to Twilight. When he tried to dodge, I spread my left hand and used Great Realm of Desolation!


Insta killed right away, the bell rang. Both sides were G.o.d grade players so the system announced it.

Like that, I had dropped to level 250 but my stats increased to 45%. I felt furious, if not for them reporting me, my equipment wouldn’t have weakened, that was a 90% stats increase!


“Kill them, don’t be afraid, everyone attack!”

Demon Mountain charged with his Fire G.o.d Spear and thrust from afar. Fire G.o.d Spear pierced my armor and the moment he hit, he moved to the side. Demon Mountain was much smarter than Twilight. I couldn’t kill him so I just continued to delay the few bosses!

As a Supreme Country Weapon, b.u.t.terfly was covered in the blood of all the bosses. Until now I hadn’t even retreated once. My swords danced all around and greatly reduced their health. At the same time, I healed up too. Moreover, after my resistance increased by 45%, it didn’t hurt so much anymore.

But there were simply too many players around and they were using their skills to counter me. A cavalry used a skill similar to a plague such that my attacks had a 20% chance of missing. d.a.m.n, after I killed him, my damage was affected too. There weren’t any chinese players around so there weren’t healers to help cleanse me of the effects.

I fought and retreated while moving towards Tian Ling City.

But in just two minutes, my health couldn’t take it and Sif crit me three times!

I lost 4 levels!

Now I had gone from level 253 to level 246, I lost 7 levels and my stats increased by 105%. I was extremely strong, even Sif and Dalun’s attacks towards me greatly weakened. From 400 thousand, they only dealt 200 thousand damage.

But my level was low and my miss chances were around 10%. That gave me a headache. If I died once more, I would lose 8 levels and reach level 238, I would be 17 levels lower than the other Bosses and my attack would miss 50% of the time. That would be more terrifying.

“Di” a message came from Lin Wan Er, “Hubby!”

She had never called me that before so my bones felt numb and I nearly got sliced by Dalun. I replied, “Yes, honey?”

“You can retreat, Royal Army’s cannons have arrived at Tian Ling City, if you don’t go you won’t be able to. Someone saw h.e.l.l Metal Dragon and Layla crossing Sea of No Return. Pearl is probably here too. In a while, you will face 7 Lords, even if your stats increased by 1000% you will still die!”

“En, right away!”

Like what she said, I had to have healers to heal and cover me if not even a G.o.d couldn’t kill these Lord tier bosses!


I swept b.u.t.terfly and knocked aside Sif and Dalun. d.a.m.n, that felt good! I could actually knock them aside which proved that my strength was above them. This was the first time, I was probably the only player that could do that. I saw the shock on both of their faces.

“I won’t play with you guys anymore, if you have b.a.l.l.s then find me at Tian Ling City, I will wait for you there!”

After provoking them, I used Sword Rush to move five meters back and then jumped to fly towards Tian Ling City. But my thoughts were too simple, a sword light descended from behind!


The blade sliced into the ground. It was a hundred meter tall blade that hit me. My face felt hot. I raised my head and saw a familiar girl standing on it. She had a teasing smile, “Commander Li Xiao Yao, you want to leave just like that? You played enough but we didn't. Do you think you can return to Tian Ling City?”


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