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Chapter 68: To the Royal Capital Slavery Company

I entrusted Madam Rose's underwear to Kaede and Maria, and I will only do the enchantments. Meanwhile, I worked diligently on refining mithril ore and adamant.i.te ore that will become materials for the carriage.

「Oooh, so you are Irumdono. My name is Burton, I take charge of the Palm Slavery Company. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.」

I myself got a large amount of money before I knew it.
I informed Burton-san that I'd be buying Laevsan, paid along with the miscellaneous fees, then Laevsan and I were bound by a slave contract.

Because I didn't think that someone from a slavery company in the royal capital would know my name, my face probably looked so shocked.
Since my skill and job levels increased and the magic power cost lowered too, the refinement of mithril alloy and adamant.i.te alloy for two carriages finished in a day.

「 It is a company that has a longstanding connection to the Moulin Slavery Company, and one that I place my trust in.……… very well. At present, there are no Smithing job or nimble-fingered dwarf girls at our company. The remaining are humans and beastman tribes, but if for an alchemist, then humans are the only choice, however there are rare races of beastmen tribes that have high apt.i.tude for magic, and we have them but…………」

Refining for one day, then manufacturing two carriages in one day. I painted the Valkyra Royal family crest and the Volton crest on the carriages to complete them.
Margrave Volton's carriage differs from our carriage by having a crest, but the carriage that will be presented to the royal family, it was painted white.
Also, the mithril alloy was not used as a panel, I processed it to look like braids and used it as decorations for the carriage.

「This is the Palm Slavery Company that I recommend. 」

The building of the slavery company that Papeck-san guided me to with his carriage is twice the size of Moulin Slavery Company in Volton.
As we alighted from the carriage, a white-haired gentleman came to meet us.

「My my, Papeck-dono, I have not seen you for a long time.」
「Burton-dono, it is good to see you again. I shall make introductions. This is Tak.u.mi Irumsama, an alchemist active in Volton. We are always in Tak.u.mi-sama's favor.」
「I am Tak.u.mi Iruma.」

「Hahaha, I am quite informed. You are the key figure in the great advancements at the Papeck Company and Margrave Volton's territory, are you not? Fumu, you seem to have built up a relations.h.i.+p of mutual trust between those two ladies over there, and at present, you are searching for a capable person who will be able to help with your work.」

This person called Burton is no ordinary person. Just by observing us, he already saw what I wanted.

We went inside the company and were led to the parlor. It has a calming ambiance but the quality furnis.h.i.+ng placed casually gives off a luxurious impression.

「Now then, an a.s.sistant for my work would be good, but I don't want it that much. My Alchemist and Smithing work is unique after all. That's why what I want foremost is a capable person who can be our support as adventurers.」

I started a.s.sembling the carriage the next day, but copying something I've made before was easier than I thought. This might be because of the growth of my skill and job levels.

「In addition, Tak.u.mi-sama's slaves, Miss Sophia and Miss Maria, who are opposed to living underneath the same roof as a male slave, would like for a girl to be introduced, if possible. But I accepted a slave contract from Burton-sama with the condition that I will not be forced into the s.e.x service. Because I didn't want to sell my body for money…………」

Hearing my request, Burton-san pondered a bit.

According to Burton-san, there are practically no dwarven slaves being handled. That's because the dwarven country, Gnomstoll Kingdom is friendly with the countries in the continent, so there are few occurrences of war slaves. As a race, dwarves are commonly diligent workers, so they seldom fall to debt slaves.

「Race doesn't matter but no criminal slaves please.」

Burton listened to my demands, and he said that in the case that the Palm Slavery Company doesn't have the person I want, they will search at other companies they're affiliated with.

「Please wait for a moment.」

Saying so, Burton left the parlor.

There are illegal slaves like Maria in Valkyra Kingdom. Brokers that deal in illegal slaves sell kidnapped people in foreign countries so they could not be traced. While the slavery companies in Valkyra Kingdom know that those are illegal slaves, it is because they are illegal slaves that they find it hard to refuse buying them.
That's why I told Burton-san to give priority to the illegal slaves. My thoughts are that if that person becomes an artisan under me, then she would be able to make a living for herself even after she's been freed.

The door audibly opened, and Burton-san came into the room with three slaves.

「My apologies for the wait.」

The three that followed Burton-san was a teenage human girl, a human woman in her 30's, and the last to arrive was a beastman woman in her 20's.

「I have chosen slaves that serve as your a.s.sistant as an alchemist, Tak.u.mi-sama. From the left, Carla, an 18 years old human, has the basics as a magic user. Last is the Laeva, a 24 years old beastman, in the few beastmen tribes that have magic power, she is from the Foxman tribe which has exceptionally high apt.i.tude for magic. At present, this company has no illegal slaves registered, therefore all of them are debt slaves.」

Burton-san informed me that Carlsan is 80 gold, Fran-san is 1 platinum and 20 gold, and Laevsan is 1 platinum.
8 million, 12 million, and 10 million yen. I don't think I know how to feel about debt slaves that can be sold for those amounts of money in this world, but there's practically nothing I can do as a mere artisan.

Burton-san introduced the three, and at this point in time, I have only one possible choice among the options.
For the time being, I'll ask everyone about things such as if my aspirations and if me buying them is alright, have them give their unrestrained opinions. Carlsan said since her family is in a village in the outskirts of the royal capital, she is reluctant to live in the frontier, Volton. For Fran, it was a negative for her to challenge a new thing such as alchemy at her age. Surely it is because of her pride as a Mage. Lastly, Laevsan, she was sold by her parents. Apparently she lived in a poor beastman settlement, and was sold to keep her family from starvation. Also, she's handicapped starting from her right wrist. It seems she lost it protecting her little brother from a wolf type monster.

I'll have Burton-san let me interview Laevsan.

I examined Laevsan upfront again. This world truly has many beautiful women. The two other women were beautiful at a good level, but Laevsan is a beauty with a calm presence. 「Tak.u.mi-sama, isn't it alright to accept her request? Perhaps if she does her best and acquires skills, her wages would steadily increase, then I believe buying her own freedom would not be just a dream.」The image that comes to my mind from a fox was an intense impression, but completely opposite of that, she was overflowing with gentleness. Her figure comes out in a way that she's so thin she looks like she'd break. She's blonde up to her fox ears and fluffy tail, which is white at its tip.

「I am Tak.u.mi Iruma. I am an adventurer and an artisan that makes various things in the town of Volton. If I buy you, Laevsan, I plan on making you my a.s.sistant at my workshop in Volton. The adventurer part is not obligatory.」
「…… if it is work I can do without a right hand, then please.」

I explained to Laevsan her daily allowance and payment process, + extra based on her abilities.

「Irumsama, if it is possible, may I send the entirety of my wages to my parents' home?」
「Umm, if you do that then you won't be freed no matter much time, you know?」

As a debt slave, if she were to pay back the amount of money I used to purchase her, then she would be released from her slave contract. It's different from Sophia who has problems as an elf and has a slave contract with me to be my guard. And also different from Maria who has no place to return to.

「Yes, this country has no discrimination towards race, but for beastwomen like myself, who come from poor villages and can't even read or write, there is no way to earn money in town aside from going into a brothel.

Burton-san had agreed to the contract knowing that it would be hard to sell her if the s.e.x service was not possible. That money was able to keep Laevsan's family out of starvation. But nothing will change if left as it is. That's why Laevsan said that with her remittance, her little brother can receive education, breaking their chain of poverty.

Next is also a human, Fran, 32 years old, she was formerly an adventurer and Mage.

Sophia's opinion got me to agree that that could also be.


Name: Laeva
Race: Foxman
Age: 20 years old
Job: Mage Lv24, Priest Lv2
( Warrior Lv12 )
Level: 18
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Tak.u.mi )

Vitality: 180
Magic Power: 210
Strength: 80
Agility: 100
Stamina: 100
Dexterity: 92
Intelligence: 160

Unique Skills

Pa.s.sive Skills

Active Skills
Staff Technique Lv4
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv2
Stealth Lv2

Magic Perception Lv3
Magic Power Manipulation Lv2
Light Attribute Magic Lv1
Dark Attribute Magic Lv2
Fire Attribute Magic Lv3
Sewing Lv3
Cooking Lv3

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