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Chapter 69: Shopping at the Royal Capital

I signed a slavery contract with Laeva, and we decided to go shopping for her daily necessities with Papeck-san's carriage.

「Beautiful women gather towards Tak.u.mi-sama. My~ how enviable.」
「No, Papeck-san, she's an a.s.sistant at my workshop.」

I say that, but Papeck-san's eyes were grinning. Though Sophia and Maria's contracts did not include s.e.x service in their contracts, he seems to have realized that it still happens.

「I know. Moreover, an increase in productivity at Tak.u.mi-sama's workshop is the best thing the Papeck Company could ask for.」

Before long, the carriage stopped.

「This is a not so popular clothing store in the royal capital. It will definitely not rival the clothes Sophisan and Marisan are wearing, but I think it's good to look at the c.r.a.ppy designs so you will definitely know what to avoid.」

Papeck-san noticed that our clothes are made of Spider Silk, but understands that Spider Silk is not something he can get his hands on without taking Kaede, so he seems to be enduring in that regard. That's why I don't take Kaede out in front of Papeck-san, he just might be tempted to steal or kidnap Kaede.

As expected of a shop in the royal capital, it had a variety of weird as heck designs. The shop is divided into haute couture and prêt-à-porter. I'm clueless about women's clothing though, so Laeva's clothing will be completely dependent on Sophia and Maria.

Papeck-san noticed my involuntary sigh.

「Tak.u.mi-sama, women's shopping takes a long time. When I accompany my wife shopping, I could do nothing but endure. There I endure enough that I might even try to kill myself from the wait.」
「So it's like that.」

Come to think of it, when I was in j.a.pan, I don't think I went shopping with a girl. I might not be here anymore if I did. Not even a year has pa.s.sed but it feels like quite a long time ago.
Bored, I watched people walking by the street of storefront to pa.s.s the time.

「Tak.u.mi-sama, thank you for waiting.」
「Yeah, done shopping?」

After waiting for a time, the girls came out of the store.

「Yes, well then Papeck-sama, to the next store please.」

Sophia and Maria took the dumbfounded me by the arms and dragged me towards the carriage. In a fl.u.s.ter, Laeva subsequently followed behind..
Thereafter, we returned to the inn dead tired after going to who knows how many shops in the area.

「Fuu~ I'm tired~ You're all okay. right?」

I flopped onto the sofa, surrendering my back to it. For women's shopping to be this serious…….

「Fufu, Tak.u.mi-sama, it's to gather the c.r.a.ppy, out of fad designs.」
「That's right. Tak.u.mi-sama would be happy if our casual wear was stylish, wouldn't he?」

I wonder, is it good that Sophia and Maria have tendency to lose their reservations these days?


Laeva seems to want to say something.

「What's up, Laeva?」
「U-umm, I-I'm a slave, shouldn't I have much more clothes for working and all that?」
「Everything's alright, Laeva's clothes are just fine. Our clothes and underwear are all handmade, unlike yours, Laeva.」
「That's right, you will have to live with just the clothes you got from the slavery company and these.」
「That's right, I'll make your underwear soon with Kaede-chan though.」

Laeva was puzzled when she heard Kaede's name from Maria.

「Ah, I haven't introduced Kaede.」

I called Kaede out of the Subs.p.a.ce.

「What up!? Master called!」

Upon seeing Kaede come out of the Subs.p.a.ce, Laeva's body froze.

「Kaede, this girl is Laeva. She will be coming with us starting today so get along, okay?」
「You're called Laevchan! I am Kaede! Master's familiar!」
「I-I am Laeva.」

With an Arachne suddenly appearing, Laeva's body became all stiff.

「It's alright, Kaede a smart and good girl.」
「That's right Laeva, Kaede-chan is like our little sister. Don't you dare try to insult her.」
「Yes, the clothes and underwear we wear are all made from Kaede's threads, be grateful you'll even get underwear made from her threads.」

Kaede took her place on my lap and started eating the cookies on the living room table. Has Kaed gotten fatter recently?

「Yeah, that's right, I forgot. 『Extra Heal』.」

Laeva's missing right hand returned to how it was before her very eyes.

「Since you'll be helping me with my work, having one hand will be inconvenient after all.」

Laeva was dumbfounded, frozen in place for a while.
「H-huh? My right hand is here.」
「Yep, it's there.」
「Eh, why? Eh?」

When the panicking Laeva finally understood what happened to her body, large tear drops poured from her jade green eyes.

We talked about a bunch of the things with Laeva once she calmed down.
We discussed the necessity to communicate with Kaede, her division of roles with Sophia and Maria, and what Laeva's goals were.

「U-umm, I still think I should become an adventurer too.」

Laeva said she wanted to be an adventurer as well like Sophia and Maria.

「Umm, I don't really mind, but it will be dangerous.」
「Yes, I am prepared. But to be of help to Tak.u.mi-sama as an artisan, I think it would be better if my status and magic power are higher.」

True, it's correct that the status enhances when leveling up. If Dexterity and Intelligence increase, it would be helpful when making things. Gaining more magic power is likewise helpful.

「Then shall we register when we come back to Volton, and level up little by little?」

That night, I worried about Laeva and slept in a different room. Giving them the master bedroom, I was alone and I had the three girls sleep together to test her out.

Tomorrow, I will have to meet the King at the royal capital. Just thinking about it is making me depressed. I went to sleep, it's better to have wet dreams than remember what's up tomorrow.

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