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The Battle

Three people stood in mid-air, an open meadow under their feet. A tall wall rested behind their backs, and endless forest stretched into the distance.

The smiling woman stood upon flying flower-shaped magic object. Her beautiful eyes swept over Qin Mo. Indifferent to her, the mysterious person in front of him spoke, his deep voice filling the air, "No matter who you are, you need to leave here immediately!"

His voice was hoa.r.s.e and dry, carrying a vague hint of impatience, which made the woman's face change. Her lips tilted downwards, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng dangerous intent. "Before coming here, did your master not warn you that there are some people you cannot provoke?"

She raised her hand as she finished, a fiery red flute appearing in it as she smiled in their direction. Her lips brus.h.i.+ng against it, she began to play. 

The flute sounded melodious, blinding Qin Mo. A painting appeared around him. A small bridge over a flowing stream near a cottage. Unconsciously, people were intoxicated by the peace and quiet.

"Humph!" The stranger snorted, immediately tearing Qin Mo from the illusion. Qin Mo's face was solemn, her own becoming grave. He didn't expect that the flute would make him hallucinate. 

"Nothing but an insignificant skill." With the mysterious man's cold voice, a brilliant spirit light appeared in his hand. A heavy pressure came from his palm until it finally turned into a sword of light. As soon as it appeared, he burst forwards, slas.h.i.+ng an attack in her direction.

His attack was lightning fast. The woman's brows wrinkled in response as she turned aside. At the same time, a sharp short tone came from the flute. The once invisible sound wave condensed into a visible ripple violently slammed into the mysterious light sword.

A loud "bang" rang out. The spirit power exploded in the air, giving off a dazzling silver glow.

Standing behind the stranger, Qin Mo's eyes narrowed as he watched the fierce battle between the two. He thought about it for a while but didn't take any action. Neither of them were simple characters, both were very powerful. Although they were fighting ferociously, their state of mind was locked to him. As soon as he moved, they would notice the s.h.i.+ft in his condition. His current strength was no match against the two before him.

The woman's face sank while fighting, knowing they were perfectly balanced.  A trace of surprise flickered through her eyes, not expecting the man in front of her to have the strength to confront her. It wasn't enough, though. With that in mind, she started to play.

The flute didn't make a sound. Only the motion of a wave spread through the air.

The buzzing of vibrations filled the air. The mysterious person and Qin Mo found themselves surrounded by a group of strange birds.

The woman's eyes flashed as she moved the flute, and the birds went around Qin Mo to attack the stranger.

Leaning forward, he formed hand seals. A light appeared before him and shone over the birds, sealing them in a cage.

Watching the trapped demonic beasts, the woman glared, her eyes dark. Her fingers jerked on the flute, and a red glow pa.s.sed from her fingertips to the birds.

The birds' eyes turned red, and their bodies shook violently as they broke away from his shackles. They emitted strange lights all over their bodies. Spirit power boiled around them as they aimed their attack straight at him.

His body trembling, he swallowed back the blood in his mouth. The face hidden in the black cloak sank. A sneer on his lips, he started forming a very complex seal. 

Spirit energies rose and converged around him. The woman again directed the birds to attack him. The atmosphere of the whole s.p.a.ce felt rigid.

Qin Mo's eyes glittered, Thunderbolt appeared in his palm. Inputting his spirit power into the sword, a purple light glowed around him. Holding the handle tightly, he aimed a surprise attack at the mysterious person's back.

At the same time, the thick spirit energies that gathered above the stranger's head formed a golden dragon. Just as it materialized, it released a powerful breath. At the sight of the dragon, the birds trembled and retreated.

"Go!" He screamed the command, and the huge dragon dived towards the woman. At that critical moment, Qin Mo's heavy blow also landed.

The stranger didn't look up, but he spat out a mouthful of blood. The dragon's figure swayed, fading. Despite it, it still dove for the woman.

"The Immortal Dragon Art, you are from the boundary of the forbidden mountain!"

Looking at the golden dragon, her pupils shrank. Fright colored her face, but she greened her teeth and drew a golden bell from her qiankun bag. Growing larger and larger, the bell wrapped around her, s.h.i.+elding her. 

The air tense, enough force emanated from the dragon to tear through s.p.a.ce. Rus.h.i.+ng forward, it slammed into the bell, the impact ringing through the air. When it rang, the whole s.p.a.ce seemed to move.

After Qin Mo made his blow, he did not zealously continue fighting. Instead, he stepped on the flying sword to leave.

After the sneak attack from Qin Mo, the stranger gave out a cry, "Ah!" They convulsed, then slowly calmed. They glared in Qin Mo's direction. Moving his hands, a long silver chain appeared.

"Go!" His eyes sharp, the chain flew towards Qin Mo.

"Cras.h.!.+" Extremely fast, the chain rushed towards Qin Mo.

His heart tightening at the sound of breaking air, Qin Mo turned his body to avoid the chain's blow. As if the long-chain had a spiritual sense, a burst of silvery light glistened along it, following his movements. 

Qin Mo quickly moved his hands, circulating his spirit power within his Dantian. A large range of lightning fire appeared before him, blocking the chain. 

"It's useless!" The stranger sneered with disdain. As soon as he finished, the long chain flew free of the fire at a tricky angle and wrapped tightly around Qin Mo.

Trapped by the chain, Qin Mo struggled, trying to escape. No matter how much he struggled, he made no progress.

"This dear magic item is enough to deal with you?" The mysterious person's tone was full of mockery. Clutching the end of the chain, it returned to their side. Reaching out, they pulled Qin Mo back to his place.

Their confrontation, the golden dragon dissipated. The woman once again revealed herself. The golden light that covered her faded into a huge golden bell. Numerous cracks appeared before it broke into fragments. 

The red-clothed woman glanced over the pieces at her feet, reluctant to part with them. It was her best defensive standard magic item, but she dared not mention it. No longer looking arrogant, she turned her wrist in the stranger's direction and said, "I didn't know that this senior came from the boundary of the forbidden mountain, please forgive me for the offense."

The mysterious person motioned with their finger. They breathed heavily, swallowing back the blood in his throat before saying, "Scram!"

The woman stiffened, but she didn't dare speak. Whoever the stranger was, she could not offend the people from the boundary of the forbidden mountain.

Showing him a flattering smile, she bit her lip and said, "I don't know why this senior came here. . ."

Before she finished, the stranger interrupted her, "Scram!" Her face white, she seemed unwilling to leave, but the flowers under her feet moved, and she disappeared.

Once she was gone, the mysterious person faced Qin Mo. Though their face was covered,  Qin Mo could feel the cruel expression in their eyes.

Raising their hand, a round medicine pill appeared. s.h.i.+fting their palm, they forced it into Qin Mo's mouth.

Stiffening, Qin Mo knew the pill wasn't good. He thought of spitting it out, but before he could, the mysterious stranger abruptly pulled the chain. Qin Mo's froze, the pill slipping down his throat.

"Stop trying to escape!" Pulling up their sleeves, the mysterious person directed the flying swords to depart.

Translator(s): Teo
Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

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