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Drug Slave

As soon as the flying sword landed, a fearful voice called out, "Master!" 

Throwing Qin Mo on the ground without so much as looking at him, the man turned to leave, saying coldly, “Little slave, this is a newcomer, teach him the rules!"

Feeling a sharp pain, Qin Mo humphed. A pair of tender hands lifted him up.

"Be careful!" The voice was somewhat dull, showing no emotion.

A thin fifteen or sixteen years old teenager stood in front of Qin Mo. He wore black robes, his face dark.  Even if he said thoughtful words, there was a silence in his eyes. He couldn't see the vitality that a normal young man should have.

After straightening out his messy clothes, Qin Mo made a low sound and looked around.

At his feet stood a mountain with several st.u.r.dy thatched cottages. The huts stood are against a series of cliffs, a thick fog rose behind them. A small fence surrounded the cottages, wrapped them tightly within its grasp. Spirit grew in the open s.p.a.ces between the fences. In the middle of them, the mysterious man entered. 

"Follow me." Looking at Qin Mo's appearance, the young man's eyebrows wrinkled. He said, "Don't even think about escaping. You won't be able to. . ." 

After saying the last word, his voice sank to silence.

Qin Mo paused, then entered the house with the teenager.

The hut wasn't very big, with only two wooden beds in it. Qin Mo looked around, his eyes drifting back to the teen.

He stood in the backlight, and his face was hidden in darkness. Though Qin Mo couldn't see his expression, the kid was aware of his eyes. Laughing lifelessly, the teen said, "You will live here now. If master does not call for you, you had better not come out!"

"Master?" Qin Mo's tone didn't fluctuate, but the teen knew he was mulling over the word despite his indifferent voice.  

The teenager's eyes were heavy as he stepped forward. The death and silence in his eyes growing more intense, he said, "Remember, you will call him master from now on.."

As if he saw the disdain in Qin Mo's eyes, the young man's expression remained unchanged. He laughed and said, “You're from a lower boundary, how else could be caught by him? You shouldn't think about escaping. You need to know that not only is he strong, but he also has the powerful boundary of the forbidding mountain behind him."

A faint scarlet color lit his eyes, his calm expression somewhat grim, "I used to be a genius, wors.h.i.+pped by many disciples and valued by my sect master. I came here to partic.i.p.ate in a selective trial. Oh, but what I didn't expect was, not long after I came, I was caught by him as drug slave. I couldn't beg to live nor plead for death. . ."

As he spoke, his expression sank, his eyes returning to stagnant water. His gaze sweeping over Qin Mo without emotion, he said, "That's why you best not think about escaping."

He lost all his patience as he finished. No longer paying attention to Qin Mo, he turned to leave. 

For a very long time, Qin Mo stood in the same spot. Finally, he sighed and whispered, “This is a very troublesome situation. Drug slave. . . Selective trial. . ."

Qin Mo set up a soundproof array around himself. Although he knew that the soundproof array couldn't prevent much, if anyone noticed it, he would know immediately.

"Little fox." His tone cool but carrying a rare hint of anger, Qin Mo drew out his spirit animal bag. Reaching out, he patted it. 

The bag remained motionless as if it were any ordinary qiankun bag.

Qin Mo's lips curling, he said, "Little fox, if you don't come out, do you believe that I will destroy this spirit animal bag?"

Just as he finished speaking, a flash of white light appeared. The little fox, who had been hiding inside the bag, appeared before him. It rolled its eyes and said in a flattering tone, "It's not the fox lord's fault. After all, the teleportation array is random."

Seeing Qin Mo's uneasy expression, the little fox stiffened. It dryly said, "When the fox lord's strength recovers a bit, the fox lord will take you out of here."

Ignoring the fox's words, Qin Mo slender index finger touched the bed beside him. He said, "What is this place?"

The arrogant fox stagnated. Shaking its tail awkwardly, it looked away. "This place. . . I am not sure either."

Seeing the disappointment in Qin Mo's eyes, it jumped from its spot. "This isn't a high-level boundary, or this fox lord would know."

Doubts flas.h.i.+ng in Qin Mo's heart, the fox felt unreliable. Flattening his lips, he asked, "Do you know what kind of medicine pill I took?"

Listening to his question, its face was upright. It stretched out its forepaws, putting them on his arm. It carefully examined him.

As if it was aware of the situation, its eyes were fixed. Its tone heavy, the fox said, "It's a spirit congealing pill."

Seeing the puzzled look on his face, the fox explained, "Spirit congealing pills are a sinister and vicious pill. It has the creator's blood as an ingredient to enhance the efficacy of the dose. The person that takes the pill will obey the orders of the creator without control. Gradually, they'll lose their consciousness until they finally became the creator's puppet. But, this medicine pill has been lost for a very long time. How could it suddenly appear?"

It shook its head in doubt, then turned to see Qin Mo's face darken. Baring its fangs, it said with some small amount of ease, "Don't worry, you've eaten the purification spirit fruit inside of Huangtian's secret territory, so you already have a spirit-root body. You also have lightning fire in your body. As long as you use lightning fire to burn your blood, the pill won't have any effect on you."

When it finished, it walked around him twice. Its eyes s.h.i.+ning, it chirped, "Ze ze, your chances are quite good."

Just as Qin Mo started to speak, he heard footsteps from outside. His face s.h.i.+fting, he stuffed the fox back into the spirit animal bag. Dissatisfied with his treatment but understanding the situation, the fox didn't say a word.

The teenager stepped inside, scarcely glancing at Qin Mo before saying, "Master calls you, come with me!" 

Qin Mo knew he had no choice, so he followed the young man without a word.

Looking at Qin Mo's obedient appearance, the teen's face flashed a trace of irony. Qin Mo was also a coward. 

Once inside the middle cottage, Qin Mo felt like he was burning. The room had an array inside, the s.p.a.ce growing to an enormous size.

In the middle of the room stood a huge pill furnace, a red flame burning underneath it. Beside the furnace stood a figure. His eyes were focused as his hands formed complex seals.

"Ding!" A clear, crisp sound rang in the room. The man breathed deeply and looked into the furnace. When he saw nine blood-red medicine pills, a smile appeared on his face. A jade bottle appeared in his hand. When his other hand moved, the pills were carefully placed in the container.

After he finished, he raised his head to look at Qin Mo. His face cold, he ordered, "Come here!"

Wearing a robe similar to the teenager, his formerly covered face was revealed. He appeared to be around twenty years old. His brows were wrinkled, impatience showing on his face. 

Before Qin Mo could move, the teenager pushed Qin Mo in front of him.

The man did not say anything, only took a pill from the jade bottle to place in Qin Mo's mouth.

Seeing the strange red color of the pill, Qin Mo turned his head, avoiding the man's advancement.

Seeing Qin Mo's resistance, the man's gaze darkened. He said coldly, "Do you still not understand your position? Could it be that the little slave didn't explain it to you?"

He glared at the teenager. The boy's face paled, his body trembling. "Master, I already explained to him."

"Since it has already been made clear, you should also know your place!" Reaching out, the man grabbed Qin Mo's chin. His body stiffening, he was force-fed the pill. 

"The drug slave is responsible for taste-testing medicine for his master. That is your role, don't you understand?" Seeing Qin Mo take the pill, the man's gave a satisfied smile, patting him on the shoulder.

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Editor(s): DarkSapphire, Empress

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