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Shattered Sky

A violent burn spread throughout Qin Mo's body. It was as if the pill became a flame, setting his blood on fire.

Qin Mo stood frozen, fists clenched, and s.h.i.+vered. He stared at the man with red eyes.

The man stared back, watching Qin Mo's face flush. An erratic smile flashed across his lips, and he lifted the jade bottle in his hand. "Haha, success! Just like that, your blood will burn and flow from your body. . ."

He paused, eyebrows creasing, and pulled Qin Mo's arm. "Why is there no blood? This is impossible!"

He examined Qin Mo only to find his entire body was flushed red, but there were no signs of blood on his white clothing. The man waved his hands impatiently and pushed Qin Mo. He murmured nervously, "Failed again, how could it fail again?"

The heat in his blood crescendoed higher, becoming more and more vigorous. The pain and the forceful shove stunned him so much he fell to the ground. 

As the man spoke, his expression s.h.i.+fted. He threw the jade bottle to the ground. The only sound in the room was the shattering bottle. Pills the color of fire rolled in circles on the ground, getting coated in dust. He paid no attention to the pills but grew even more upset after throwing the bottle. He called his "little slave" forward, kicked him, and shouted, "Scram!"

The teenager trembled but dared not say anything as he rose from the ground. He glanced at Qin Mo's terrible condition and hesitated. He eventually lifted Qin Mo and left.

Returning to the first hut, the teenager gently laid Qin Mo on the bed and sneered, "You'd better get used to it." Without a backward glance, he left.

As soon as he disappeared, the fox reappeared. When it saw Qin Mo's painfully flushed body, it stretched out its claws and patted his hot cheek. It solemnly cried, "Qin Mo, use your lightning fire to cleanse your blood!"

Qin Mo was unresponsive. The little fox's eyes filled with anxiety. Its tone grew desperate. "Qin Mo!"

Qin Mo was in extreme pain. He couldn't move, but his consciousness was all the sharper for it. 

He listened to the little fox's words. Enduring the severe pain, he forced himself to follow the fox's instructions. The lightning fire in his Dantian burned, further igniting his blood.

The fire in him shrieked hotter as if it met the breath of lightning fire. The flame burned high and fiercely, taking the form a huge python. It raised its head, scarlet eyes staring straight at the lightning fire. Without warning, it and the lightning fire engaged in battle.

At the moment of confrontation, the brilliant flame faded. Lightning fire was the fiercest in the world. No matter how magical the medicine fire was, it was no match against the power of lightning fire.

As if aware of its critical situation, the red flame trembled, trying to follow his blood into the depths of his body.

The lightning fire glowed purple, wrapping around the flame. Just as the lightning fire extinguished the other fire, a black undercurrent emerged from its back. This undercurrent became a thin black line, trapping the lightning fire. This silky black strand was from the spirit condensing pills the mysterious man fed to him. It had been lurking in the depths of his blood and dealt a heavy blow to the lightning fire.

The three forces fought inside his body. For a time there was a stalemate. However, the power of lightning fire could not be underestimated. The three forces stalled, but with time, the lightning fire prevailed once again. The medicinal fire and black silk became a pale green thread, flowing into his veins.

As he absorbed the green thread, Qin Mo's pain slowly eased.

The little fox stood beside him, watching the flashes of purple, red, and black dance along Qin Mo's body. It grew anxious.

After a long time, a green light flashed over Qin Mo. His frown slowly relaxed, and his cheeks grew rosy again. 

The little fox heaved a sigh of relief. Although it knew the lightning fire inside Qin Mo's body could burn bright enough to scorch out evil, seeing his pain, it couldn't help but worry.

Hearing footsteps, the little fox ducked into the spirit animal bag.

The teenager came to Qin Mo's bedside. He noticed Qin Mo still had a reddish complexion and took out a bamboo tube from his pocket. Placing the opening to the corner of Qin Mo's mouth, a clear liquid flowed from it. 

As he watched Qin Mo unconsciously drink the liquid, the boy's mouth turned up in a mocking smile. "It's too cheap for you, but, unfortunately, this clear jade dew…"

After Qin Mo recovered his color, he returned the bamboo tube to his pocket and said, "I don't want to save you, but you being alive is a good thing for me."

Qin Mo didn't know anything that happened outside. When the pale green thread melted into his blood, his consciousness was dragged into a confined s.p.a.ce.

He wasn't in a hurry. After being in the cultivation world for so long, he already knew this was his divine sense s.p.a.ce. A circle of lavender flame surrounded it.

Qin Mo gently touched the flame. It rubbed against his palm as if it had a spirit. Feeling its familiar heat, Qin Mo knew it was the lightning fire in his Dantian.

The lightning fire s.h.i.+fting, dispersing as a figure appeared.

Qin Mo glared, knowing this s.p.a.ce belonged to him. It was his own. No one else should be there, so who stood before him?

The person's long purple robe fell onto the lightning fire but didn't burn. The corner of the clothes piled over the flames in a flower pattern.

The man's eyes cleared. He had black hair and eyes and stood alone with a sword in his hand. The arrogant posture was as if he trampled the entire world beneath his feet.

With a glance, Qin Mo recognized him. This man was the one he saw when he accepted the inheritance inside the Huangtian's secret territory.

He looked at Qin Mo, raised the sword, and pointed the tip at Qin Mo. Waving it fiercely at him, he called, "The first style of Shattered Sky Sword - Hurricane Slas.h.!.+" 

Though his voice wasn't clear, it rang in Qin Mo's ears. He knew exactly what was said. 

Even in the divine s.p.a.ce, Qin Mo could feel turbulence from the sword. He couldn't move. All he could do was focus on the sword before him.

The sword's light faded into air, whipping past like that s.h.i.+ne never existed at all. 

"Too weak." The man sighed, dissipating into the flame.

A longsword appeared in Qin Mo's hand. The sword slashed forward, striking the man's, in the first style of the Shattered Sky Sword. The man's low voice drifted through the air, "Really, too weak."

Qin Mo's Shattered Sky Sword used only its initial power. It could gather the spirit energy of heaven and earth, increasing its power, but it couldn't match the first style. This style's name was Hurricane Slash, and it could release the gathered energies of heaven and earth.

In his divine s.p.a.ce, Qin Mo couldn't feel the pa.s.sage of time. When his slash finally gained power, he put away his long sword.

He should wake up. Even if he was only in a state of spirit consciousness, Qin Mo felt that his cultivation base had increased. He humph-ed, wondering if this was a blessing from his past misfortune?

When Qin Mo opened his eyes, he saw the young man sitting on the other bed in the room. He was applying ointment to his wrist.

He had a long gash along his arm, caused by a blunt instrument. Even if he was a cultivator, the wound wouldn't heal for a while. It could only be helped by medicine.

Qin Mo wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, "What happened to you?" 

Perhaps it was because he was unconscious for a long time, but his voice sounded hoa.r.s.e.

Shocked at Qin Mo's voice, the teenager's eyes widened as he looked up at him. Somewhat mystified, he asked, "You're still alive?" When he noticed Qin Mo's gaze on his hands, his pupils shrank. He snorted, "You don't have to look at it, you'll look like this soon!"

At the suspicion in Qin Mo's eyes, he stood up, letting blood flow from the wound. It dyed his sleeve red. Laughing grimly, he said, "Oh, you think being Liu Zhongchi's drug slave is easy. Not only do you have to taste-test his medicines, but you also have to constantly provide flesh and blood for him to refine his medicine!"

Done with his speech, his dark eyes faded. He wrapped the wound on his wrist and didn't look up at Qin Mo. He stood with an empty look in his eyes.

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Editor(s): Dark, Empress, Bet

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