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Chapter 1681: This Is Fricking Against The Rules!

“Boss Mag, did you guys just come out after having hot pot?” Sargeras quickly stood up after he saw Mag and the ladies come out.

Kiel, Mond, and the rest quickly stood up too. Mond even swiftly swallowed the piping hot beef before they all looked at Mag reverently.

“Yes. We came to try it out on the opening day.” Mag nodded with a smile before waving his hands downwards. “Please continue eating and ignore us.”

He had to admit that the way the Burning Legion ate hot pot was far more eye-catching than he had imagined. People could see the rising flames 100 meters away. Those who had no idea would think that they were having a bonfire celebration here.

Furthermore, even those pedestrians that weren’t attracted by them having the hot pot were toasting themselves by their flames and chatting among themselves. It wasn’t easy to find such a big furnace with such a stable temperature.

The lava demons had at least brought 200 customers to Mana Hot Pot Restaurant by eating their meal out there.

He could see that the food items on the four trolleys were almost finished. If he was Rena, he would give them another trolley of food free of charge. Their effect was equivalent to a high-end demonstrating team.

Amy had invited her friends to come to the house to play in the afternoon, so Mag and she bid farewell to Miya and the ladies at the restaurant’s entrance. It was their rare off day, so the ladies decided to go shopping and spend their current month’s salary, which they had just received.

Daphne and Ignatsu came together shortly after they returned to the restaurant. Jessica was sent there by her mother.

After making an ice cream for each child and sending the children to play in the playroom on the second floor, Mag, who was finally free, went to the study, which was also on the second floor. He took out a book about the Cthulhu Mythos from a shelf and started reading.

The previous plan to investigate the Thunderstorm Mountains at night was canceled due to, but they should be making a trip there again soon.

Those Great Old Ones were too mysterious. He was almost trapped by a carving previously, so he didn’t dare to bring Irina there to break into the sealed place right away. They had to wait for Urien and to go with them together as the two great magic casters would give them more protection.


Ca.s.sia saw Isaac, who was a.s.sisted through the door, and frowned. “How did you end up like this?”

Isaac embarra.s.sedly smiled. “We had a little conflict with their customers when I was promoting our hot pot restaurant. Don’t worry, it’s all minor wounds.”

“Have you found out about Mana Hot Pot Restaurant’s details? How is their business on their opening day?” Ca.s.sia asked straight away, without any concern for Isaac’s injuries.

“Boss, those demons sat next to that hot pot restaurant after they beat up the manager, and we weren’t allowed to get close.” The bony man looked at Ca.s.sia, and carefully said, “I think those guys are bouncers employed by Mana Hot Pot Restaurant.”

“Idiots! I asked you to find out what they are selling so that we can cut their supply chain. What are you doing by going over there to look for a fight? Are your brains fried?” roared Ca.s.sia.

The skinny man’s trembled, and he almost knelt down right on the spot.

Isaac, too, was frightened, and said, “Don’t be angry, Boss. I simply wanted to poach their customers for our restaurant initially to increase our customers’ source. Secondly, I want them to have no business on their opening day. I didn’t expect to into those thugs…”

“Get straight to the point. How’s their business?” Ca.s.sia asked coldly.

“Those thugs have instead attracted some customers for them when they were eating by the restaurant’s door. Currently… their business is still fine. However, that restaurant is indeed related to Mamy Restaurant,” whispered Isaac softly.

“They are indeed related to Mamy Restaurant?” Ca.s.sia’s expression became even more sullen.

“Yes.” Isaac nodded his head carefully.

“Alright. All of you get out! I am going over there to see for myself.” Ca.s.sia grabbed his mink coat, and walked to the door with his secretary. Two orcs in workout clothes followed closely after him.

Ca.s.sia looked out of his horse-drawn carriage shortly after it drove out. He saw that busy scene a short distance away. Hundreds of people were surrounding a bonfire. It was that newly opened Mana Hot Pot Restaurant.

“What are they doing? Why are they having a bonfire party in the middle of the day? Why are there so many people watching them?” Ca.s.sia murmured to himself with a frown.

“Stop. I am walking over,” said Ca.s.sia when the carriage was about 100 meters away. The vehicle stopped, and he walked toward Mana Hot Pot Restaurant with his secretary, who had big wavy blonde hair.

Over 100 people had gathered at the hot pot restaurant’s entrance, and there were still pa.s.sers-by converging at the entrance nonstop.

There were also many customers going into the hot pot restaurant. Their business was already considered very good for a restaurant on its first day.

One had to know that Ca.s.sia Hot Pot didn’t even have so many customers after opening for one month.

“I didn’t expect their business would be so good on their first day. Perhaps they also have some big promotions going on?” Ca.s.sia furrowed his brows tightly. This wasn’t good news to his hot pot restaurant.

A spicy aroma got more and more distinct as he got closer to the hot pot restaurant’s entrance. It was an aroma that was rather similar to Mamy Restaurant’s hot pot’s.

Ca.s.sia also got the idea of opening hot pot restaurants from Mamy Restaurant. He had the hot pot once when he was invited to a friend’s dinner party, and was amazed by that exquisite taste. He felt something big could be done right on the spot. However, Mamy Restaurant’s hot pot was priced so high that ordinary people couldn’t afford it, and he had the means to get all sorts of meat products at a low price.

Therefore, he bought a big shopfront instantly. He also found a few old chefs, and made them go eat hot pot at Mamy Restaurant every day so they could study that hot pot soup base. Finally, they came up with a soup base that 50% resembled Mamy Restaurant’s soup base, and they fixed the price at the average spending of 100 copper coins per person.

Just as he expected, after getting over the initial promotion period, his hot pot restaurant quickly welcomed the explosion period. Duck intestines and tripes were worthless at the markets, so they brought him an income of hundreds of thousands daily.

Right as he was starting to look for new shops to open another three new hot pot restaurants in Chaos City, he discovered a new hot pot restaurant had opened here quietly.

Mamy Restaurant wasn’t listed as his compet.i.tor, as they served two completely different clienteles. Furthermore, Mamy Restaurant wasn’t big, and could only accommodate a few hundred customers every day.

However, this gigantic hot pot restaurant was different. As long as their boss was of sound mind, they wouldn’t go and face off Mamy Restaurant. Hence, their direct compet.i.tor would be his Ca.s.sia Hot Pot Restaurant.

He had previously heard that Bowen and his son went to prison because of this shopfront, but he didn’t manage to find out whose hands this shopfront ended up in. He hadn’t expected that it would be related to Mamy Restaurant.

The hot pot aroma in the air was indeed 80% to 90% similar to Mamy Restaurant, and was much better than in Ca.s.sia Hot Pot Restaurant. Its aroma in the air was just like a live advertis.e.m.e.nt.

After pus.h.i.+ng his way through the crowd, he finally saw what the crowd was looking at.

It wasn’t a bonfire.

It was a group of demons eating hot pot.

They had successfully demonstrated what a hot pot truly was. They made this cold winter feel like the hot summer.

“This is fricking against the rules!”

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